It is a common knowledge also universally proven that the golden fish is faced with just one inescapable  challenge who finds it extremely difficult to hide based on it intrinsic value and dazzling qualities likewise men and women with uncommon/golden leadership disposition.

It is often said in Ibibio parlance, 'mkpo ama adod owo, eyak eno' meaning when someone is ripe for something, he or she shouldn't be deprived of such opportunity or substance which is the exact driving force behind the resolve of the great people of Etinan Federal Constituency to launch a young, dynamic, erudite and fire-full brand lawmaker into the National scene having creditably performed at the State level and absolutely ripe to ascend to the apogee in lawmaking based on the fact that two good terms deserves a promotion who is poised to make substantial impact in the National Assembly through oversight functions, timely Constituency Briefing, Empowerments and projects, moving of motions and enactment of people oriented laws with the tendency of reforming/repositioning the Nation towards meeting global demand for the common interest of both the high class citizens and equally the low class citizens.

He has so far served in various capacities such as Student Union Government President of his home University, Speaker of the Nigerian Youths Parliament, Personal Assistant to the immediate past Governor of Akwa Ibom State, has also served as International elections observer, he is a honorary Texan, has so far sponsored many life touching bills during his legislative engagement in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

Considering his antecedent, He is measured as a borrowed brand in the African continent whose acumen and leadership prowess is of the European Continent which for the time being come 2019 will be gladly released by his people into the centre of the affairs of the Nation for substantial impact in the National Assembly as practically exhibited in the 6th Assembly in Akwa Ibom State.


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