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Celebrities in One-Piece Swimsuits

Get inspiration from your favorite stars modeling the best of this season's swimwear trend, from retro polka dots to sexy cutouts.

11 Most Affordable Fashion Design Schools in the US

If you are planning to pursue a career in fashion design, have a look at the 11 most affordable fashion design schools in the US.

Fashion is fast becoming an appealing field for all sorts of people and this shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how much fashion designers earn, which is, according to PayScale, more than 60,000 dollars per year on an average basis! Even if one puts aside the money aspect of the job, fashion design satisfies the creative juices of those people who do not see themselves fit for nine to five jobs which involve nothing but paperwork. Furthermore, employment in the wholesale apparel industry is expected to show a growing trend of about seventeen percent from 2014 to 2024.

Keeping all of these facts in mind, it is no surprise that the number of students who want to study fashion design in college has increased. However, it is quite difficult to choose an appropriate school for yourself, especially when your funds are limited. To make things easier for you, we have prepared a list of most affordable fashion design schools in the US.

Taking our data from CollegeCalc, we have considered out of state annual cost of each college offering a four year bachelor program in fashion or apparel design. As the given link states, the information about the price has been extracted from the U.S. Department of Education’s 2015-2016 IPEDS Survey. This cost, which includes tuition, books and living expenses, has then been arranged in ascending order, with the cheapest college coming in at number one on our list. An important thing to note is that some colleges have been removed from the resulting list because upon research, we concluded that these schools are no longer taking new students and are winding up their operations rendering them useless for students who are just now seeking admissions. Examples include The Art Institute of Tucson and International Academy of Design and Technology. Also, another thing that you should keep in mind is that these costs are estimates, and that you should check with the school directly in order to get the newest and the most accurate data possible.

10 of the best loafers for men

From the classic tassel style to Gucci’s snaffle bits, loafers are back this season

Summer 2016's fashion inspiration

The mermaid has been a perennial stylistic reference point for the past five years. Everyone from Paris Hilton to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry has co-opted mermaid imagery as a way of indicating both otherworldly glamour and childish innocence. But now a new (ahem) wave of “mermaiding” is upon us. And it isn’t just about looking a bit like Ariel – it’s more than that.
Instagram is filled with visually compelling nods to the beauty of the classic mermaid. Search the hashtag #Mermaidmakeup and you’ll find tons of pastel eyeshadows, and purple, pink and blue lips, while #Mermaidhair features intricately braided, bunched or waved hair in rainbow colours. In real life, the trend for hair dyed multiple ways can be seen in the popularity of Kylie Jenner as a lifestyle guru (including her Kylie Hair Kouture, a range of coloured extensions) and Bleach London (the hair salon that specialises in 3.0 colouring). Meanwhile, the dreaded flower crown looks as if it is about to be replaced with the mermaid crown, as popularised by Chelsea Shiels, a florist whose Etsy store sells bedazzled crowns made from seashells and shiny car-boot-sale jewels. Meanwhile royal wedding dressmaker Sarah Burton’s collection for Alexander McQueen featured mermaid crowns in the AW16 show, while accessory designer Sophia Webster’s SS16 collection had a Birth of Venus themed mermaid boutique.

The best wide-legged trousers for all ages – in pictures

Fashion loves an extreme, and what’s more extreme than switching from skinny jeans to wide-legged trousers? Go on, make the transition... you won’t regret it

Five ways to wear... an army jacket – in pictures

An ideal all-rounder, the khaki military jacket is perfect for layering. You can search out the real deal from an army surplus store, but have done the hard work for you with this pocket-friendly style.

8 Dark Lip Looks From the Fall 2016 Runways

Onyx, ink, Bordeaux, and navy blue—​this season's fearless It lip color won't be ignored.

7 Takeaways From Louis Vuitton's Fall Collection

                                                     What Nicolas Ghesquière​ has in store for next season, in a nutshell.

The Best Looks from London Fashion Week

Image result for The Best Looks from London Fashion Week
Butterfly embellishments, crocheted frocks, and more ​of our favorites from across the pond. 

Ashley I. Makes Her "Bachelor in Paradise" Debut in Tears

Ashley is back and literally can't stop crying. Check out her return in this exclusive "Bachelor in Paradise" sneak peek.

Simone Biles Gets a Kiss From Zac Efron

Simone Biles Gets a Kiss From Zac Efron

It's another Rio 2016 dream come true for the gold-medal winning gymnast. Simone meets her famous crush!

The Best Street Style From Paris Fashion Week

​Tyler Joe is back at it, snapping the most stylish show-goers in the City of Light.

The Best Accessories From Milan Fashion Week

Our favorite logo bags, fur hats, and over-the-top jewels straight from the runways.

7 Delightful Details You May Have Missed at Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is one of those shows that season after season, never disappoints. The clothes are always fun, the designers never take themselves too seriously, and you're guaranteed to see a theatrical production. Last season, models walked the runway carrying babies, and this time around, those of us in Milan were given a 30-minute escape from the dreary rain and were ushered into a fairytale land. Here are 7 standouts from the show.  


North West Now Wearing Kim Kardashian's Thigh-High Balenciaga Boots

They're kind of taller than she is, but…

Rihanna's Best Looks

Charting the pop star's standout style moments.

All the Celebrities Front Row at the 2016 Haute Couture Shows

Cate Blanchett​! Willow Smith​! Jessica Chastain!

At Chanel, No Stunts Just Fashion

A return to the salon for the historic house, but not without a mile-long runway.

6 Style Lessons From Céline's Fall 2016 Collection

Phoebe Philo is making us question everything we thought we knew about fashion and fanny packs.

20 Stunning Dresses From Paris Fashion Week

Gowns fit for Versailles.

Kim Kardashian Best Looks


60 Pairs of Shoes We're Into From Paris Fashion Week


How to Wear Fall's 7 Biggest Trends Right Now

Fashion month might be over but it's still fresh in our minds. We can't stop thinking about the major trends that emerged from the runways, from statement chokers to hoodies. We want to wear all the fall trends now, and with a few tweaks, it seems we can. (Maybe velvet isn't the most practical fabric for spring, but a velvet bathing suit? It's everything we didn't know we needed.) Here, seven trends to get a jump on, six months before everyone else adopts them.

The Best Beauty Looks From Fall Couture 2016


10 Surprising Red Carpet Secrets From a Celebrity Stylist

1. Ninety-nine percent of what you see on a red carpet is on loan. "I will make a list of all the brands that I think will work for an appearance, and then I will start to email them and I say, 'Hey, this is the appearance/event she has coming up, I am looking for these pieces. Would you be interested in loaning to me?' I will either get a 'yes, absolutely,' or 'no.' If it's a no, it could be, 'Sorry, these pieces were already worn,' 'Sorry, these pieces are in Japan for a Vogue shoot,' 'Sorry, this piece is ripped or broken.'"

2. Every brand has a go-to list of celebs they will dress. "Valentino, for example, will make a list of who is absolutely, always approved, and then that is given to their PR team. I would reach out to the PR team and, if I am dressing someone who is on that list, I will get a yes, go through the runway collections, and send them what I'm interested in. If I'm dressing someone who isn't on the list, the PR team will say, 'Sorry, she is not part of our branding of who we would like to see wearing our clothes.' If it's someone they are intrigued by but not sure, they say, 'We are going to have an inner discussion, and then we will get back to you.' So it's very political. I was dressing one high-end model for a gala, and I reached out to Valentino PR, who always loans to her, and they were like, 'We are going to pass on this one.' I have no idea why—maybe the event doesn't get enough press, you never know."

3. A stylist usually has just three to four days to pull together a look for a celeb. "Sometimes it's two days, sometimes it's tomorrow. Sometimes it's 'I have an event tonight, can you make it happen?' It's very quick, you're scrambling, you've got to figure out how to make this happen on very limited time."

4. Garments are properly tailored. Double-sided tape is a last resort. "PR has an understanding that things can be altered if it is worn. Every stylist has their go-to tailor. Mine is brilliant. I will tell him what is permanent and what is temporary, and, if it's temporary, he will alter it to look like it was done perfectly, but it's all folded and pleated and there are all of these darts and secret things that you can't see. I don't do hems with tape and stuff. It doesn't stay, it's uncomfortable for the client. Everything is personalized because you don't want somebody on the carpet not feeling her best. You want her to feel like, Wow, this was custom-made for me."

5. That said, wardrobe malfunctions sometimes need fixing on the fly. "I have had insistences where a dress ripped. I once had to sew a client into a dress for the Grammys. That was a bummer and a shocker. When you go get your client ready, you bring your kit, and your kit has everything you could possibly need. You have your sticky tape; you have your nipple covers, sticky boobs, extra heel support, needle and thread, lint roller, pins. You never know what is going to happen—a button could fall off."

6. Stylists will work with a celeb's hair and makeup teams to ensure a cohesive look. "We will have a group discussion. It's the whole vision that makes the difference—it's not just getting the right dress, it's about how you style the dress, how you put all the accessories together, hair and makeup, it all plays such a big part. If I am not there, if I am dressing the client, and they are at the Cannes Film Festival, for example, I really get no say. I just pray that it turns out alright because we are on opposite time zones."

7. Jewelry brands will actually hire guards to watch over valuables. "I sometimes will add up what my client is wearing, and they are wearing $2 million [worth of clothing and accessories]. For the most part, if it gets into the millions, it's because you started adding in the jewels. In that case, a company will send a guard. I did a wedding in Mykonos and had the Chopard team fly out there—the owner, the head publicist, and two guards. One was guarding the jewelry at the hotel, the other was at the events.

8. Stylists will often find out what a client's significant other is wearing to avoid clashing. "But unless you are a pop star or the star of the carpet, men are keeping it pretty simple. They are wearing a nice tux, a nice suit—at least the people that I am dressing. You aren't going to see crazy colors. And, if they were wearing something that clashes, I would make them change!"

9. Stick-on bras can be a star's best friend. "We will sew in cups if a dress does not allow for a bra. But we use sticky bras a lot, no matter if the client is an A or a D. You have to figure out, 'What is the right way to cover them so that they are held up and tight?'"

10. Celebs are probably not going commando, no matter how high the slit. "We dress a lot of celebs in slits and, when we do, we have stick-on underwear that has no sides. It's nude and it covers the front and a little bit of the back. Everyone is thinking she is not wearing underwear, but she very well could be. You just can't see it. They have a buddy to help them go to the bathroom. The buddy system works."

The Little Black Sundress

These New Yorkers stayed with black uniforms on some of the season’s hottest days.

Mariah Carey Flashes Bra in Head-To-Toe Leather Look

          Mariah Carey attends a special event for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in Los Angeles, California

Why Doesn't Jeff Lewis Like Heather Dubrow?

Image result for Jeff LewisJeff Lewis named The Real Housewives of Orange County's Heather Dubrow as his least favorite Housewife during his appearance on Wednesday's Watch What Happens Live, and the Flipping Out star elaborated on his choice during the after show. "I have not had a good start with her," he told Andy Cohen.  
Jeff went on to explain that his dislike of Heather comes from a personal experience while sitting right across from her at their mutual friend Shannon Beador's birthday party. "The one thing that gets me is when people are rude to the wait staff," he said. "I mean, I worked in a restaurant when I was in college. It was really obnoxious. It was really bad." 
When Heather got wind of Jeff's comments, she didn't take too kindly to them. The RHOC mom quickly fired back at Jeff on Twitter Wednesday night, saying that there was no truth to his story and that he was actually "rude" to her at Shannon's birthday party.
For her part, Shannon, who just spent the Fourth of July with Jeff, seems to be staying out of the drama between her friends. But that's definitely not the case when it comes to her pals on RHOC, as you'll see in the new episode airing Monday at 9/8c.

Sia accidentally shows her face during concert

The "Chandelier" singer performed at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado on Wednesday night, where a gust of wind briefly disrupted her famous onstage anonymity.ET USE ONLY Sia face concert
But even with the brief gale, Sia was able to pull off her elaborate performance at the iconic music venue -- with help from "Dance Moms''"Maddie Ziegler -- and make it look like a breeze.
This is not the first time Sia's been seen. Late last year, the 40-year-old singer showed her face during a surprise appearance as a festival-goer on the Amazon Prime series, "Transparent."
Of course, while her face is rarely seen, we thankfully get to hear a lot of the show-stopping artist's voice!

Footage of LiLo’s beach brawl with fiancé surfaces

In the clip, which was shot by a fellow beach-goer in Mykonos, Greece, earlier this summer, the 23-year-old Russian playboy is seen grabbing Lohan, 30, by the arm after she threw his cellphone from their truck
Lohan eventually climbs back into the vehicle while Tarabasov lingers away from it with his phone.
“I realize now you can’t stay in a relationship just for love,” Lohan told the Daily Mail over the weekend. “No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry.”
Lohan explained Tarabasov “drank too much and he went crazy,” and admitted she tossed his phone after he took hers.
Their turbulent romance has been thrust into the spotlight in recent months. In late July, police were called to the actress’ London flat following an explosive fight between Lohan and Tarabasov. And while no arrests were made, Lohan alleged Tarabasov tried to kill her in a video documenting the blowup.
Although the couple have since called off their engagement, the drama has not stopped for Lohan. In addition to rumors of a possible pregnancy, the “Mean Girls” star says she fears for her life.
“I’ve kept quiet for so long, but now I’m scared of what Egor might do to me and to himself,” she said.
While Lohan has sought solace through meditation and swimming, her heart breaks at the thought of the future that might have been.
“All I wanted was to get married and settle down. I’ve always wanted four kids, and Egor and I talked about having a family,” Lohan shared.
“I’m just sad all this has happened now because I’ve worked hard to get my life flowing again,” she said.

Calvin Harris shares dark secret about Taylor Swift

On Thursday, it appeared the Scottish DJ spilled details about his 15-month romance with the pop star on Instagram. In a series of comments, which have since been deleted, Harris, 32, alleged his former flame controlled the narrative of their love story.
“She controlled the media and this situation, I had no idea what was going on. So that kind of makes it a lot worse from my perspective,”

Shannen Doherty Reveals Wrinkled New Face — Inside Her Tragic Health Transformation

shannen-doherty-cancer-battle-face-sydney-ppShannen Doherty debuted a worn and wrinkled face during a meet-and-greet for the Supernova event in Sydney on Sunday.

'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Johnny 'The Greek' Karagiorgis dies

Image result for star Johnny 'The Greek' Karagiorgis diesET has confirmed that Karagiorgis died of a sudden heart attack on Saturday.
Karagiorgis and his wife, Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis, owned a hair salon in New Jersey, which has been seen on the reality TV show.
His friend, Dave Palladino, took to Instagram to share his condolences, writing, "Devastating!! Lost a good friend tonight! Johny The Greek @johnnythegrk rest well my firend #RIP #friend."

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