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All is set for the commissioning of the Fertilizer Blending Factory by Governor Udom Emmanuel, tomorrow   Friday, June 1, 2018.

The Hon. Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Charles Udoh who disclosed this in a Press Release made available to the media in the State said the exercise is in continuation of ongoing activities to mark 3 years of touching Lives by Governor Udom Emmanuel.

According to the Release, the exercise which will commence by 12.30pm will take the Governor to the following commissioning points;



By this announcement all sons and daughters of Abak, Stakeholders, Friends, Allies and Well wishers are invited to attend and identify with Governor Udom Emmanuel on the epochal event.


“See you in Court” – Ex-MBGN, Iheoma Nnadi tells her wedding planner, Adenike Balogun by Ukpono Etuk

Newly married ex-Most Beautiful Girl In Nigerian, Iheoma Nnamdi is set to finally take her obnoxious event planner, Adenike Balogun of Diamond events to court over the shambolic breakdown of events at her wedding.

According to Iheoma, Adenike Balogun of Diamond Ink Events is yet to even apologize to her and she has decided to take the matter a step forward.

EDIT YOUR FRIENDS by Counselor Adofoli

It is often said that during the worst times of your life, you will get to see the true colours of the people who say they care for you. Eight years back I was living in Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana. I was a very successful young man and for that matter I attracted to myself all kinds of friends, from the good to “the maggots”.

Every weekend in my home, there was always a party and merry making for these friends. Unfortunately I got a big problem, and to my surprise all these friends deserted me. None was ready to help, accommodate or listen.

My only option was to leave for Accra. The place I visited the most was the beach. I spent time staring at the sea. The waves were inspiring, not because of the rise and fall but because they never failed to rise again.

This beautiful experience gave me inspiration, "The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again" - Proverbs 24:16a (NLT).

Sadly we become hard on ourselves for making bad friends, putting all kinds of blames on ourselves and making it hard for us to take off from the situation we find ourselves.

The remedy is to forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you; sometimes a good heart doesn't see the bad.

The next thing I did was to erase old connections in my life and build room for new ones. I went through my contact list, and literally removed all those who were not making me grow.

In life, there comes a point when you have to let people go because they are toxic to you. They must go because they only take and take and leave you empty. Let them go because in the ocean of life, when all you are trying to do is stay afloat, they are the anchor that is drowning you.

You need to know some people are not loyal to you and will never be, they are only loyal to their need of you. Once their needs change, so does their loyalty.

The intelligent people I know tend to have fewer friends than the average person. So the smarter you are, the more selective you become.

The bad friends who betrayed you will keep checking on you secretly to monitor your progress. After years of successful rise, they will show up with reasons why they did what they did. Hmmmmm…. But keep this in mind, some reasons make relationships precious but only precious relationships are made with no reasons.

In conclusion "There are “friends” who pretend to be friends, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother" - Proverbs 18:24 (TLB).

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.


Uriel reveals why she is determined to always dedicate her life to the care of her mother who suffers dementia by Ukpono Etuk

Big Brother Naija season 2 housemate Uriel Oputa has opened up about her life, depression, her mum’s health issues and why she is determined to always take care of her mum who is suffering from dementia.

In a recent interview with Women Ng, Uriel said her 64-year-old mother was widowed at 36. They lived in the UK at the time and she had 5 kids to take care of. She had a chance to return them to Nigeria so their father’s family will take care of them but she chose to keep them with her and struggled to take care of themselves by herself. This, she said, has made her determined to stand by her mum and take care of her, even if it means dedicating her life to her till she’s as old as 40 years.

Uriel explained to Sola Abe of Womens.NG:
“I grew up in the UK but my dad died when I was two years old, so I didn’t grow up in a household with a father. My mum was my father and is my mother.

We started to notice quite early because we’ll be watching stuffs and she’ll be asking you the same questions over again. One day, she tried to cook chicken but ended up putting the whole chicken packet with the plastic inside the microwave. If nobody came at the right time, the place would have exploded. She’ll be cooking, frying something, everywhere will be smoky and she won’t notice. She’ll come inside the house, she will leave the front door open and she won’t know. It was very scary. My mom would normally go to work and come back, but we noticed she will go to work and wouldn’t know how to find her way home and she will call us and be crying that she doesn’t know her way back that someone should come and get her that she doesn’t know where to go, she doesn’t know the right step to take, she’s lost and this is a route she has been taking for many years, and that she doesn’t even know the way to our house.
She had a stroke, so from the stroke, she developed this illness, brain damage. Her body is shutting down slowly. Like now, we’re in Nigeria; she doesn’t know where we are. She keeps asking me, are your brothers coming? Are we in London? Then she says, ‘I want to go and see my mother’ and I say, ‘mummy, your mother is dead.’ Yes, but I want to go and see her. So, everything doesn’t make sense to her sometimes.
I was still very young and I still wanted to live my life fully but because of her, I wasn’t able to live my life fully. I started caring for my mum at a very young age when I was supposed to be hanging out with my friends; I was at home looking after my mum.
Uriel adds:
My mum had a choice. She was 36 and a widow. She had a choice to dump us, in fact, ‘take them back to Nigeria, and let them stay with their father’s people. Let me live my life, I am 36 years old, I can get married again.’ Give us out to my father’s family but she didn’t do that. She hustled, sweated for five children.
There’s been a time when before I entered the big brother house, I was in Nigeria for many years and I actually thought about giving up this dream of being an entertainer and just dedicating my life to looking after my mum. I didn’t care if I wasn’t going to get married, I didn’t care I wasn’t going to have children, I just wanted to do that for my mum. And however long it took for her to pass away; I’ll just dedicate my life to her. Even if I’m 40 or 50 and she goes, I know that I’ve done something.
Like yesterday, she woke up twice to go to the toilet and she can’t really walk so I had to guide her, hold her and walk slowly. Sometimes, as a human being, when someone wakes you up in the morning, you’ll be angry. At 3am, she’ll wake you up. At 5 am in the morning, she’ll wake you up again that she wants to go to the toilet. She can wake you up two to three times in a night, but when I look at her face, I know it’s not her fault. If my mum has the power to get up and go, she will go. Why will she want to trouble her child?
She said she’s been advised multiple times to put her mother in an old people’s home or get a caretaker for her so Uriel can live a full life and enjoy her youth, but she refused.
I said no. As long as I’m here with my mum, I will bath her, change her and do everything. Then, if somebody will just come, maybe come and go. Like now that I’m here with you, someone is with my mum, but as far as cleaning, bathing is concerned, I do everything for her. I don’t allow anybody to touch her food, I don’t like that.
Uriel said her mother sometimes forgets who she is. She gave an instance where her mother had just returned from church, so she went into the kitchen to get her some food. By the time she returned from the kitchen, her mother had forgotten who she was.

UNIUYO 2018/2019 Screening Date & Timetable

The 2018/2019 UNIUYO Post UTME Admission Screening Exercise Date and timetable is yet to be decided by the management of the University. Once the Screening date and timetable is out, this page will be updated.

After you have concluded your UNIUYO 2018/2019 Post UTME Registration below are documents you’re required to bring along for screening;
(I) Original and photocopies of candidate’s academic qualifications
(Ii) One (1) copy of the University of Uyo 2018 ONLINE Screening Exercise Schedule Slip duly completed with the passport-size photograph printed in colour.
(Iii) One (1) copy of 2018 JAMB (UTME) Result printout [Original]. See how to print out original JAMB Result.
(Iv) One (1) recent passport-size photograph on a red background with the name, UTME registration number and signature of the candidates on the reverse side of the photograph.
These should be packed in a quarto-size envelope and labelled with name, department, and JAMB registration number.

2018/2019 UNIUYO Post UTME Application Guide

Eligible candidates should pay a non-refundable sum of N2, 000.00 (Two thousand naira) only (Excluding Bank and Admission status checking) via the University portals.
  • Visit or (Click on e-portals link)
  • Select Admission Forms Link
  • Select Post-UTME as the Admission Form Type
  • Enter your phone Number and Email address
  • Click on MAKE PAYMENT NOWbutton to make payment
  • Payment can be made online using ATM Card/Internet Banking or at any branch of all the Commercial Banks using pre-payment slip through Remita Platform
  • After payment return to the online portal and click on Register Link to obtain your login credentials to complete your registration
  • Printout the 2018/2019 Screening Exercise Schedule Slip.
(I) The same passport photograph used for the online registration will be used during the screening exercise and for registration after the offer of admission.
(Ii) No complaint of wrong Bio-Data or blank photograph will be entertained after Submission.
(Iii) Candidates who up-load wrong bio-data will automatically be disqualified.
(Iv) Inconsistency in passport on the registration slip will not be acceptable to the University.
Candidates’ names on their O/L results, UTME results and other registration documents must be the same.

WOMEN, DON'T HELP A MAN MARRY YOU by Counselor Adofoli

Ladies need to know that the purpose of the man in their lives is to love them not to use them. No woman should allow herself to be seen as an opportunity but rather be a friend by insisting that any man who wants them has what it takes to get her. It is an error to help a man marry you.

Many at times desperation makes people drink at every cup presented to them, without knowing that is how they get poisoned. It doesn't take only love to make a marriage work. In this modern world of ours, no matter how strong your feelings or chemistry for someone one is, you will need money to take care of them.

It is sad to know some men are so lazy out there and are looking for women as an opportunity to use them. It doesn't matter how handsome he is, one thing you should keep in mind is, you don't need a prince to make your marriage work, you need a person who can treat you like a princess; someone who cares for you and doesn't want to see you lack.

There is everything wrong with a man who accepts money from a woman for her bride price because he doesn't have or is broke at that moment. It is very deceptive for any man to agree or allow a woman to put cloth in a bag or provide the very things he was going to present to her in the name of bride price. That is the height of desperation.

What this means is, the man is not qualified for marriage but wants to do that through any crooked means. Well in case you don't know, the principal for marriage is God, and He doesn't approve a holy union based on deception.

There is nothing wrong helping people you love but there is everything wrong helping a man to marry you, it means he doesn't have what it takes to marry you. After the marriage, do you expect him to be a full man or half man? Do you expect him to provide, since you are teaching him it is fine not to provide because you can do that?

Any woman who wants to end up together with the man she loves has to show him how to get her, but not to cheapen herself for him without letting him get her. The truth is, he might know your true value because he didn't get you.

Instead of putting your clothes in a bag for bride price, giving him money, clothing him, etc, rather motivate and pray for him to work and earn enough to do that. If he has to go to school and learn a new skill, let him do that.

As least he will respect and value you when he is spending on you. No one wants to waste what he spends on. But it is easy to disrespect and waste what you didn't spend on or work for.

It is also important not to go to bed with any man you are dating even if you are not a virgin. So you won't have to marry a man because he impregnates you. You won't get so much attached if he refuses to man up. It makes you easily let go.

Be with a man who is independent, supportive. A man who can provide for himself and his household. A man who makes life better and not a man who makes life harder. That is love and if you have not met such a person yet, pray for love and don't play with love.

In conclusion "A lazy fellow is a pain to his employers—like smoke in their eyes or vinegar that sets the teeth on edge" - Proverbs 10:26 (TLB).

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.

“No love, It’s too dry” -Fans slam Miracle over Nina’s birthday message by Ukpono Etuk

Big Brother Naija season 3 winner,  Miracle has just been heavily criticized by some fans on social media reacting to his birthday message to ‘girlfriend’ and former strategic partner Nina.
Miracle took to his Instagram page to celebrate his lover Nina who turned 22 today by sharing a photo of her and writing a birthday message which many fans have termed cold, dry and without love or emotion.
Here is what Miracle wrote;
May your Birthday bring a Smile to your Face, Happiness to your Heart and many Blessings to your Life. Happy Birthday dear @nina_ivy_
Check out some of the reactions below;

How much should seniors exercise to improve brain function? By Respect Blues

To boost their reasoning skills and the brain's processing speed, seniors may need to exercise for 52 hours over a period of 6 months, concludes a new study. The good news is that low-intensity exercise such as walking has the same benefits — as long as it's carried out for this length of time.

As more and more research keeps pointing out, exercise does wonders for our brain.
For instance, a recent study that Medical News Today reported on shows that running protects our memory from the harmful effects of stress.
Additionally, research has shown that exercise helps to prevent the aging of the brain and to keep mild cognitive impairment(MCI) — a precursor of dementia in seniors — at bay.
But exactly how much exercise do seniors need in order to fully reap these cognitive benefits? And for how long do they have to do it?
To find out, researchers led by Joyce Gomes-Osman, Ph.D. — from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida — set out to conduct a meta-analysis of existing studies.
More specifically, they examined all of the randomized controlled trials in which a group of seniors exercised for a minimum of 4 weeks and had their memory and reasoning skills compared with those of a control group at the end of the intervention.
The findings were published in the journalNeurology: Clinical Practice.


See Lovely Photos Of E-money And Wife, Juliet Okonkwo, At The Burj Al Arab Hotel In Dubai by Ukpono Etuk

Popular Nigerian business man, E-money and his wife Juliet are  obviously enjoying life to the fullest in one of the tallest and most expensive hotels in the world , The Burj Al Arab hotel Dubia.
The billionaire business man and his beautiful wife left the shores of Nigeria days ago to holiday in Dubia and like what we’ve seen, they just might not be coming back anytime soon.

See photos of the French Pornstar rumoured to be Drake’s babymama by Ukpono Etuk

Photos of the porn star rapper Pusha T claims is Drake’s baby mama has surfaced online.
The rappers have been aiming multiple shots at each other, but not until Pusha T in a recent diss track “The Story of Adidon,” dropped Drake’s alleged kid’s name, saying, “Adonis is your son and he deserves more than an Adidas press run” and targets the baby mama, who he calls “Sophie” … “Love that baby, respect that girl. Forget she’s a porn star, let her be your world.”
Well, the lady’s full name is Sophie Brussaux, and she’s a former French porn star. She’s the same woman Drake was pictured with in Amsterdam in January 2017.
In the photos released online, Sophie is seen flaunting her baby bump and even a cake from her baby shower with the name Adonis emblazoned on it.
Meanwhile, everyone’s waiting on Drake’s next move following Pusha T’s recent diss track.

14-year-old SS1 Student Assumes Office As Commissioner In Bayelsa State by Ukpono Etuk

The overall winner of the Bayelsa state Essay Writing Competition, Africanus Noel, has been made a Child Commissioner for Education in the Ministry on Monday in Yenagoa, by the state Governor, Hon Seriake Dickson.

Introducing the Child Commissioner to government functionaries in his office, the substantive Commissioner for Education, Hon Jonathan Obuebite assured that the Dickson-led government would continue to make appropriate investments in the education sector to guarantee a more secure and prosperous future.
Hon Obuebite said he initiated the Essay Writing Competition and Child Commissioner concept to serve as a motivational tool as well as promote creativity and healthy competition among students.
He noted that the initiative would enable the child commissioner to be acquainted with the art of government and leave a pleasant impression in the mind of the beneficiary.
While assuming office, the 14-year old Child Education Commissioner who is an SS1 student of the Ijaw National Academy, Kaiama, lauded the Governor for establishing world class free boarding secondary schools across the state.
Noel said the quality of school infrastructure provided by the present administration does not only give Bayelsa students a sense of pride but also serve as a source of encouragement for them to work harder.
Describing education as the foundation for any meaningful development, he identified lack of proper education and value orientation as the major cause for cultism, prostitution and other social vices in the country.
Speaking earlier, the Coordinator of the 2018 Essay Writing Competition, Michael Afenfia described the winners as excellent. He said they were selected by a crack team of impartial judges, using grammatical accuracy, diction, creativity, punctuation, knowledge of the subject matter among other criteria.

Health Issues: Attention!! Attention!!! Attention!!!! By Ukpono Etuk

Attention!! Attention!!! Attention!!!!
Please there is a strange disease caused by something in a fish like egg,it is not an egg oh, report to any medical center if you notice any thing like this in a fish,don't eat such fish for your own safety, please share, it is an emergency, God will bless you as you share.

See Quilox boss, Shina Peller’s amazing car collection by Ukpono Etuk

Below are pictures showing the amazing cars in the garage of Quilox night club boss, Shina Peller.
Shina Peller is the son of late Nigerian magician, Professor Peller who died on the 2nd of August 1997.

IS HE SOMEONE YOU NEED? by Counselor Adofoli​

"I am dating a guy I love so much but he treats me anyhow; lies to me, cheats, and hardly makes time for me". Whenever I hear such statements, I always wonder why they can't leave, but one of the text messages which got me baffled this morning was this "I am dating a guy who cheats and lies to me but anytime I see him, I feel happy and okay. I always want to see him. Is he someone I can marry?

Well, as much as I agree that ladies are not toys to play with, or free food sample to taste or bubble gum to be spat out when the sweetness is gone; I also disagree with ladies who see men as solutions to their needs, as their ATM and once they finish emptying it they abandon them.

If you are looking for a relationship that leads to a lasting marriage, it is very important you fall in love with your life before you fall in love with anyone. Have your peace, happiness, comfort and freedom before going out there.

When you know yourself and what you need, it’s easy to find it when you see one. The trouble is, a lot of us don't know what we want or need.

There is a difference between "I want you" and "I need you". I call them Standards and Preferences. Don't get them twisted. Standards are things you need in a partner whilst Preferences are things you want in a partner. Sometimes what you want is not what you need. I may want you but I don't need you.

Know that when love is real, it doesn't lie, cheat, pretend, hurt or make you feel unwanted. It's supposed to be a cure to all your worries. When someone is in love with you, become their need not want.

No calls, no texts, nothing and you are there thinking about them like crazy? This is the time; you have to realize that some people can only stay in your heart but not in your life.

It doesn't matter what they promised you or how they painted the future to you, or even how nice they were when they first met you. Sometimes hell is in the person who promised you something heavenly and the devil is good at pretending to be everything you want.

Life only comes around once, so do what makes you happy and be with whoever makes you smile, someone who is afraid to lose you. Never cry for the person who hurts you. Just smile and say "thanks for giving me a chance to find someone better than you".

Anytime you feel inadequate, unloved and unworthy, just remember whose child you are. In case you don't know, you are the child of the Most High King, so straighten your crown, assume your throne and reign on.

In conclusion "Stop lying to each other; tell the truth, for we are parts of each other and when we lie to each other we are hurting ourselves'. - Ephesians 4:25 (TLB). And in Proverbs 11:1 (CEV) Even "The Lord hates anyone who cheats, but He likes everyone who is honest".

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.


22-year-old lady reveals how a married man with 7 wives got her pregnant with twins by Ukpono Etuk

A 22-year-old lady has revealed what she passed through before and after she got pregnant for a married man with seven wives.
According to the lady, she started dating the man when she was 19 years old (while the man was 40 years old) after he allegedly lied and deceived her before she fell in love with him during her industrial training, I.T.
After getting pregnant, she gave birth to a set of twins prematurely before one later passed away after the man allegedly abandoned her while he was getting married to another lady whom he impregnated.
The lady also accused the man of beating her four times as she said her parents are forcing her to marry him due to what he gives their daughter.
Read the woman’s story as shared by human rights activist, Emeka Ugwuonye on Facebook.

Kemi Olunloyo Finally reveals why she has been at ‘war’ with Linda Ikeji by Ukpono Etuk

Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo has finally revealed the history of her beef with celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji .
Kemi Omololu Olunloyo aka Madam KOO apologized to Linda  after being advised to toe the line of peace, by popularly Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi as a condition to get favors from him.
According to Madam KOO who claims to be the first Nigerian blogger in the world, she crossed paths with Linda Ikeji when she had a s*xual affair with the fiance of her cousin named Adeola Olunloyo some 12 years ago.
“Linda and I have had a feud forever. Many of you don’t know what this feud is about. Lets give an example, the average age of persons out here taking panadol for Linda’s headache, cursing me on my pages is 25. 12 years ago, how old were you? 13. Did you know Linda at 13? No. You were a kid” she said.
She went on to narrate how she visited Nigeria from the U.S in the year 2006 for the society wedding of her cousin named Deola Olunloyo, a journalist too who was set to get married to one high-profile Black American broadcaster, Dan Foster. Things reportedly went south when Deola learned about Linda’s affair with Dan Foster forcing her to back out of the wedding which had already been fixed with food materials and drinks already purchased.
“Deola Olunloyo, my cousin was marrying a high-profile On-Air-Personality, Dan Foster of Cool FM. Dan was an American, good-looking….big wedding. My uncle, Uncle Diti…he is dead now and all the Olunloyos had prepared this big wedding. Food, cows and everything and Deola was going to get married, a high society wedding” she emphasized.


Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State, Chelsea FC and Super Eagles’ sensation, Victor Moses, Leicester City FC midfielder Wilfred Ndidi and the rave of the moment, Amaju Pinnick, President of the Nigeria Football Federation and Lagos State were among winners at the 5th Award Ceremony of the Nigeria Pitch Awards held in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital Monday night.

It was a night of glamour, cultural dances, comedy, musical performances and razzmatazz at the Le Meridien Ogeyi Place venue of the Award Ceremony as organizers hosted Amaju Pinnick, NFF President, Shehu Dikko, 2nd Vice President, Aisha Falode, Chairperson of NWFL, Super Eagles Coach, Gernot Rohr, Super Eagles players and top officials and media personalities to a grand ceremony. The venue of the event was packed full with many football fans who had come to cheer their stars and winners.

Governor Emmanuel was honoured for his support and succesful hosting of the super eagles through the world cup qualifiers in Uyo and for the implementation of grassroots football development policies.

Gernot Rohr the Super Eagles Gaffer while receiving the King of the Pitch trophy on behalf of Victor Moses said he had given the player time off to celebrate his first wedding anniversary and to take some rest.

Raising the trophy up, he praised the voters’ choice of Victor Moses as the King of the Pitch and hoped the award would inspire others to work harder. Rohr who could not hide his delight excitedly announced that his team would be the youngest at the World Cup. He again stressed that his boys had the character and discipline to succeed at the summer competition.

Victor Moses and Asisat Oshoala were named King and Queen of the Pitch respectively. Amaju Pinnick won the Sam Okwaraji Award for commitment to Nigerian football. He grossed a total of 47 points to defeat his closest contestant who scored 21 points.

Speaking at the event, Pinnick commended the organizers of the awards stressing that it was not easy to organise and award ceremony. He dedicated his award to his team of Shehu Dikko, Seyi Akinwunmi and Aisha Falode.

Gernot Rohr received the Achievement in Football Award.

Other winners of the night are:

 Ikechukwu Ezenwa (Ifeanyi Ubah FC) – Goalkeeper of the Year

Leon Balogun (FSV Mainz 05) – Defender of the Year

Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City FC) – Midfielder of the Year

Anthony Okpotu (Lobi Stars FC) – Striker of the Year

Anthony Okpotu (Lobi Stars FC) – MVP (Men) in the NPFL

Rasheedat Ajibade (FC Robo) – MVP (Women) in the NPFL

Kennedy Boboye (Plateau United) – Coach of the Year

Plateau United FC – Team of the Year

Ferdinand Udoh – Referee of the Yerar

Lagos State – State with the Best Grassroots Football Development Programme

His Excellency Emmanuel Udom (Akwa Ibom State) – Football Friendly Governor of the Year

 Amaju Melvin Pinnick (President, NFF) – Sam Okwaraji Award for Commitment to Nigerian Football

 Aiteo Group – Corporate Sponsor of Football Award

Tana Aiyejina (Punch Newspapers) – Football Journalist of the Year (Print)

Olawale Adigun (Top Radio FM) – Football Journalist of the Year (Print)

Austin Okon-Akpan (Channels TV) – Football Journalist of the Year (Print)

Asisat Oshoala (Dalian Quanjian) – Queen of the Pitch

Victor Moses (Chelsea FC) – King of the Pitch

His Excellency Nyeson Ezenwo Wike, Governor of Rivers State- Special Achievement in Football Award

Aisha Falode – Achievement in Football Award

Channels Kids Cup – Achievement in Football Award



Nollywood actor, Michael Okon set to wed, releases pre-wedding photos by Ukpono Etuk

Nollywood actor, Michael Okon is set to get married to his beautiful lady, Kosi Obialor in a traditional wedding after keeping their relationship private for a long time.
Their traditional wedding ceremony will be taking place at the residence of his fiancée in Imo state, Nigeria.
Below are their pre-wedding photos which are inspired by the 1990 movie “Pretty Woman”
In 2016, news broke out that Michael Okon had secretly gotten married to a lady, a news which he debunked in a press statement stating that the pictures which many mistook for his wedding event were from a photo-shoot for a Nigerian UK-based designer, Afromodel Collections.
The statement reads: “I didn’t do any secret wedding but if I did, the media will be the first to know.
“We only did a photo shoot for a Nigerian UK-based designer, Afromodel Collections, and Bella Naija Weddings posted the pictures and
“Boom!” everyone thought it was another pre wedding shoot. “The story really went viral because I’ve been getting congratulatory messages till today.
“We had only a private event meant for models and crew how that turned to a marriage ceremony crew how that turned to a marriage ceremony is what I don’t know.


62-year old woman allegedly gives birth after 42-years of marriage and 7 years of pregnancy

Nigerian Facebook user, Sampraise Ujere just shared news of a 62 year old woman who supposedly gave birth to her first child after 42 years of marriage and 7 years of pregnancy.

According to him, the baby is 11months old and the woman simply can’t keep calm about the goodness of God in her life. Things we hear!

Read his post below.



Nigerians blast lady who posted semi-nude photos of herself on Facebook by Ukpono Etuk

A Nigerian lady who lives in Lagos has incurred the wrath of online users after trending on Facebook for the wrong reason.
The young lady identified as Linda took to social media to share a semi-nude picture of herself topless as she said she’s not ashamed of who she is, how she lives or how she looks.

According to reports gathered from nationalhelm, the lady hails from Delta state and she was heavily criticized by her friends and followers on Facebook who described the act as a total shame on womanhood and wondered how a young lady would come online embarrassing herself publicly.

See below how online users reacted to her topless picture.

The lady who didn’t seem to be perturbed by the criticism, fired back at her critics saying she loves herself 100 percent and those who don’t appreciate her should f**k off.
Just as it was expected, a section of her friends supported her move with the claim that everyone is responsible for their actions and since she is an adult, she shouldn’t be told on what to do.

This resulted into another e-fisticuffs among her followers as they began to call themselves many unacceptable names.

Uyo Township Stadium Is In Governor Udom Emmanuel's Hand

People in Akwa Ibom State are wondering why Uyo Township Stadium is not yet completed. They are looking for the governor who will transform that stadium to regain its aesthetic.

Uyo Township Stadium is in Governor Udom Emmanuel's hand. If Governor Udom Emmanuel wins 2019 election, he should look into the completion of Uyo Township Stadium, so that he might be remembered for.

The Ex-governor God'swill Akpabio has done his own and is now left for Governor Udom Emmanuel to do his own. Governor Udom Emmanuel I know that you are capable of doing it.

“Her Account Was Hacked” – Sister Of Lady Who Accused Kizz Daniel Of Impregnating Her by Ukpono Etuk

We had earlier reported that FlyBoy Incorporated Superstar Kizz Daniel had gotten a lady simply identified as Lisa pregnant.

According to her, Kizz Daniel, who is locked in a legal tussle with his record label, G-Worldwide has been shying away from taking responsibilities as her baby bump continues to grow.
In her own words;
“Hi Chinny I’m Chinny, please help me share this post. I’m pregnant for a Nigerian singer Kiss Daniel but he has been avoiding me and ignoring his calls and emails” she revealed to the blogger through a private chat made public.”
However, our source has confirmed that the news was false and the Instagram account was reportedly hacked weeks ago.
This was revealed by the sister of the alleged pregnant lady via an Instagram DM.

South African man who made distasteful post about African Ladies claims his jealous ex-girlfriend did it by Ukpono Etuk

A few days ago, a South African man, Josey Ncube came under fire for making mockery of black women in a Facebook post.
He showed off his girlfriend and listed the advantages of dating a white woman.

1. No noise
2. No weaves
3. Clean punani
4. No nasty smells
5. Educated
6. No hairy punani
7. Tight punani
8. Good looking kids
9. Respect
11.Kinky shit
12. No asking for money
13. No noise
14. No mthakathi
15. No noise


Nigerian man stripped naked after he was allegedly caught sleeping with a married woman by Ukpono Etuk

This video circulating on social media shows a Nigerian man from the southern part of the country, stripped naked pleading and begging his captors after he was caught sleeping with a married woman (Nigerian wife) in Kempton Park, South Africa today.



This was my story some years back when I was not married, looking for Mrs. Right. I was dating this beautiful lady whom I loved and trusted so much, hoping to have a wonderful future together. After some months into the relationship, during one of her visits, I left her in the room to take a bath. Because I trusted her, I was totally comfortable with my room under her care for some minutes.

After a while in the bathroom, I remembered I left my tooth brush. On going back to get it, I was so shock to see my lady searching through my wallet but she quickly drop it when she saw me.

The truth is, there and then I lost trust in her and gradually I lost interest in the relationship. I had a different perspective about the lady and her intentions. Your guess is as good as mine.

Years later when I met her, she wasn't happy with me and wanted to find out why I didn't put in much effort to make the relationship work. I narrated the incident of my wallet and she felt bad but explained that, she wasn't searching for money as I thought, rather she was about to put her passport picture in my wallet when I showed up.

I felt bad but it was too late. The truth is Nobody wants someone who secretively and connivingly goes through their stuff when they’re not around.

If your partner catches you doing this, there is a decent chance they will end things with you.

But people do this especially when they don't trust their partners. They go through their phones secretly to read their messages and chats. This is not something good you should do. It violates the trust, respect and faith they have in you. The least you can do is to do that with their permission or better still talk to them on any issue of trust.

Acts like that can end a loving relationship just as it happened to mine.

We live in a culture of suspicion. The opposite of suspicion is trust. Trust is at the heart of things. There is no lasting relationship without it. Where it is weakened, relations are lost or broken, often beyond repair.

Any Relationship without trust is a half-hearted effort. If you want it to succeed, you have to be willing to give it your all.

A relationship without trust can also be described as a mobile phone with no service, and what do you do with a mobile phone with no service? You play games.

Always remember “ Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful, and trusting.". -  1 Corinthians 13:7 (CEV)

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.


Toke Makinwa reacts to news that her ex boyfriend, Seyi Kuye, just got married by Ukpono Etuk

If you think trolling Toke Makinwa over her last ex-boyfriend’s decision to get married will get you far, think again as her reaction to the news is hilarious.

On Tuesday, May 29, 2018, had on their Twitter page announced that Toke Makinwa’s ex-boyfriend, Seyi Kure has gotten married to his pregnant girlfriend.
Well, it looked like Toke wasn’t having it as she took to the comment section to tweet something rather hilarious.
She wrote;
“So what should I do now, ehn? Roll over and die??? Scream woe is me, the poor lonely girl???” she replied. Yes, guys, we guess Toke is tired of all these trolls on social media and wants them to leave her alone.
See her tweet below;

Nigerian Man Cries Out: “I see bloodstains on the floor whenever my girlfriend spends the night”

A Nigerian man has opened on his weird experience encountered during his romance with his partner. According to him, he doubts it has much to do with his girlfriend because she is a prayer warrior.
Read the post below.
There is this girl I meet in while leaving school. I love her so much but after a while I discovered when we sleep together in the room I will see fresh human blood stain on the floor.
Most times two drops of blood stains. I ask her she said she never knew how it got there. Later she pointed accusing fingers to almost every one sharing the apartment with us so we started praying hoping that God will intervene.
She is a good prayer warrior who speaks in tongues; in fact that attracted me to her because she prays a lot. At times, in the hostel she can lock her self indoors praying.
As the year came to an end, all occupants packed out remaining just my friend and I, but still yet we still see the blood on the floor.
Then recently I got a place in another state then invited her to come and see me that same night I saw fresh blood on the floor. It continued for 3 nights she spent.
When she left all blood stop, of recent I invited her again then it continued. I told her I won’t continue with the relationship again.
She started accusing me of being responsible or I know something about this blood stain. She cried all through the night and slept out side.
This blood stains drop around 10:30pm to 12pm that’s what I noticed. I have seen her trying to check if am asleep by touching at some point. I have seen her looking at me at middle of night (when got up flash touch saw fresh blood blood).
Each night if I wake her to see it, after discussing she will just open her leg for all night s*x (she gives me s*x to forget all about that).
Before I sleep I will make sure I check every where, use net to sleep, mob the tiles, and check around for clues.
But if am awake through the night no blood stains will occur. This blood stain is bigger than 3 mosquitoes combine, so I have ruled out the possibility of that.
It appears in same spot, at times on my power bank. Most times if I woke up to clean first blood. Another fresh ones drops before morning.

Couple of the Month

Couple of the Month
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Big Brother Naija 2019 - Dance Time

Big Brother Naija 2019 - Game Time

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