Namibia's Himba people caught between traditions and modernity

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Having survived genocide by German troops in the 1900s, Namibia's Himba people are now facing a bigger threat to their way of life - encroaching modernity.
Little has changed in Omuhoro village for generations - people live off the land and are closed off from the rest of the world.
At day break, it is milking time - one of the daily duties of the village's women.
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The days are long but everyone has a role to play.
The older women walk for kilometres to collect firewood and water, while another group focuses on cooking enough food to feed the 30 or so mouths in this homestead.
The boys mainly look after the cattle and goats while the young girls help with taking care of the many children running around - there is a great sense of shared responsibility.
But since Namibia's independence in the early 1990s, a different lifestyle has begun to filter through.

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