Senate Committee on Interior holds one-day public hearing on prison reform bills

The Nigerian Senate Committee on Interior on Thursday, February 15, held a one-day public hearing on the following bills:

1. Prisons Act CAP P29 LFN 2004 Bill (SB. 125); 

2. Prisons Act CAP P29 LFN 2004 Bill 2016 (SB. 288); 

3. A Bill to re-enact the Prisons Act (SB. 191); and

4. Correction, Reformation and Re-integration centre (establishment, etc) Bill, 2018 (SB. 308). 

The bills were passed for second reading by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and it became expedient for the committee to carry out a public hearing on the bills due to its significant importance to the reformation of Nigerian prison services nationwide. 

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