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This multi-millionaire makes money traveling the world—here's how you can, too

This multi-millionaire makes money traveling the world—here's how you can, too

Garrett Gee and his wife Jessica have what many might see as the best job ever: They make money traveling the world with their kids.
Over the past two years, they've visited 45 countries with 4-year-old Dorothy and 2-year-old Manilla as "The Bucket List Family." The couple documents their adventures on their blog and social media accounts, and works with brands to build sponsored content and partnerships.
"I feel like I cheated at life in some ways," Gee tells CNBC Make It .
And who wouldn't want to leave their cubicle behind to swim with whales, scale mountains and have the ongoing adventures Gee's family has had? But before you pack your bags and give your two weeks' notice, consider the honest advice Gee has for those looking to make a sweeping change.
"Don't jump off one ship," he says, "until you have another ship to jump onto."
"For people who have a stable, full-time job," he says, "I think it's really smart that you spend your off hours or your weekends trying to spin up or build up whatever your next project or venture that you want to do is."
If you're interested in leaving your full-time job to travel the world, check out the traveling duo's three main pieces of advice:

1. Make a detailed plan

In the summer of 2015, the couple decided to sell all of their belongings, take the $45,000 in proceeds and begin exploring the globe with their kids.
"But keep in mind," Jessica writes in a blog post, "we do have our large savings as a 'safety net' if things go wrong or if we decide to simply return home."

That safety net is the money Garrett made when, in 2014, Snapchat bought a mobile-scanning app he co-founded in a deal valued at $54 million. The couple says they haven't touched the money from the deal, but it does provide peace of mind should anything go wrong.
While you might not have millions to fall back on, you can work on having a strong backup plan with savings. How much you need to save depends on a number of things, including your desired lifestyle, debt, financial goals and health.
"We highly recommend preparing with a strong savings to fall back on if/when things go wrong," Jessica writes.
In addition to saving, start your side-hustle before you quit your day job. According to Gee, you'll want to make sure that you can actually make money doing it.
"Make sure that it's feasible or even profitable," he says, "and that its working before you leave your stable job."

2. Be realistic

Though Garrett and Jessica now partner with brands like The Walt Disney Company, GoPro and Airbnb, getting company partnerships in the beginning was not easy.
"We started reaching out to companies, hotels, sometimes airlines or tourism boards, seeing if they would be interested in sponsoring us," he says. "And at first it was really difficult because we had a very small following or community on social media."
They also didn't know how long they would be able to last on the money they had made from selling their belongings. So they set a cut-off date — if they weren't making a profit by then, they'd head back to the U.S.
After about four to six months, they calculated, they'd have to make a decision.
"It was pretty close. [Our money] started to run out about five months into our travels," he says. "That was also about the time when our social media started to pick up just enough that we could not make money yet, but break even and get a lot of deals on our travels."
Today, their business is profitable. For a sponsored Instagram post, for example, they earn anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000.
"When people look at our lives it might seem quite risky the way we're doing things," he says, "but everything is very calculated especially because we have kids."

3. Have courage

If you have a financial safety net and have proven that your side-hustle is or could be profitable, Garrett and Jessica say, then don't be afraid to try turning your passion into a career.
You may not see results right away, as was the case for them, but it could pay off eventually.
"Try it," he says. "Whatever you might be capable of, why not at least give it a try?"

The Apprentice 2017 – all you need to know

Photo credit: BBC

It's time for the 2017 candidates to face…the boardroom.
The Apprentice is coming back for a 13th series (that's THIRTEENTH) on BBC One this autumn and we're as excited as Lord Sugar gets when he's thought of an amazing metaphorical putdown.
But when is it back, and what can we expect this year? Here's all the info you need:

The Apprentice 2017 – when is the start date?

It's official – The Apprentice's boardroom doors will open for all manner of business brouhaha on Wednesday, October 4 at 9pm on BBC One. The series has been filmed and applications closed several months ago.
It's a similar launch timeframe to the 2016 run, which aired from October 6 to December 18. Speculation that it may have been brought forward with The Great British Bake Off no longer on the BBC eventually turned out to be unfounded.

See photos of Stanbic IBTC Staff Dressed In Cultural Attires Ahead Of Independence Day

Ahead of 1st October, staff of Stanbic IBTC Bank have gone online to advocate love and unity. 

StanbicIBTC Bank Staff Repping Nigeria Ahead of the Independence Day Celebration. 
@stanbicibtc @onyekaonwenu #IRepNigeria #IRepStanbicIBTC
#OtukpoBranch #BenueInOurHearts

The internet can't believe how old this actress is

We’ve all heard about the mythical fountain of youth – but one model’s recent age reveal will leave you wondering whether it truly exists.

While Lin Chi-Ling hasn’t revealed her secret to a flawless and wrinkle-free complexion, she has revealed that she is 42-years-old – and her fans can’t believe it. 

The actress from Taiwan has more than 367,000 followers on Instagram where she shares selfies and outfit of the day photos. Touted for her youthful appearance and revealing clothing, Chi-Ling has starred in several Japanese films and television shows.


Hugh Hefner the Music Impresario, From 'Playboy After Dark' to Hip-Hop Icon

Hugh Hefner the Music Impresario, From 'Playboy After Dark' to Hip-Hop Icon

Hugh Hefner, the magazine titan who founded Playboy magazine with a small loan from his mother and died Wednesday at 91, exerted a substantial influence in the pop music world decades before most present-day pop stars were born.
It began in 1959, when Hefner "pivoted to video" in the original sense by hosting a short-lived television variety show called Playboy's Penthouse. The show's celebrity guest performers included a veritably who's-who of major jazz and R&B icons of the era, including Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis Jr.
Then, begging in the late 1960s, Hefner hosted a similar show called Playboy After Dark, a television show meant to depict late-night revelry in the founder's living room, and became a noted champion of black music by inviting artists like James Brown and Marvin Gaye to perform. If anyone has access to a time machine, the line-up of early '70s stars who appeared on the show is pretty staggering: Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, Ike & Tina Turner, Grand Funk Railroad, B.B. King and too many others to name.
Personally, I'm quite partial to this clip of Harry Nilsson on the show, singing the wonderful 1968 cut "Good Old Desk":

Celebrity: Loose Women's Jamelia pregnant with third child

Photo credit: Jamelia / Facebook

Congratulations to Jamelia, who announced that she is pregnant with her third child.
The former Loose Women panellist shared the happy news on Instagram, posting a picture of her baby bump.
Image result for Loose Women's Jamelia pregnant with third child
"When your Husband gives you the best wedding present EVER!!" she added on Facebook.

State Houses Of Assembly Speakers Meet In Owerri

From the picture above: Forum of Nigeria State House of Assemblies Speakers at Owerri.

L-R Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal of Okene II State Constituency, Hon. (Barr.) Oluwatoyin Lawal of Yagba West State Constituency and Deputy Minority Leader, Rt. Hon. (Prince) Matthew O. Kolawole of Kabba-Bunu State Constituency and Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly.

Others are the Kogi Speaker's Into counterpart Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Achor Ihim, Rt. (Hon) Abdullahi Hassan of Dekina-Okura State Constituency and Kogi Deputy Speaker, followed by Hon. Musa Jimoh Omiata of Yagba East State Constituency.

Tiger nuts and female fertility

Tiger nuts

Female fertility is a very tricky subject. Some might get pregnant easily, while others have to go to great lengths to get a bun in their oven. 

The latter category is usually desperate for things that might help them conceive, and we are here today to help those people out. 

We are going to tell you about tiger nuts and female fertility. Learn about the importance of tiger nuts for female fertility and pregnancy. 

What are tiger nuts? If you said ‘some type of nuts’, you were wrong. Tiger nuts, also known as ofio in Yoruba, imumu in Igbo and aya in Hausa, are, in fact, not nuts. 

They are actually tubers, which are a sort of root vegetables. Some other countries also call them nut grass, earth almonds and chufa sedge. 

It is hard to consume them in their raw form, as they are very hard on the teeth, so people soak them in water or even make milk out of them. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

Tiger nuts are a hypoallergenic superfood, which means that they are not very likely to cause allergies and they are very nutritious. 

They are a source of sugar, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, protein, fat, calcium, magnesium, sodium, as well as vitamins C and E. All of these elements are great for maintaining a healthy body, including bones, muscles and blood circulation.

As many women suffer from infertility or struggle to conceive, they should definitely give tiger nuts a try. 

They are so many health benefits of tiger nuts that they might make your head spin! Did you know? For the longest time, tiger nuts and a special tiger nut drink (which includes dates and coconut) have been used to boost the libido and stimulate arousal in many African and Middle Eastern countries. 

However, it has only recently come to light that there are benefits of tiger nuts for both female and male fertility. We will not waste time on talking about male fertility, as it is not what we are here for. 

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to add tiger nuts to your diet if you want to conceive. 

The best backstage moments from Fashion Week SS18

Image result for The best backstage moments from Fashion Week SS18

The new season of Fashion Week is well underway with New York wrapping up its many SS18 shows. London will be next with all eyes focused on what the capital’s creative talent will be showing on the catwalk.
Although we all love seeing the glamorous images of models strutting their stuff, what we really have our eyes on the look out for are the backstage snaps, which give us access to behind-the-scenes model antics, celeb selfies, and a closer look at some of those incredible beauty looks.
Well, now you can now stop refreshing your Instagram feed,  because we’ve got all the backstage moments you need to know about right here.
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for non-stop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day. For Twitter updates, follow @YahooStyleUK

Minister replies man who called him out for 'looking fresher' on social media

Image result for Minister replies man who called him out for 'looking fresher' on social media

The minister of police, Mbalula Fikile, decided to respond to an internet troll who chose to use his pictures to show the 'difference' between being ugly and being broke. 

According to the troll identified as @danielmarven, you only have to come into money to be able to 'upgrade your looks'. He explained this by sharing a post that said "you are not ugly the thing is you haven't been a minister." 

Image result for Minister replies man who called him out for 'looking fresher' on social media

Minister Fikile spotted the post and decided to put the troll in his place, telling him "It’s good cameras and filters Chief. You should know this with your sunny with chances of clouds area weather forecasting face."

Inside the Playboy Mansion: Sex, surgery and dog poo

Image result for Inside the Playboy Mansion: Sex, surgery and dog poo

Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 91, leaving behind four children, a multi million dollar estate – and a 30-year-old wife.

Crystal Hefner was just 28 when she married the Playboy tycoon and despite his advanced age and increasing frailty, still spent every night in his bed.

Such was Hef’s voracious appetite for young, buxom beauties, at one time it is believed he had sex with up to 16 girls at a time in his infamous ‘grotto’.

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