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A reminder to your 2015 promise, Mr. President: A memo on preventing a new Boko Haram from forming

Your speech sir, on May 29th 2015, promised to quash the murderous and wicked terrorists off Boko Haram Insurgency.

You then signaled that your administration would, after the war, look into the root causes and genesis of the insurgency and bring a lasting solution to it. 

It is my hope, now that the combat is (almost) over, to remind you on the need for the lasting peace the country trusted you would bring, before your tenure runs out, before the elections, whether you choose to run or not, whether you win at the polls or not.

It is a known fact sir, that none of the Muslim nations of the world today, practice the age-old Amajiri system, rampant in northern Nigeria. A system that allows parents just callously discard their children to fend for themselves, food and shelter, right from the age of six or seven. 

Mr. President, it is also a fact, that the average northerner today, trusts no leader as much as they trust you. They trust your integrity, goodwill, word and will-power. 

The people equate you to the statesmen and founding fathers of Nigeria. 

This means you could leave a legacy and set straight, the wrongs in the region in this day and age, wrongs which if tried by others, may bring a backlash and resistance. 

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