Chance the Rapper attacks Heineken for 'racist' advert

Chance the Rapper has branded an advert for a low calorie Heineken drink as "terribly racist".
The ad, which the US star linked to on his Twitter, sees a bartender slide a beer past three black people before it stops near the hand of a lighter-skinned woman.
As the woman picks up the beer, the tagline "sometimes, lighter is better" appears on screen.
Heineken said it had "missed the mark" with the advert.
A tweet by Chance the RapperImage copyrightTWITTER/CHANCETHERAPPER
The advert, which aired in the USA, New Zealand and Australia, was for a Heineken Light beer which has 99 calories.
The 24-year-old rapper suggested some companies are purposely putting out "noticeably racist ads" ads to get more views.
Some of his fans agreed.
Not everyone thought the same.


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