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How do I get to meet a good girl?

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I'm a guy of 28 years but I have a serious problem. 
Throughout my life I have never been in any 'serious' relationship. Although I have had couple of relationships in the past but most of them fizzled out just like that. In fact, few girls that I have been with were never committed. 

I must say that I'm introverted, so I have only been into few relationships.

But that aside, I just realised that most girls that I have wasted my time with; were nothing to write home about. And I find it very hard pretending to be in a relationship that isn't heading anywhere. 

My own case is just simple, once I discover that a girl is neither truthful nor committed, I will just quit the friendship. 

I'm the kind of person that can't date two ladies at the same time. This makes me to always be out of relationship for long before I could find another. 

My friends do call me pastor because once in a relationship with any girl, I can never enter into another. 
But my only problem now is how to know and meet a very nice lady. A lady who is sincere. A lady that is dependable. A lady that has conscience. 

The last girl that I broke up with was so terrible that I am now even scared to approach any other lady. I don't want to waste another part of my life in an unserious relationship. It weighs me down. 

Guys please i need advice. 
How do I get to meet a good girl?
What signs should I look for? What will the body language look like?
Please I need sincere advice.

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