Author: Counselor Adofoli

Many people especially ladies, who don't love themselves are fond of chasing people for love,  people who don't love them either. After trying all they could but failing to make such a relationship work, they still chase these men for a break up. They tell their friends and loved ones, "I can't take this any longer, I am going to break up with him", but they end up in bed with them and call it a Make up.

Closure is such a beautiful thing especially when you find yourself in a relationship which gives you a clear indication that it has no future. Break up becomes very necessary not because it is helping you end a bad relationship but it marks the beginning of something new, beautiful and better; A relationship which is built on a vast experience, lessons that stop you from repeating mistakes you made in a previous relationship.

In this modern world of technology, which makes communication affordable, there is no need travelling to break up with someone. A text or sms is enough for that. When people don't treat you the way you deserve but rather cause you so much pain in the name of love, it means they are sick. To cure the infection they gave you requires distance.

Getting in touch is like an activation of what you don't want. The partner, who is only using you in the name of love, knows the kind of words to say to trap you back into the hurt-web. They know where to touch to break you down like someone who is under anointing. They know how to act to keep you in the bad relationship. They are good actors. You don't give your life to them like a script for them to play with.

Whatever you want to tell them is possible without meeting them. If you want them to see you, send them a video but avoid meeting them. They are people who won't take breakups kindly with you and might hurt or abuse you. Some can emotionally blackmail you etc.

If you think it is not a sign of respect to break up on phone, the question is, have they shown you so much respect? If they were loyal to you, you won't be calling off the relationship in the first place. If they don't give you respect and loyalty, they don't deserve it.

It is time you stop letting a person who does so little or nothing for you to control your mind, feelings and emotions; so much so that you find it difficult to let go.

In case you don't know, sex doesn't make a relationship, it destroys it. It only makes marriage and babies. The more you give in to sex to make peace, the more you get attached to someone who doesn't want to be attached to you. Don't let loneliness choose a partner for you, it only influences desperate decisions like sex.

It is my pray that, the older you get in life, the more you will get to know you don't need certain relationships and some type of people in your life. You will grow to know some people are stumbling blocks to your personal growth.

In conclusion "Walk straight, act right, tell the truth" - Psalm 15:2 (MSG).

Please share with your friends, someone out there needs this.

Thank you for reading. This has been your Counselor and Motivator.


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