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I choose to take this time out to thank my Lord Publicly because gradually he is taking me to somewhere. This picture came up my mind and i smile and say thank you Jesus. I don't know how you did it but sure today is not like yesterday.

At the age of 9 i left our house and went to start struggling on my own to get somethings mummy couldn't afford that time for me and to make her happy also. On that way i jump from One thing to another, from one place to another trying to find out what's gonna be suitable for me to do. I end up staying with one Man who sales Roasted Chicken, we use to stay very Close to Richway Supermarket Uyo. Since i ain't see any monthly income i had to leave and move to another place were i was given #50 Sometimes #100 on daily basis to Eat. As time goes by i keep moving like that just to get something better than those ones, i met a Man which i join 4 other boys plus me 5 and i was the smallest.

We stay there and still nothing good came out then i started going to bricklayer jobs where i save money to start up a kerosene business were i use to go to itam and buy. Like that like that till i raise a big amount of money that was up to #1500, i was so happy that i was rich.  One day i went back to go and check my money so i can go and buy another kerosene, when i get there i didn't find it were i kept it and then i started from square One again.

My Precious Mother fell Sick that leads to her death and since then things became somehow, i started wondering how i will live in a world and survive without Mummy or Daddy. I regret being a Human, at the age of 12 no parent? How am i gonna make it, My mother was the only hope since father left us. But Since God was alive and he will continue forever he kept supporting me in anything i laid my hands on. Since then Challenges, No Good Clothe to wear, i was always ashamed of going into were clean children always be, when i hear them said my Father, My Mummy tears flows out of my eyes, then i look for one corner go and stay there Cry alone.

After Struggling so much God still support me. 2012 i join and started staying at one restaurant so that i can just have food to eat a day. God was still watching me. 2013 i started working at a Petrol station, because of fuel, i fell sick in difference ways, temptations, Shortest from no way and several other things. From there i promised myself never to work for anybody, that i will build up something that will take care of me. Immediately i left the Petrol Station God made a way for me that till now i don't understand.

I have been Used several times with my right, punished, accuses falsely, Mocked, Laugh at and all other things. But ain't gave up on God.

I have so many stories to tell but let it end here.

Not that is Good with me Now not that is is bad but is God, Not that i have made it in life but the truth is that today is quite better than Yesterday. I am no longer who i use to be.. God has transformed me in a way that no human being will like to do it for me.


Thank you everyone!!!! I am Ebenezer Ekpenyong

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