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DON’T PLAY GOD IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP Written by Counselor Adofoli

Many are hurt and in pain in various relationships just because they have given their all to someone.

They have been there for these people through thick and thin, and were stuck to them no matter what.

Only to receive the shock of their lives when the same people just gave up on them one day; those they stood up for wouldn’t even lift as much as a finger to fight for them. Things you wish they could ponder on before acting, they did it in a second without thinking twice.

You thought the relationship you shared meant the world to them as it did to you, but were sorry to find out, it meant nothing.

You see them as your sunshine, your hope, happiness and future, but they see you as their darkness. They only want you when things are bad for them and when they need help.

The truth is, you don't have control over someone’s actions or thoughts, the only person you have that control over is you. So have a great relationship with yourself.

Love yourself for who you want to be but love people for who they are. You are human and can never change people. You can confront them for their bad behaviour, things you are not happy with, or things they have done to hurt you, but never try to change them or force them to do so.

Disconnections start in a relationship when you want to play the role of God in the relationship instead of being a man.

The best you can do for the people you love but not happy with their behaviour, is to pray to God and trust Him to change them.

You have all it takes to love and change yourself; please do that and create your own sunshine when your partner puts you through storms, but also wait and rely on God to bring back the calm.

I know you still believe in love despite what they have put you through and you have a hard time believing or trusting people, but you can trust God to heal your marriage.

God is faithful and if you are doing what is right then trust Him with your marriage; He will come through for you. Once you give it up to God, please hold no grudges, bitterness, resentment or anger against anyone. Let God work for you.

In conclusion "Be beautiful inside, in your hearts, with the lasting charm of a gentle and quiet spirit that is so precious to God"- 1 Peter 3:4 (TLB).

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

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