Kellyhansome, a Nigerian singer, has revealed how his grandmother died following the destruction of the Eke Ukwu market in Owerri

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He said she developed high blood pressure after the market was demolished and this led to her death Sensational Nigerian singer Kellyhansome has revealed what led to the death of his grandmother. 

The Nigerian celebrity said his mother died from complications upon hearing the Eke Ukwu market was being destroyed and people lost their lives. 

According to Kellyhansome, the chaos created during the demolition caused many to fear and panic. 

The shootings also made things worse as she developed a heart attack with the doctors trying everything they could to save her life.

 At the long run, the old woman passed on. 

The bereaved singer made a video on his Instagram page explaining how the incident happened while blaming the government. 

He felt sad he was getting this kind of treatment from his state. 


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