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German MPs set for snap gay marriage vote

A balloon chain in rainbow colours is seen in front of the Reichstag building housing the German parliament as activists of the LGBT movement demonstrate against homophobia. Photo: 17 May 2017
German MPs are expected to vote to legalise same-sex marriage, days after Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped her opposition to the idea.
The reform would give gay men and lesbians full marital rights, and allow them to adopt children.
At present, German same-sex couples are limited to civil unions.
On Monday Mrs Merkel, who previously opposed a vote on gay marriage, said she would allow MPs from her CDU party to "follow their conscience".

Celine Dion steps out in Balmain outfit worth over $10,000

Celine Dion's stylist, Law Roach appears to be trying out quirky and bold outfits on the star. She stepped out in Paris dressed in a Balmain outfit worth an estimated $10,660. The piece that caught the eye was her $7773 snakeskin coat. 

Osinbajo appoint 14 resident electoral commissioners for INEC

Osinbajo appoint 14 resident electoral commissioners for INEC
The appointments by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo comes after the confirmation of the National Assembly.

While 13 of the newly appointed are in their first term, one is currently observing his second term Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has reportedly granted approval for the appointment of 14 new Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs). 

The newly appointed would be joining their colleagues at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). 

Uber is being sued over lack of wheelchair-accessible cars in Washington

Equal Rights Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization, filed a lawsuit against Uber for not making its service accessible for disabled customers in Washington D.C.

The lawsuit alleges that Uber is violating both the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires transportation companies to offer equal access to all riders, and D.C.'s Human Rights Act.

Uber's fleet of 30,000 vehicles in D.C. isn't capable of servicing passengers that have non-foldable wheelchairs, according to the suit. And even if they are, Uber provides no way for drivers to indicate that in the app. 

And UberWAV, Uber's option for handicapped riders in D.C., falls short in its service, the suit claims.

The Equal Rights Center said it is only suing Uber, not its competitors, for now.

Reacting to the lawsuit, a spokesperson for Uber said "we take this issue seriously and are committed to continued work with the District, our partners, and stakeholders toward expanding transportation options and freedom of movement for all residents throughout the region".

Cladding 'changed to cheaper version'

Memorial wall for Grenfell Tower
Cladding fitted to Grenfell Tower during its refurbishment was changed to a cheaper version, documents obtained by the BBC suggest.
Documents show the aluminium cladding was less fire-resistant than zinc, thereby saving nearly £300,000.
The cladding - fitted as part of the refurbishment of the west London tower - is thought to have contributed to the fire that killed at least 80 people.
There is no suggestion a deliberate decision was made to cut fire safety.

Republicans round on Trump over 'bleeding facelift' tweet

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski at the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington on April 25, 2015
Senior US Republicans have joined condemnation of President Donald Trump over an attack he made on Twitter against a prominent female journalist.
Mr Trump called Mika Brzezinski "low IQ crazy Mika", in response to disparaging remarks about him on an MSNBC show.
He also referred to her "bleeding badly from a facelift" and assailed her co-presenter Joe Scarborough.
Senator Lindsey Graham said Mr Trump's remarks were "beneath the office" of president.
He said the tweet "represents what is wrong with American politics, not the greatness of America".

Trump travel ban comes into effect

Image result for Trump travel ban comes into effect
People from six mainly Muslim countries and all refugees now face tougher US entry due to President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban.
It means people without close family or business relationships in the US could be denied visas and barred entry.
Grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces are not considered to be "bona fide" relations.
Image result for Trump travel ban comes into effect
The rules apply to people in Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, as well as all refugees.
Moments before the ban began at 20:00 Washington time (00:00 GMT), it emerged that the state of Hawaii had asked a federal judge for clarification.
It has in the past accused the US government of violating the Supreme Court's instructions by improperly excluding people.

Ray Hushpuppi, Phyno And Gucci Trend On Twitter. See Reactions

Hushpuppi Vs. Nigerian Savagers and murderers grin

How to get international buyer for bitter kola and ginger

international buyer on bitter kola
Do you know what are most exportable products in Nigeria are? Without a doubt, they are bitter kola and ginger. Read on to learn how you can get an international buyer for bitter kola and ginger in Nigeria! 

Business you can do in Nigeria

To encourage industrial exports businesses in Nigeria, individual enterprises, produce goods for export are given a status of export processing zone with a preferential tax regimen. 

Starting a business in Nigeria is a great opportunity to become a wealthy and successful person. There are a lot of Nigerians who are ready to start their export business in this country.

Joseph and Adaeze Yobo's daughter's dedication (Photos)

Footballer, Joseph Yobo and his wife dedicated their daughter, Lexine in church and they shared beautiful photos from the event on their Instagram pages. More photos after the cut...


Police Raids Messi's Wedding Venue

Police raid site of Lionel Messi's wedding two days before ceremony

Police and tax inspectors have carried out a court-ordered search at a casino attached to the hotel that is preparing to host the wedding of Lionel Messi, authorities said, though they denied any connection with the coming nuptials.

The Wednesday raid at the City Center hotel and casino complex in Rosario, Argentina, was authorised by federal judge Marcelo Baylaque amid an investigation of alleged tax evasion by magnate Cristobal Lopez.

Messi's wedding to longtime partner Antonella Roccuzzo is set to take place on Friday at the same complex, but officials said the attached hotel was not part of the raid.

"We are working exclusively with the casino," said Carlos Vaudagna, the regional director of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue, told EFE. "The hotel is not involved and this will not affect Friday's event in any way.

"It was just a coincidence that we came a few days prior [to the wedding], we had the judicial request a month ago but were just granted permission now."

Vaudagna also said he estimated that authorities would have seized all they needed for the probe by the end of the day and would not disturb the wedding preparations.

Judge Juan Galvan Greenway is in charge of the case, which is related to alleged kickbacks for public works projects and an alleged $1.8m in money laundering.

"We came to seize video monitoring tape related to subjects who we believe in 2015 received financial gain or earnings of more than $6,000 in daily [casino] winnings," Vaudagna said.

He said that one bettor reportedly won more than 48 times, with more than $100,000 in winnings. Another casino in Buenos Aires as well as a racetrack had also been raided last week as part of the probe.

Lopez was indicted on corruption-related charges last year along with 16 others as part of an ongoing probe into the finances of the administration under Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the former president of Argentina from 2007-15.


Nigeria Is Not A Free Country, North Control Affairs; Stop Lying– FFK Explodes

Image result for Nigeria Is Not A Free Country, North Control Affairs; Stop Lying– FFK Explodes

*Nigeria is not a free country, North control affairs; stop lying– Fani-Kayode explodes*

He wrote: ”How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) is removed from the curriculum and Islamic Arabic Studies (IAS) is made compulsory?

”How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when Christians are banned BY LAW from buying land to build churches in most parts of the core north?

”How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when every single security and intelligence agency in the nation except for the Navy is headed by a northern Muslim?

”How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when there are NO Christian commanders (i.e. those that have operational control over troop deployments) in charge of STRATEGIC commands in the Nigerian Army today?

”​How can anyone decribe Nigeria as being free when ALL the STRATEGIC commands in the Nigerian Army are in the hands of Muslims?

”​How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when ALL the units under the Education Ministry are headed by northern Muslims and the Minister of Education himself is a Muslim.

”​How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when the words Christ, Church, Christianity or Christian are not mentioned ONCE in the constitution and when the word sharia is mentioned 73 times, Grand Khadi 54 times, Islam 29 times and Muslims 10 times.

”​How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when, since Buhari came to power, any mention of Jesus or God is censored out of Nigerian films by the Nigerian Censors Board whilst the word Allah is mentioned freely.

”​How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when there was an attempt by President Buhari to quietly pass a law that will give large tracts of land to Fulani herdsmen in every state of the Federation so that they can infiltrate, settle down in, breed with and eventually overwhelm and take over all the communities in which they were given that land.

”​How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when the Federal Government refuses to arrest the elderly Professor Ango Abdullahi and the rebellious, recalcitrant, blood-baying and bloodthirsty Arewa youths and lock them ALL up for their implicit threat to commit genocide against the Igbo if they don’t leave the north by 1st October?

”How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when the Arewa Youths can send an open letter to the Acting President describing the entire Igbo race as ingrates who have “not learnt their lessons from the past” and who “ought to be thrown out of the north” and “out of Nigeria?”

”How can anyone describe Nigeria as being free when the the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF) can tell the Federal Government that “Nigeria will boil”, that there will be “a crisis that will spiral beyond control if the Arewa youths are arrested” and that “the Presidency will not be allowed to go to the south under any circumstances in 2019?”

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