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Jonathan’s aide, Omokri reacts to appointment of dead people by Buhari

Former aide to ex president Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to appearance of dead people in latest appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari.
Reno Omokri said Buhari is to be blamed for the high rate of unemployment reported by NBS after giving jobs to dead people.
In his tweets, he wrote “If you don’t know your age. If you don’t know that your own Vice President is Osinbajo, not Osinbade. If you don’t know that there is no nation called West Germany. How will you know that the people you appointed are dead, not living?
“In short I am tired of Nigerians! You asked the man to stop marginalizing the 5% in favour of the 97% and to be fair to all. Now he has decided to be fair to both the living and the dead and the same Nigerians are complaining. Who can satisfy Nigerians!
“Recently we learnt from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics that 10 million Nigerians have lost their jobs under Buhari. We never knew it was because he was giving their jobs to the dead!”

Church Of Errors: Go To Church Wife Tells Husband

Wife tells husband to go to church that even though the church has error, go there and shine your light by teaching and preaching the word of God.

Husband replies saying " I have my own church which is fellowship". The argument lasted for an hour.

Breaking News! Truck Driver Crushes His Conductor Dead By Mistake In Delta

Breaking news this evening as about 5:25pm in Sapele, at new road close to Igbuya hotel.See how Catapilar Driver Grind his own motor boy by mistake May Almighty God safe.

New bill authorises hospitals to treat gunshot victims without Police report

Buhari signed a new bill allowing hospitals to now treat gunshot victims without first demanding from them Police report.

President Muhammadu Buhari has legalized a new bill now allowing hospitals and medical personnel treat gunshot victims without first demanding a Police report.  
This was to ensure that timely and optimal healthcare is received by every inhabitant of the country, who by any chance may become a victim of a gunshot. 
As quoted by The Nation, the Senior Special Adviser (SSA) to the President on National Assembly Matters, Ita Enang said gunshot victims shall no longer be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment by any authority, especially the Police.
He was also quoted to have said that under the new Gunshot Act, any individual with gunshot shall be received for immediate and adequate treatment by any hospital in Nigeria.
These quotations are however the stipulations of the act.
This act which was newly signed into law on Friday, December 29, 2017, is titled Compulsory Treatment and Care for Victims of Gunshot Act, 2017.
The President also signed 5 other bills into law.
They include: Anti-Torture Act 2017; Niger Delta Development Commission (Establishment) Amendment Act, 2017; the federal Capital Territory Water Board (Establishment) Act, 2017; the National Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment (Establishment) Act, 2017; The Federal Capital Appropriation Act, 2017.
These six acts have thus come into effect as laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Shehu Garba: This Is Why Buhari Appointed 3 Dead Nigerians To The Board

Nigeria’s Presidency has finally reacted to the inclusion of 3 dead Nigerians in President Buhari’s recent appointment.
Media aide to the president Garba Shehu, in a telephone interview with Premium Times, opened up about the appointees for boards of various Federal government parastatals that was released yesterday December 29th, appointment that had 3 dead Nigerians included.
According to Shehu, those appointed have a ‘history’ with the presidency.
Shehu continued saying upon Buhari’s election as President, APC’s state chapters were asked to submit names of 50 party members to be considered for board appointment, however, appointments couldn’t happen due to Governors protesting against it due to not being carried along. Buhari’s ill health also paused the appointment process.
He however said the errors would be corrected immediately.
“The president’s trips for medical attention slowed down completion of the process,” he said, until when Mr Buhari decided to revisit the matter recently.
“The current SGF was only directed to complete that process by releasing the list which he apparently did without altering it”.


Prof. Soyinka finally speaks, attacks Buhari - Fuel scarcity

Nigerian Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has finally spoken on the current fuel crisis rocking the country.
DAILY POST reported last week that a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Sunny Onuesoke had describedProf. Wole Soyinka, Prof. Pat Utomi, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Femi Falana and others as hypocrites for keeping mute as scarcity of fuel continues to bite harder across the country.
But reacting, Soyinka called on the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to end the current fuel scarcity in the country rather than buying time and passing blame.
The playwright said this in a statement he entitled, “Blame passing: The New Year Gift to a Nation,’’ and made available to reporters in Lagos.
He also cited the clipping of the 1977 edition of the Daily Times when then a minister of petroleum and natural resources, Muhammadu Buhari was quoted as saying, “Fuel crisis may be over next year.”
Soyinka said, “I recently ran the gauntlet of petroleum queues through three conveniently situated cities – Lagos, Abeokuta and Ibadan – deliberately, this Friday. Even with ‘unorthodox’ aids of passage, this was no task for the faint-hearted.
“Just getting past fueling stations was traumatising, an obstacle race through seething, frustrated masses of humanity, only to find ourselves on vast stretches of emptied roads pleading for occupation. As for obtaining the petroleum in the first place – the less said the better.
“I suspect that this government has permitted itself to be fooled by the peace of those empty streets, but also by the orderly, patient, long-suffering queues that are admittedly prevalent in the city centres.
“It is time the reporting monitors of government moved to city peripheries and sometimes even some other inner urban sectors, such as Ikeja and Maryland from time to time to see, and listen!
“Pronouncements – such as the 1977 above – again re-echoing by rote in 2017– are a delusion at best, a formula that derides public intelligence. Buying time. Passing blame.
“Yes, of course, the current affliction must be remedied, and fast, but is there a dimension to it that must be brought to the fore, simultaneously and forcefully? This had better be the framework for solving even a shortage that virtually paralysed the nation.”
Soyinka, said the news clipping came into his hands quite fortuitously and it captures the unenviable enigma that is the Nigerian nation.
He added, “It is however a masterful end-of-year image to take into the coming year, not only for the individual now at the helm of government, General Buhari, but for a people surely credited with the most astounding degree of patience and forbearance on the African continent – except of course among themselves, when they turn into predatory fiends.
“When many of us are blissfully departed, an updated rendition of this same clipping – with a change of cast here and there – will undoubtedly be reproduced in the media, with the same alibis, the same in-built panacea of blame passing.”
The Professor noted that before the current fuel crisis, other challenges, requiring an immediate fix, had begun to monopolise national attention, relegating to the sidelines the outcry for a fundamental and holistic approach to the wearisome cycle of citizen trauma.
He pointed out that there were several other symptoms but not intending to make it be a catalogue of woes, the critic said it was sufficient to draw attention to the Yoruba saying, “Won ni, Amukun, eru e wo. Ounni, at’isaleni. Translation: Some voices alerted the K-Legged porter to the dangerous tilt of the load on his head. His response was – Thank you, but the problem actually resides in the legs.”
Soyinka added, “As the tussle for the next round of power gets hotter in the coming year, the electorate will again be manipulated into losing sight of the base issue… Sooner than later, but not as soon as pledged, the fuel crisis will pass. And then, of course, we shall await the next round of shortages, then a recommencement of blame passing.
“What will be the commodity this time – food perhaps? Maybe even potable water? In a nation of plenty, nothing is beyond eventual shortage – except, of course, the commonplace endowment of pre-emptive planning and methodical execution.”

Hawker dies in a fatal accident, five days to her wedding

A facebook user posted on his personsal account, an accident involving a hawker and many others injured in accident along Owerri-Onitsha express on Friday.
The eyewitness claims that the dead woman, said to be an Okpa hawker was set to wed in five days time. His report below:
“One died instantly while many was seriously injured!! This happened before my very two eyes!!! It happened @Azia junction, owerri/Onitsha express road!!!
:from my investigations I noticed that the Lady that died instantly has only five days to her traditional wedding!! She was actually hocking “okpa” before she meet her death!!! What a sad news!!!

Buhari Hides In Shame As Jonathan Reacts, Rubbishes Presidency’s Claims Of Recording 17 Outstanding Achievements In 2017

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan, has reacted to the 17 achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari listed by the presidency on Friday. Jonathan who reacted through Reno Omokri, his erstwhile aide on

Music: Badt baby by Shyrl Sxxix

Shyrl sxxix releases his latest album Bad baby featuring Zeekeydo and Hd


Buhari breathes fire: Blood will flow if anything happens to my son

President Muhammadu Buhari , is reportedly unhappy with his security officials, for allowing his son, Yusuf, to leave his home at 8pm, on Tuesday, for a power-bike race.

Recall, that Yusuf was reportedly racing with a friend, when in an attempt to overtake a vehicle, he skidded off the road, sustaining injuries that made him unconscious..
The President’s only son was taken to Cedarcrest Hospital unconscious, and the Doctors have been battling to stabilize him.
A source told Thisday Newspaper, on Friday morning: “The President was at the Hospital on Wednesday night. He was very devastated when he saw his son, Yusuf, in a very critical situation. He was shaking his head almost in tears while looking at his only son, and thereafter angrily reprimanded his security officials for allowing Yusuf to leave home at that time of the day for power-bike racing..

Reasons Why Former PDP governor joins APC

A former Kebbi State Governor, Sa’idu Dakingari, and his deputy, Ibrahim Aliyu, on Friday defected to All Progressive Congress, APC, from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
The News Agency of Nigeria reports that other top PDP members that defected to the APC included the former secretary to the state government, Rabiu Kamba, former member of the House of Representatives, Sani Kalgo, Abdullahi Dan-Alkali, Alhaji Haruna Hassan and Halima Tukur.
Speaking to journalists in Birnin Kebbi on Friday,  Governor Abubakar Bagudu described the defection as a welcome development for the growth of  the state.
“We are very much delighted as we are now more united than we were.
“The essence of our union is nothing more than to move our state and the country forward, ” he said.
Also speaking, the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, said their defection to APC was timely.

Former governor, deputy, SSG, others dump PDP for APC - Kebbi

A former Kebbi governor, Alhaji Sa’idu Dakingari, and his deputy, Alhaji Ibrahim Aliyu, on Friday defected to All Progressive Congress (APC) from PDP.
Other top PDP members in the state also defected to APC.
They include former Secretary to the state government, Alhaji Rabiu Kamba, former member House of Representatives, Alhaji Sani Kalgo, Abdullahi Dan-Alkali, Alhaji Haruna Hassan and Halima Tukur.
Speaking to newsmen in Birnin Kebbi, Gov Abubakar Bagudu, described the defection as a welcome development for the growth of the state.
“We are very much delighted as we are now more united than we were.
“The essence of our union is nothing more than to move our state and the country forward,” he said.

See What Jealous boyfriend Did To Her Girlfriend

A Twitter user yesterday revealed how her boyfriend removed her wig while they were still at the party because different guys were coming to talk to her.

The Twitter user @_modupeola, went on to defend her boyfriend’s action when some twitter users started reacting and told her that his action was not right, however other users saw it as just banters.

See this cute pre-wedding shoot


American Woman says Wizkid lasts only 60 secs, says she has no idea who Davido is

An American woman took to twitter and keyed into the #30BillionConcert that was trending even in the US, and said she could not relate with the tweets, while seemingly sending a subtle insult the way of One of Nigeria’s biggest star – Wizkid.

saw #30billionconcert trending, no idea what it is, checked the feed, have fallen into #BlackTwitter.

I have NO IDEA what most of the these tweets say but apparently people are disappointed in the show and someone named WIZKID or WIZZY only lasts 60 secs.


A group of soldiers attacked policemen in Ekiti state

The clash allegedly started after a policeman challenged soldiers for extorting motorist.

 A policeman, Cpl. Abdulkadir Yakub, was allegedly stabbed with a jack-knife by a soldier.

A clash broke between officers of the Nigerian army and police officers in Ekiti state on Thursday after a policeman reportedly challenged a soldier for allegedly extorting money from motorist and causing traffic in the process.

The police officer, Corporal Abdulkadir Yakub, was reportedly stabbed with a jack-knife by an angry soldier.

The Punch reports that Yakub sustained deep cuts in the head and buttocks after soldiers numbering up 17 in number descended on him.

The soldiers were said to be returning from the Governor’s Office after a courtesy visit to Governor Ayodele Fayose.

Cpl Monday Agom, who was on duty with the victim when the incident occurred at about 2.00pm, said Yakub was attacked by the soldiers after he pleaded with them not to cause a traffic gridlock during the alleged extortion.

Agom said: “One of the soldiers stopped a man in mufti who happened to be a policeman right in his car and demanded the car key, while Yakub was trying to pass him to allow for the next person in line, so as to free traffic which was already building up.

“Yakub then explained to him (the attacker) that the man he stopped is a police officer and that he should allow him to go as stopping him there would cause hold-up.

“This statement infuriated the soldier who immediately slapped Yakub, before bringing out a jack-knife with which he started cutting him at several parts of the body.

“I then joined other people to rescue Yakub from the soldier, who has started shouting ‘I will kill you, idiot; I will kill you, idiot” even as his colleagues (soldiers) had started punching Yakub who was already soaked in blood.”

The Mobile Policemen whose station was close to the scene were said to have mobilised to the scene and attacked the soldier in return.

It was learnt that one of the soldiers also sustained head injuries in the fracas.

The Officer in Charge of Army Operations in Ekiti, Cpt. Joshua Zoaka, who raced to the scene, and his team were also attacked with tear-gas by policemen.

Four killed in auto crash along Makurdi-Gboko road

Four persons were reported killed in an auto crash along Makurdi / Gboko highway on Friday.

The accident was said to have occurred around 2 pm.

An eyewitness said that the accident involved a passenger Picnic bus and a RAV 4 Jeep at Tiortyu village along Makurdi - Gboko highway.

The cause of the accident could not be explained except that the vehicles were said to be coming in opposite direction.

Two persons in the RAV 4 Jeep were said to have died while the driver and a little boy in the front seat survived.

Two other persons were said to have died in the passenger bus while others were said to have been seriously injured.

Benue State Commander , Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC , Mr David Mienyague when contacted on phone confirmed the accident.

He said that he could not give details of what happened until his men , who had gone on rescue , return.

“I can not say anything now until those that went on rescue come back”, Mienyangye said.


NASA Co-principal Musalia Mudavadi has stated that he is not interested in taking up any government position confirming that some people in the Jubilee government have approached him on the same @YussufIbraon

NASA Co-principal Musalia Mudavadi has stated that he is not interested in taking up any government position confirming that some people in the Jubilee government have approached him on the same @YussufIbraon.

The year in U.S. markets in five graphs

U.S. stocks are poised to close out 2017 with a stellar performance, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average , S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite all poised for gains of roughly 20 percent or more.

heKalonzo Musyoka has stood by his ailing wife Pauline who has been unwell since 2015, missing out on crucial political period to be with her

  • Kalonzo Musyoka has stood by his ailing wife Pauline who has been unwell since 2015, missing out on crucial political period to be with her.

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari congratulates George Weah as the President-elect of Liberia

President Buhari describes Weah’s victory as an affirmation of the will of the Liberian people to remain united.

He wishes President-elect Weah and Liberians a peaceful transition
President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday, December 29, congratulated former football star, George Weah, on his election as the next President of the Republic of Liberia.

President in a statement from his special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, also commended the people of the West African country on the peaceful conduct of the polls.

Court declines to rule on case to block teacher transfer. The case will be moved to labour relations court

Court declines to rule on case to block teacher transfer. The case will be moved to labour relations court

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: This is why Nigeria is currently facing economic hardship

Former Finance Minister , Okonjo Iweala, while speaking at a function recently said Nigeria is currently facing economic hardship due to it's lack of political willpower during the Goodluck Jonathan administration. According to her,  during Obasanjo's administration, political willpower was there but vanished during Goodluck Jonathan administration

"Yusuf is great guy. You will never hear him do wrong to anyone" - Zahra Buhari-Indimi

Zahra Buhari-Indimi has thanked friends and fans for their prayers and encouragement after her brother, Yusuf Buhari suffered a head injury and multiple fractures following a power bike crash in Abuja on Tuesday
Taking to her Instastory, Zahra described Yusuf as a great guy.

"Honestly, Yusuf is great guy. You will never hear him do wrong to anyone. Such an amazing soul." she wrote.



A 26-year-old Vietnamese man had a penile fracture after trying an unusual position in bed, prompting him to cast embarrassment aside and run to the hospital.

The man simply identified as V.V.C.was hospitalized at 1:45 am on Christmas Day with a swollen, deformed, and bluish colored penis, doctors at the K120 Military Hospital in Tien Giang Province, located in the Mekong Delta, said on Wednesday.

The patient immediately underwent an emergency surgery after an MRI scan showed that he had a penile fracture, said Dr. Vu Dang Trung, deputy director of the clinic.

The man confessed that he was having sex in an unordinary position when he felt pain and his penis became curved and inflamed. He was rushed to the hospital by family members.

Doctor Hua Xuan Phuong, the surgeon in charge of C.’s operation, said the patient has recovered and is now able to urinate normally.

“But we cannot comment on his erectile function, which might take up to three months of treatment before fully recovering,” Phuong said.

Trung recommended that people with injuries from similar ‘sex accidents’ go to hospital as soon as possible in order to avoid serious complications to both their sexual and overall health.

Source: Tuoi Tre


Apostle Do Good a new TV series from the stable of UK Nollywood film producer and director Toyin Moore and Jader Group showing on BEN Television Sky 238
Date: Tuesday 2nd, January 2018.
Time: 10pm weekly

Fayemi: What Jonathan’s refusal to apologise to Nigerians tells of PDP

The immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has noted that former President Goodluck Jonathan’s refusal to apologise to Nigerians for the way he ran the country in six years means that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has not learnt its lessons.
He also said it means that the PDP is only seeking to return to power in 2019 so as to resume looting the treasury as done in the past.
Fayemi, who is the serving Minister of Mines and Steel Development, also urged Nigerians not to measure President Muhammadu Buhari’s performance with the current fuel scarcity.
He stated this while addressing reporters in his home town of Isan Ekiti in the Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State.
He said, “What the PDP wants to come back to do is stealing. The option for Nigerians in 2019 is not to return to the old age of criminalisation and brigandage by not voting for the PDP, because there is nothing to convince Nigerians that they have changed with the shenanigans that characterised their national convention and the poor performances by their governors.
“Up till now, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and his henchmen have not apologised about how they ran the country aground. So, there is nothing to suggest that the PDP remains a credible alternative to the APC in 2019.
“What (fuel scarcity) we are witnessing is just a normal curve in the life of any administration. We will get over it and move on, but largely the President has not disappointed Nigerians.‎”

Okocha and other ex Super Eagles stars who can become successful politicians

The entire football world are currently celebrating the success of former AC Milan striker George Weah, who is the only African footballer to have won the Ballon d'Or, following his victory as the next President of Liberia.

Weah defeated Joseph Boakai who has been the country's vice president for the last 12 years in the electoral run-off held on Wednesday, December 27.

Footballers, especially those who have made it to the zenith of their careers are known to be famous considering how rich they are, the cars they drive and gigantic mansions they live in.

Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar are idols in their clubs and also have millions of followers on their social media pages.

However, our focus shall be on some of the former Super Eagles players who were famous during their active playing days and still remain popular after leaving football.

Here we bring you former Super Eagles captain Austin JJ Okocha and others who should feel challenged by George Weah's success as the new President of Liberia.

1. Austin JJ Okocha
Former Super Eagles captain Austin JJ Okocha was known for his dribbling skills during his active playing days as he was a joy to watch for many football lovers.
The 44-year-old former Hull City star is presently the Chairman of the Delta state Football Association.

2. Kanu Nwankwo
Former Arsenal star Kanu Nwankwo is also one of the ex Super Eagles players who made millions during his active playing days. Known as 'Papilo', Kanu was known for his superb goal-scoring sense which helped him to win the African best player of the year award twice in 1996 and 1999.

Nigerian Man Who Returned From London To Celebrate Christmas With Family Runs Mad

A man identified as Chuks Samson from Ogidi Town in Anambra State was seen roaming the streets of Lagos after arriving Nigeria since 5th of December 2017 aboard Emirates Airline from London.
According to a witness, Anselm Ojietu, who met him and interviewed him, the man’s mental health deteriorated badly as he temporarily went insane – walking around with his bags after arriving the country for Christmas.

Yusuf Buhari's Best Friend, Bashir - Bike Accident

Bashir Gwandu, the friend of President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf, is also fighting for survival at the intensive care unit of Cedarcrest Hospital, Abuja, DAILY NIGERIAN, the newspaper who broke the accident story, reports.

Trump: I will destroy nigeria, Buhari a senseless sick puppy

Jerusalem Vote: I Will Destroy Nigeria – Trump Vows; Calls Buhari ‘Senseless Man’
ABUJA (Sundiata Post) – In what appears to be a major diplomatic face-off over Nigeria’s vote at the United Nations last week against Jerusalem as Israeli capital, United States President Donald Trump has vowed to sink Nigeria and destroy it’s leadership, according to report by a Jewish newspaper.

Prior to the vote last two weeks,Trump had warned that America would deal with any country that voted against Jerusalem.
Nigeria was one of the many countries that voted against Jerusalem.

According to an Israeli newspaper Jews News (, Trump has threatened to impose sanctions on Nigeria in response to how Nigeria voted against Jerusalem at the UN meeting.

Palestinians must accept the reality of Israel as a Jewish state to achieve peace

Nations around the world have condemned the U.S. for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying the recent move by President Trump is an obstacle to an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement. But the real obstacle to peace is the stubborn refusal by Palestinian leaders to accept the reality of Israel as a permanent Jewish state in the historic homeland of the Jewish people.
This refusal to accept reality can be labeled Palestinian Derangement Syndrome. As long as Palestinian leaders continue to embrace it, they will not agree to a fair and realistic peace deal acceptable to any Israeli government. And as a result, ordinary Palestinians will suffer.
Every time the U.S. makes demands of the Palestinians – to end terrorism, to stop paying terrorists in Israeli jails, to end efforts to circumvent negotiations by seeking U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state – the delusional Palestinian leaders threaten to stop talking to U.S. officials.

WAP TV: Super Story: ITOHAN

Itohan last hope was her father but was shocked when he refused to help her; She angrily told him he will regret his actions.
Itohan’s mother wasn’t surprised by her ex-husband behaviour towards Itohan as he doesn’t care much about them due to the fact that his mistress had him brainwashed yet assured her that she will certainly travel to Europe and not to lose hope.


Donald Duke And His Wife Spotted On A Monster Bike In Calabar

It was a show of amusement and opulence on Wednesday at the third edition of the Calabar Bikers Parade in Cross River State as a former governor of the state, Donald Duke and his wife, Onari, emerged in a monster power bike.

Kanayo O. Kanayo Builds Multi Million Naira Mansion In Aboh-Mbaise, Imo State

Star actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo, on Wednesday, December 27, 2017, officially opened his beautiful and multi million Naira country home in Aboh-Mbaise, Imo State.

Attended by some of his colleagues, friends and family members, former Anambra Governor, Peter Obi, officially cut the tape.

Merriment was still reigning supreme inside the beautiful one storey building as at the time of writing this.


Ability In Disability


See What This Lady Did To Her Hips


Trump Just Signed Republicans’ Massive Tax Overhaul Into Law

President Donald Trump signed the Republican tax plan — which would steeply and permanently reduce taxes for corporations, while temporarily cutting taxes for many individuals — into law Friday morning, two days after it finished its path through Congress.
Trump signed the legislation, along with a bill avoiding a government shutdown, without much in the way of celebratory fireworks from the Oval Office before leaving Washington, DC, for Florida.
"We were going to wait until Jan. 7 or 8 and do a big formal ceremony," Trump said before signing the tax bill, "but every one of the networks were saying 'Will he keep his promise?' and 'Will he sign it before Christmas?' And so I immediately called and said let's get it ready." He added that New England Patriots owner and billionaireBob Kraft called him Thursday night "and said the tax bill is incredible."
"Corporations are literally going wild over this," he later added.

Funke Akindele Is A Nursing Mother, Jenifa Nursing Babies - Fans Argue As Actress Returns

December 26, 2017 – Funke Akindele Is A Nursing Mother, Jenifa Is Nursing Babies – Confusion As Actress Flaunts Christmas Day Look
Nollywood actress Funke Akindele was among the first celebrities to wish fans well during Christmas on Monday.
Few hours into the festivity, the comic actress shared an interesting photo of herself which forced some of her fans to suggest that the actress may be nursing a baby secretly.

It seems Jenifa is enjoying the publicity her pregnancy story is generating.

Photos From The Hospital Where President Buhari's Son Is Receiving Treatment Following A Bike Accident!!!

There is tension at the Cidarcrest Hospital, Abuja where Yusuf Buhari is currently receiving medical attention after sustaining a head injury and a broken limb in a power bike accident last night.


Bishop ordained to be a 'bearer of light' to O.C.'s Vietnamese Catholics

In a multicultural ceremony held in four languages — English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean — the Diocese of Orange ordained the Rev. Thomas Thanh Thai Nguyen as bishop last week, making him the second Vietnamese American in U.S. history to hold the post.
Nguyen will serve as auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of Orange, home to an estimated 70,000 Vietnamese American Catholics, the largest such community in the country.
"You, in another way, daily, will be a bearer of light to those in need of guidance and hope, who are surrounded by darkness at times, who are trying to find their way back to God," said the Rev. Kevin Vann, bishop of Orange, drawing a parallel between the star of Bethlehem, which according to the Bible led to the baby Jesus, and the stars that guided Vietnamese refugees to safety in their escape from persecution during the Vietnam War.

5 reasons why Jose Mourinho should never complain about Manchester City spending

Manchester boss Jose Mourinho has been in the new for the past few days for one reason; claiming Manchester City have bought their way to the title by buying defenders for the price of striker.

He was speaking after seeing his side slump to a 2 - 2 draw against Burnley; leaving them 12 points behind Pep Guardiola's side, who has a game in hand which they also won against Newcastle.

Despite spending close to £300million since taking over, the Portuguese claimed: "We are in the second year of trying to rebuild a football team that is not one of the best teams in the world.

"Manchester City buy full-backs for the price of strikers. When you speak about big football clubs, you are speaking about the history of the club."

When it was pointed out United have spent roughly £300m since Mourinho took charge, the Portuguese boss replied: "OK... it is not enough."

The Sun has now brought out five basic facts that prove that no only is Mourinho a wayward spender, he is not smarter than Pep Guardiola when he comes to splashing the cash.

1. Average spent per player
Mourinho got one thing right; United have indeed spent less than Man City but the actual difference in the past two seasons - since the two bosses both took over at their respective clubs - is just £74.55m.

If net spend is taken into consideration - total spent minus players sold - City have spent just under £50m more.
City have signed 13 players to United's six though as Mourinho signings average £48.55m compared to just £28.14m from Guardiola.

2. Wage-bill
It was gathered that City's wage bill is only the third highest in the league.
Mourinho's men were paid a total of £20m more than Guardiola's for 2016-17, at a combined £264m, compared to City's £244m.

3. The total spent on one single player
Mourinho signed Paul Pogba for a then-record £89m with agent Mino Raiola paid a further £20m to sweeten the deal.
Mourinho also splashed £75m to bring in Romelu Lukaku from Everton meanwhile, City's biggest purchase was the £49.3m deal to land Benjamin Mendy from Monaco. Wile over £40m was spent on Kyle Walker, John Stones and Bernardo Silva, they've not once even surpassed £50m, let alone nearly £90m.

4. Use of players bought
Of players signed since 2016-17, City have seen 15,685 minutes from their 13 new signings while United have seen just 12,594.
While City may have signed twice as many players, cumulatively, Guardiola has gained over 3,000 more minutes from new blood.
This just shows that Guardiola is a wiser boss in the transfer window and knows how to spend the cash on the right type of players.

5. Average age
Despite the signings of veterans such as Claudio Bravo, the average age of the players signed by Guardiola - on the day of signing - is younger than that of Mourinho.
The average age of new buys at City is just 23.5-years-old while United's is only slightly higher, at 24.5-years-old on average.
This also shows that Guardiola is looking to the future with more success.


Couple of the Month

Couple of the Month
Photo shoot by Ukplus Media - 08160447805

Big Brother Naija 2019 - Dance Time

Big Brother Naija 2019 - Game Time

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