Student finds concrete inside iPhone X box he paid N321,000 for

A young student identified as Omar has just being scammed after paying a huge sum of £650 (N321,000) for a new iPhone X. 

Instead of a new phone, he got a box filled with concrete. 

The Newcastle University student, immediately took to social media to warn others not to fall victims of online bargains, especially those that appear cheap. 

According to the UK-based student, he disclosed that he thought he had found a bargain when he discovered the cheap sale of the phone only to realize that he had become a victim of internet fraudsters. 

Dailymail further disclosed that the buyer used concrete in order to make the box feel heavier. 

Using the boot sale app Shpock, Omar arranged for the phone to be brought to his accommodation in Central Newcastle on April 3, by a man called Jamie A. he was given the phone and receipts with an address in Sunderland. 

Omar said: “Once I gave him the money he kind of almost ran away. 

It was actually a present for my mum, that’s why I didn’t open it on the spot, I wanted to give it to her sealed. 

Once I got back to my room I opened it and I soon realised it was a scam. 

The concrete used matches the weight of the actual iPhone. 

I have quite a lot of Apple products and I have held a box, I know what it weighs and it’s very similar. 

I had to pay my rent a week to two later so I struggled with that. 

I was not cautious enough and feel quite stupid about what I did. £650 is quite a lot of money for a student or for anyone. I hope he gets caught.” 

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