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Defaulters of God's grace. Samson's Account By Gbile Akanni

One aspect of Delilah that broke my guard was her
food! ‘Delicious’ was an understatement when it
comes to her dishes... as soon as she came, my fasting
life died! The grace of fasting just dissipated. At 6.00am,
she woke me up with a cup of cold juice, then followed with
‘fries’ – it could be fried chicken, fried turkey; fried goat
meat; fried fish, fried snails and other bush neat from their
country home of Gaza.
Her service was another thing! She never delegated my food to
house girls, she brought it herself: She never served me standing. She went
on her two knees and pulled me by the ear with the pet name she coined for
me: “Sam, the Great”... “Great is my Samson”! I also responded with “Del,
the Den” My head swells up any time she tickles me with her finger and
whispers “Sam, the Great”, but my heart shrinks. Some measure of anointing
just drop off my spirit...
She perfected my drinking spree, she never rushed me to finish a
bottle. She knows how to mix different grill of wine. She served me sip by
sip; “sip by sip’, I wouldn’t know when I have finished five bottles. She
had all the time. She gave me full time attention! I never begged her for
s**. She satisfied me to the full. I was the one who usually begged her to
release me. I had no need to go out any more. She was never boring!
She changed her dresses like chameleon, with assorted perfumes.
As soon as I married Delilah, I was also a full time ‘house-
husband’. I never went for raids any more. You know before now,
despite my backsliding; these were occasions when the Spirit will
remind me of my call: and my call was to kill and route out the
Philistines from our Father’s land. I will just jump up and go furiously
looking for any Philistine’s camp to raid. That was my own form
of evangelism.
All of this finished for me. I began to actually cherish the
Philistines. I reasoned: ‘why should we insist they leave the land?’
I began to propose a co-existence with these uncircumcised.
Besides, I had put on so much weight that I could not carry myself
easily about again. I had no disciple to send or any army that I have
raised and taught the principles of warfare. I did not transfer the
anointing to anyone. I was a loner. I was alone, now trapped
between the breast and the lap of ‘Del, the Den’.
When I proposed that we should have children, Delilah
objected, saying the honeymoon had not finished; besides Children
will interrupt our “love play” too early. Little did I know she was planning to cut
me short out of the land of the living. That was why I had no descendant or do you
know any of my sons that I gave birth to? My father’s name perished in Israel with
me. I squandered my father’s inheritance, I left no next of kin. I was a useless
son to my father and my cherished mother Manoah’s name had since been forgotten
in our tribe of Dan...
Delilah occupied me so much, I forgot my calling; I lost my vision and I
lost contact with my people. None of them could visit me while Delilah was
around, she stood at the gate and told
them I was sleeping and none should
disturb me. She cut me off from all
who would have reinforced my life in
fellowship; all who would have prayed
with me, she estranged me from! She
got me isolated from my roots. She
so occupied me with vanities, that I
lost taste for my heavenly heritage. Philistines’ music re-echoed all around me. The songs of Moses that I sang
when I went for battles were fast slipping out of my heart.
Not long after, she resumed her real mission: she
was actually a missionary. She was sent and sponsored to
get the enemy of her people. What thousands of strong
soldiers could not achieve, she volunteered alone to get it
and that without a gun or a spear. While she cut me off
from my own people, Philistines freely visited our home,
they came even into our bedroom once in a while. She
explored all my secret ammunition, but couldn’t find any,
since they were located not outside, but in my consecration!

Beloved saint, this was my carelessness! Our weapons
are not carnal. They are not located in gadgets, but in our lives – a life of unbroken communion with God! We may
be tersely dressed, with mere string and smooth stones like
David); but the force of our armour is in our relationship
with Him, who never runs dry... the Almighty God! Our
quiet consecration, that keeps us connected to the source
of life, is the greatest secret of our strength.
Saul put up great armour, while his real armoury
was ravaged with sin; David went only with a string and
brought back the head of Goliath. What a matter? My
friend, do not miss this point. Delilah sought every where
around me for the source of the power; she could not find
any extraordinary implement of iron, she was baffled at this
power that has nothing to do with physical appearance.
She then began to probe into my life; she did it with
much seduction. One night, she got me to sleep on her lap.
She sat all the night, while I laid my head on her lap and
slept off like a baby. She asked me several probing questions:
“If you truly love me, must I remain a stranger to your inner
life? You have not ceased to surprise me with your ability
to dismantle things and dislodge troops; ‘Sam, the Great’ –
where lies the source of your greatness? It has remained a
mystery to all the astrologers and magicians of Philistines.
For twenty years, you terrorised our people and no one has
a clue to whom and what made you great.”
She pestered me this way for several days. She
sometimes began to weep in the middle of the night just to
break my resolve not to let go off of this secret, which only
my mother knew. She asked why my hair looked so curly,
as if I have never shaved the hair I came out with from the
womb. I would find some flimsy explanation to divert her
from going further to that side of things.
I gave her several other secrets (which were merely
external); she tried me on it by bringing the Philistines, but I
would jump up with the residue of the anointing I still had
left. And a drop of that anointing will discomfit a thousand
troops of the giants any day and any time. Each passing
day, I was digging deeper with her persuasion into the fabrics
of my consecration and my resistance mechanism weakened
out by the day.

The D – day came... A day I hated to talk about.
A day I finally bowed to her high level seduction. That was
the day what had not happened in the thirty – six years of
my life happened. Razor came on the locks of my hair.
The last lock of my consecration was shaved out. The
weight of my hair was much. Imagine what I had grown
for 36years. It did not take 36 minutes to cut off. But it
was only a symbol of my loss: 36 years commitment and
consecration was shaved off in less than 36minutes. My
connection with the Almighty was gone.
As ‘Del, the Den’ set me on her lap that fateful
evening. it all began with caressing, fondling and all that
sort of thing. A little sip of mixed wine; a pulling of the hair
of my neck; a tinkling of her breast and I lost the guard:
She cut me unawares as she began to kiss me every where.
She started to weave my unusually long hair, and tie the
knots as if it were the Old “Suku” of the Yoruba lady of
Nigeria. She discovered there were seven strong locks
that built up the bushy hair I had carried since I was born.
There was none like it in all of the country of the Philsitines
(and as no one in Israel at that time walked in the Nazarite
consecration), so this aroused her curiosity:
“Sam the great”’ what are these seven strong locks
for... if I cut it you will actually be more handsome!”
At this, I jumped up and said:
“No; never have I been shaved all of my life!
“Seven locks! Fullness of power...
“Seven locks! Unbroken, uncut, untrimmed consecration
and communion!
“Seven locks! Unhindered anointing to deliver my
people and to destroy the oppressors, especially the
“Seven locks! The connection to the most high...
“Seven locks!
Though I have broken all other strings and
strands of a Nazarite; these remained the last
anchor, and if cut I am gone! If shaved, I will be a
mere man, like any other person...
“Seven locks! My aged mother treasured it. She dressed it!
She never allowed it to be exposed, lest any one pulls it
out by mistake. It is a secret between me and her.!
“Seven Locks... the locks that secures me and the anointing. Cut off, I will be a broken man; a city without
walls... “Del, the Den’, don’t go near the sacred
 locks...”She went quiet. She knew I have released a secret.
If she pressed more I may get back to my senses and
strangulate her to death. She curiously changed the topic
and gave me some more wine. She caressed me some
more “Sam, the Great; You are the greatest I have ever
met. A man with the heavy hair of anointing:
Uncut, Unshaved; handsome as a little jelly, you will forever
be my pet.”
Little did I realise that she has got me, and forever
I would be a mere pet. She did Nothing that night. She
made me relax in between her lap.

 I remember those tender
laps with utmost regret today! Young men, run away from
the lap of strange women. The last lap of my anointing was
squandered on those lap.
Delilah sneaked out early in the morning and
consulted with her masters: “I have got him this time. He
unwittingly told me the secret of his anointing. I am sure he
did not know he has divulged the very treasure, while he
spoke “rhetoric” on my lap yester-night. “Therefore get
ready this night... I will do just one thing and I am sure you
will catch him like a mere chicken. But be ready to damage
him beyond repairs.... I am not sure if his relationship with
his God will get a quick reconnection once I break off the
locks tonight.”
 “Which locks are you talking about?” One of them queried.
“Do you need hammers and chisel or iron cutters to break
the locks?” “Are they padlocks? Where are they locked?
Do you need carpenters or iron benders?”
“NO; the locks are strange locks. It is the lock of his hair. I
will just need a new razor blade to scrape it up to the skin.
I also need a deep sedative, lest he wakes up while we barb
him. I perceive the locks would be very strong. It has
remained uncut since he was born. Just stand by in case of
any emergency...”
So, the plan for my ‘downfall’ was set. I foolishly
played with those breasts again, while she played around
the lock... tracing where to cut and all would be gone. She
mixed the usual wine, but this time with some increased
dosage of “Valium 5”. She also sprayed Chlorofon related
air freshener in the room. I was knocked off, snoring with
my saliva all over her lap. She reached out for the new
razor blade, one after the other, she cut off the seven locks
up to the skin. I was clean shaven by the time I woke up.
She woke me up first with a cynical laughter: “Sam,
the Great” – my pet.... my household pet”:
she tortured me, squeezed my hands, no muscle rose up.
She beat me with cane; I was just looking dumbfounded.
For the first time, in 36 years, I felt light... I felt
empty and emptied... I shook my head, it was all light and
empty... I shook my body... there was no response...“Del,
the Den” has actually become the Den of Lions now! I
begged her for water to drink, she turned a deaf ear! I
prostrated for her to protect me from the enemy, she only
laughed and reminded me of how many of her people I had
I began to hear the footsteps of men around the
sitting room. Delilah rose up with relish of a job
accomplished. She opened the door into our bedroom and
brought me out of her bosom into the wicked hands of the
Philistines. They bound me with fetters and I could not
resist. I was now an ordinary man. They brought their
screw drivers and began to scoop out my eyes... I begged;
I pleaded; I cried like a baby... No one cared. Delilah had
changed. She has re-united with her people.
I called my mother, my father to no avail. I shouted
to God – the God of Abraham, but Heaven was closed! I
was lost. I lost my two eyes... I went into utter darkness. I
tried all my old strategies, none worked. The Lord has
departed from me: Ichabod! The glory has left. I was
now a mere shadow of my self...
I was then bundled to the house of Dagon, the god
of the Philistines – captive! A Captain now turned Captive.

Loud ovation rose for Dagon that day! Delilah was crowned
for a job well done. I was made to bow to Dagon as the
supreme: Though my heart was crying out to the God of my
This was the beginning of my dark years. No one
could trace me. I saw no one again. Right there, Delilah
was given to another Prince in marriage, and I was made
to dance and entertain them at her reception: O wretched
man that I had become.
What my mother guarded jealously for years,
Delilah came to destroy in few minutes... I became a grinder
of stones in the prison. Dark years! Dark and dreary! I
lost all friends. I saw no one again; I was blinded to all the
beauty that attracted me to the valley years ago. I was made a sporting tool for their entertainment... Rather than
do exploit, I became a sport for the uncircumcised. I blame
no one! I accepted all the blame. I abandoned the mercy
that could have been mine, as I pursued lying vanity...

Years rolled, but a ray of light began to dawn on
my heart... I knew I had missed my opportunity to serve
the God of my fathers. I had wasted all the grace poured
on me. I was now a debtor of grace; a debtor to my parents
whom I insulted; a debtor to my country men, I was born to
serve and deliver with the great anointing I bore for years;
I was a debtor to myself, for dishonouring God; a debtor to
my clan whose name and inheritance I had squandered. I
was a debtor to God who called me from my mother’s womb.
What should I do now to pay my numerous debts?
The hope of recovery of my sight is none existent, I only
waited for death. But I must seek forgiveness and
restoration lest I end up in the eternal hell. I remembered
Scriptures like;
“If we confess our sins, God is faithful to
forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”
“Create in me a new heart O God, and renew a
right spirit within me!”
On my knees I fell one afternoon, in that dark prison room,
I cried and cried! The prison wardens came, saw me soaked
in the pool of my tears. I spoke in our Hebrew tongue.
They left me alone. I cried until the LORD heard me. He
heard me and dropped words of assurance of forgiveness
in my heart.
It was difficult for me to accept forgiveness, I
wanted to cry some more... “O God! My grace account is
frozen! I have nothing with which to meet you! I was born
to reproduce, but I squandered the anointing and I am coming
to you empty handed. How will you forgive a wretched
sinner like me? I disobeyed my parents... the birds of hell
have plucked out my eyes (as you said in Proverbs); O
Lord, have mercy on me! Draw me back to thy presence,
even if I have become earthly useless, let me not miss
heaven completely... etc.”
Such were the cries of my heart every day. No
one was knowledgeable enough to minister to me, but God
by His Spirit cleansed my heart. I resumed my Nazarite
consecration again: No more wine; no more fermented
fruits; No more women; No more sight seeing. I refused
any one to touch my hair again.
Now in the prison, I began my daily prayers. I
could not read any scroll; I only recalled all that my mother
taught me in my growing years; God in His mercy began to
come to me again. I began to see Him in my vision and in
my dreams! The more my hair grew, the easier I felt with
the heavy stone I was assigned to grind.
What hundreds of Philistines could not lift, I would
push it with my hands. The prison warden marvelled at my
strength, but he had no clue to this unusual power. Delilah
forgot to inform them that if the locks grow again, I might
become strong again. It was not the hair that grew back; it
was my inner consecration. It was my relationship with God
that started to grow...
I began to wish He gave me another chance to
undo all the mess I had done: To unmarry the girls I had
married; to restitute all the abuses I railed on my elders... I
wish I had a little chance to confess before the congregation
of Israel. I wish I am given a little chance to disciple at
least one person... but all was just too late. I kept begging
just for one more chance to rectify my destiny.
It was revealed to me in my spirit that I have been
forgiven, but that I will surely die among the Philistines. I
would have no chance to step back alive on the soil of Israel...
I would have no chance to marry again...
I would rather enter into the “Eunuch
consecration.” I would rather prepare for death and wish
to enter the presence of the Lord with some souls.
I changed my line of prayer and stopped the
wishful thinking. I prayed realistic prayers. I would not sit again on the bench of regret. I must maximise my
opportunity in death...
I began to ask God: “O Lord, I was given twenty
years to do exploit for you, but I wasted all. I only have one
day left – the day of my death. Please, grant that at my
death, I may destroy more Philistines and their lords and
gods than I have done in years of my youth...”

Beloved brethren, do not give up! Let my story
encourage you. God is merciful and gracious. While you
may not regain the lost years, invest the little opportunity
that remains. You can still strike a blow on the enemy,
though you have been wounded, even if you must die. I
could talk to you today because God granted me a second
chance. He granted Jonah, Peter, Jacob and several others
the second chance. Do not persist in sins. Do not cover-up with hypocrisy. Do not go for the bogus titles just to
cover-up. Wait patiently through the prison into which your
sin and carelessness has thrown you. Sin brings dark years,
but if you repent the day would dawn again – either into
fresh ministry or into His glorious presence.
For me, my second and last chance came when
the whole country of the Philistines gathered to celebrate
their victory over their enemies. The five lords were present;
the President was sitted; Dagon was especially decorated.
All its priests were on duty. Every citizen came for this
national festival. I was brought forth from the prison as the
number one exhibit of their victory. I was to be displayed
and to perform some entertainment to their guts. The
National stadium was the choice venue. Men were hanging
on the galleries just to catch a glimpse. Delilah was again
being honoured as the heroin of the day. My fellowship
with God has built up again, my hair had filled up back and
some fresh anointing is flowing in my heart. I was
determined not to waste this chance. I pleaded with God
again, that as I bow in death, I must not go empty-handed.
I was no more interested in knowing the statistics or in
receiving congratulations, I knew I would be dead by the
end of the day...
I asked the young man leading me by the hand:
“Where are the pillars on which the entire edifice rests?
Can I please feel it with my hands?”
He showed me and connected my hands to the two pillars;
they all thought it was another acrobatic performance I was
about to perform. They watched with keen interest. As I
pulled, God supplied the strength much more than the one I
used to pull and carry the gates; it was more unique than
the one I applied when I tore the lion.
The pillars moved, and the stadium collapsed.
Before any one could escape, they were trapped within the
debris. I supposed Dagon fell into pieces... five lords were
slaughtered at once. Delilah fell head long and uncountable
number of giants became like logs of wood. Of course it
fell finally on myself. I only opened my eyes on the other
shore in the Master’s waiting arms. You know the rest of
the story.

I perceive you must pick issues out of this fragments
of my life. If it can help you, I will be grateful to God that
though I could not live to disciple men for God, this story of
mine would contribute to other peoples’ efforts at instructing
you on the path of life.
I could not outline all the issues. They are in
fragments. Sit down and pick out relevant portions for your
own life. Others may need the other fragments... other
casualties would not speak so clearly to you. Look into
their own basket of fragments as well. Some unfortunately
wasted their second chances again and they have ended in
hell today. Yet, I counsel you, read their story again. Shake
the basket of their fragments. Something of value may
drop for your instruction. “Do I say good night? I am waiting
for you up here... Do not let it be a good bye...”
Though the dead would not speak like this! Samson
is dead, but Hebrews 11 has listed him among the heroes
of our faith. We have allowed his story to speak like this, so
you can pick treasures out of the fragments. Bend your
knees today O wounded soldier... God has not finished
with you, the presumptuous preacher. Do not be arrogant;
do not let results confuse you. Do not intimidate your parents
in the Lord and your disciplers with the result of an
anointing, though you yourself have lost your anchor
of consecration. Learn his lessons; avoid his pits
that you may climb on his back. Pray at this point.

Culled from LIVING SEED Vol.10 No.2 June, 2003

Udom Emmanuel, Akpabio and managing The Revelations By Osondu Ahirika

  • On June 2, 2007, few days after he was sworn in as Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Chief Dr Godswill Obot Akpabio, while receiving a report from the Transition Committee dropped a bomb. He announced that, his predecessor, who he served as Commissioner for about 7 years, Obong (Arc.) Victor Attah, left behind an empty treasury and over N40 billion debt for the new administration.

That revelation, despite later attempts to rephrase it, sparked a war that has not ended till date between both leaders, and, to some extent, their associates. The cold War and hot peace that defined the relationship between them, largely feeds from that flippant moment. The business of government was undressed before a public with itching ears. Akwa Ibom, unqualifiably, lost so much, as a consequence of the rivalry of both Attah and Akpabio, for eight years. That indiscretion did not help anyone.

Let's visit Kano State, where the incumbent governor, Abdullahi Ganduje is locked in a bitter battle with his erstwhile godfather and predecessor, Alhaji Rabiu Kwankwaso. After assuming office, his Deputy, who headed the Transition Committee accused Kwankwanso of having left, not only an empty Treasury, but additional liability of N379 billion.
Every other day, there is fear of what might be, a deadly fracas of unimaginable proportion, between sympathizers of the Ganduje administration and members of the Kwankwansiyah Movement, as Kwankwanso's massive political structure is called, in Kano. The State has not known real peace ever since, that public derobing of Kwankwanso was made.

Folks', a woman's dignity lies in her private part. Any woman that demands honour must guard her privacy with utmost jealousy and keep it inviolable, and free from assault, by randy suitors. That is approximately what Government is, anywhere in the world.

Government is like the 'Ekpo(Masquerade) society. The secrecy of the cult, known only to initiates, is what gives the Ekpo, both its dread and fascination, in the estimation of the people. In Ibibio culture, the, 'Nsibidi', is the secret sign language understood only by members. The uninitiated is left diminished and confounded, when confronted to decode or unravel the 'Nsibidi' bait. Government is in like manner, reverred by the people, when it's dignity is covered.

This is reason, some documents in government are marked as classified. Information in such documents, must not, by any means, be made open to public privy or scrutiny. Understandably, anytime, any Government declassifies a file, the political heat that follows cannot be mistaken.

Ever wondered why oath of secrecy is administered to certain categories of Government officials? It is because, that is what gives government its mystique. Even the Freedom of Information Bill, has not been sufficient enough, to strip government bare of her many secrets. Indeed, Goverment, rather than undress herself in public, will invoke the doctrine of State security, to neutralize any irresistible pressure to open the pandora box.

This is where I disagree, with those who aver that, Governor Udom Emmanuel should be crucified for not exposing his predecessor, immediate past Senate Minority Leader, Chief Akpabio's perceived malfeasance in office, once he took over. In my opinion, he acted in good judgment and conscience not to do so.

First, it is an unpardonable act to bite the fingers that feed you, moreso, without provocation. Akpabio fought hard and gave his all, to ensure Governor Emmanuel, emerged his preferred successor in office. It would be an indefensible error in judgment for Udom Emmanuel to have turned against him.

Secondly, Udom Emmanuel was an integral part of the Akpabio administration, having served as Secretary to Government in the last near two years. How idly disgusting it would have sounded, to start condemning the administration once he took over. Don't mind the hypocrisy of persons who held top positions in the PDP government for 16 years, who defect and begin to shout that, PDP is a corrupt party. A principled man who has integrity won't be that stupid.

Again, Chief Akpabio was his mentor, and only broke the rule book, when, he elected to transmute into a Tormentor. Whereas, Udom Emmanuel knew that, Government is a continuum, and that, his, is technically an extension of the Akpabio administration in a political relay race, he did the expected - to zip up and not let governments be left pants down.
Problem is, when Akpabio, whether playing to the gallery, or suffering a slip of logorrhoea, made that infamous, 'All is not well in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District' statement, he inexcusably set-up the Government, on an irretrievable naked dance.

Akpabio had unwittingly set the alarm bells buzzing, and Governor Udom Emmanuel was left with little or no room for maneuver. Only a right of response will do, especially, since Akpabio accused him of deliberate abandonment of his Legacy Projects, including, the Tropicana Entertainment center, Four Points by Sheraton, Uyo - Ikot Ekpene Road dualization the Ibom Specialist Hospital.

Folks', believe me if you will, opening the Can of worms on these projects, can set Akwa Ibom State on fire. So, it is better, to err on the side of caution and let sleeping dogs lie. Describing Udom Emmanuel as 'Cowardly' in his measured revelations on the Four Points by Sheraton, with a threat, to spill the beans, on all the other issues, is being very unkind to him. I call on Governor Emmanuel not to be distracted or provoked into stripping Government naked. Let there be peace.

I recall the story of a woman who at the point of childbirth, was facing certain death, as she, going by Ibibio tradition called 'Ekpo Nka Owo', must confess and mention all the men she committed adultery with or die. She mentioned three men and could not mention the last partner in crime. When pressured to mention the person, she elected rather to die. Thus, the Ibibios say, 'utu ke nsiak akpan ama mmi, mfit aya nwo essien', translated, 'rather than reveal the identity of my secret lover, I submit to the bier.
Imagine the shock that will greet us, if a revelation on the abandoned NDDC, Federal, State and Local projects becomes public knowledge. The skeletons in the cupboard of Government, even private companies, organizations, institutions, mosques and churches are scary, and it will do the society a lot of good to manage them out of public spectacle.
Folks', Governor Emmanuel knows his onions, let him be. Now that he has been provoked to threaten convoking a world Press Conference to open the books of the past, I beg Senator Akpabio not to allow Push turn to Shove.
I rest my case.

Lagos policeman allegedly vows to kill his man, after he was drugged while trying to extort by Ukpono Etuk

A Lagos policeman who was outsmarted and drugged by a Nigerian man he was trying to extort, reportedly threatened to kill his victim.
According to the Nigerian man, the Lagos policeman thought he was in for a big kill, after searched through his phone and he saw his account balance.
He tried extorting 150K from him after initially asking for an android phone. Instagram user @saddam_x_x who shared the story, stated that he drugged the policeman to escape being extorted.  To avoid this, the young man made friends with the policeman then drugged him and escaped.
The young man raised alarm after allegedly receiving death threats from the policeman.
See the text below.
“I don’t know the reason why a police man will send me this text, because he was not able to extort me off 150k his a surulere police officer known as Uche (Felix) from Awka state. He initially billed me 300k and asked for an android phone….I laughed in my mind, I just showed him a little bit of foolishness in wisdom and his pissed and sending me threat messages? What is wrong Nigeria police turning into?”
See screenshots below.

”A young Nigerian musician who sows his life to devil will die this year unless” – Apostle Sediq Moses shocking prophecies by Ukpono Etuk

General Overseer of Christ Holy Mountain House or Prayer for All People, Apostle Sediq Moses, formerly known as Abubakar Sediq, has released stunning revelations.
Read below.
He is one of the Men of God who are making exploits with their very potent and accurate prophecies about Nigeria and the world at large. The Founder and General Overseer of the vast-increasing Christ Holy Mountain House of Prayer, located auspiciously at 16, Bolarinwa Street, Ikotun, on the outskirts of Lagos, Apostle Sediq Moses spoke extempore and exclusively on what God told him about the impending developments in the country vis-a-viz the political climate and the next annual Prayer Summit of the church, which comes up tentatively on October 19, 2018.
The discourse is presented to you in parenthesis by Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Giraffe Christian News, GCN. Akin Sokoya. The prophecies and revelations are very startling, shocking and stunning. Enjoy the explosives of the Man of God who is widely acclaimed as the Moses of Our Time.
‘The Almighty God, whom I serve without any deceit, gave me new prophecies, precisely on Sunday, August 19, 2018, during our periodical ‘Resurrection Service.’ In the encounter with God, I saw a gathering cloud of an impending rain around a sea, full of water, and God distribute certain things of consequential magnitude. God said Nigerians and indeed the church of God should pray and fast for seven (7) days, and the rainfall will be a blessing and not a disaster. In our church, the seven-day fasting, actually commenced on Tuesday, August 21 by our church members.
The past Thursday, God gave me a word of prophecy, and i had given out through the Facebook, and as He was showing me, I saw a sea of trickling water out, and I was told that anybody living near the sea should start running, because I saw that if they refused to yield to this warning, they will not survive the accompanying flood disaster. Meanwhile, with the unprecedented way my prophecies have been coming to pass, if I tell you that Buhari will win in 2019, you should not doubt it; but the fact remains that I have never prayed that Buhari should win, except, may be, he comes and meet me to pray for him. Mind you, I am not saying this to curry his favour. I was standing somewhere yesterday when I saw an angel bring Senate President, Bukola Saraki to me, and the angel said I should ask him pertinent questions, and I said what question; and he said I should ask him, is he a president? He said, Yes he is a senate president.
The angel said I should ask him again. Is the word president equal to another president, and he said, yes he is a president, and the angel said to me that he is going to ask Nigerians questions: how many vice-presidents does the president have? What is the meaning of vice president? It means assistance and he works with the president in advisory capacity; which means the president has not much power of his own, based on the argument and hypothesis on ground. He thus in essence must take advice from his vice. In the same vein, the Senate President is not as good as the President of Nigeria. He should stop saying Buhari is his problem. He has so many enemies in Nigeria. We have so many leaders who are not friends of APC, but because the APC never had spiritual eyes, they keep on hiring on these enemies in borrowed friends’ robes to work under them. Today, these deceivers have gathered themselves in opposition once again and they want the APC to go down. All this is happening because the APC has been blind and unreceptive to reasons and the flagrantly employed them in their fold. Now they have unleashed their terror and left APC for PDP. They are all coming out to contest because they thought they have had enough of their idiosyncracies.
They believe if they go to the other side, they can fight and win, but their fight will not be strong enough to upstage the incumbent, and this will not save them of their chicanery and shenanigans. The weapon they are gathering is no their weapon, and if they use it to fight, it will go back to the original owner ab initio. Before former President Goodluck Jonathan lost the election in 2015, I told the media that he should stop going to the North and giving them money, because that money he was giving them will only help APC to grow beyond bounds, which eventually happened.
I was here until they started beating and harassing pastors, but he refused to listen to us; simply because we are not popular. Now the APC should be careful, because it has fed its enemies before and shouldn’t feed them again as they are not the kind of enemies that will ever be at peace with them. We should also pray for Saraki. I am passionately appealing to him through this medium not to contest for the Presidency of this country. The only person I can see from my crystal ball standing out with a chance in the PDP, is Atiku Abubakar, and not even Rabiu Kwakwanso. And even if they all contest, they are only coming out and warming up for the nearest future, because APC will still rule this country in the next dispensation. They don’t own Nigeria, God owns Nigeria. As an addendum, my veritable flood prophecies have started coming to pass all over the world, in London, in India, Italy and other countries.’
Highlights of other prophecies by the Moses of our Time
Reeling out other prophecies, Apostle Sediq Moses said: I saw a young musician; he was really drunk, with his friends and was involved in a car accident. A fatal one and none of them survived. So the young musician should be careful and pray hard to avert this tragedy. He had something like this in the past, but survived. But now it’s his time around in the marine world. He’s going to die. Because he sold his life to the devil and if he gets this message, he should come to me or go to any believing man of God for prayers. The spirit of God brought to Kenya, revealed to me that there two presidents in the country; God removed one and let the other continue.
The one that God did not ordain will sleep in the bed and have a heart attack, and die. So he should step down, in order to save his life. In Nigeria, we should pray against armed robbers. They will stop and kill everyone in a long bus on the road of Lagos to Abuja; Lokoja to Abuja.
Please, people in Lagos should also pray against flood. And also people in Lokoja will be in their sleep when flood comes; and people in Lagos should be aware and wary of those buildings in the coastal areas, and chasing the water, they should be careful. Delta and Kogi states inhabitants living close to water should run. They should all move away. Any attempt to fight the military in the 2019 elections may lead to military taking over the government from the civilian government,apostle Sediq warns.


Opinion: I keep asking where are the tons of rice in our local supermarkets!?

When I hear of the numerous projects done in Akwa Ibom State I'm literally baffled. Personally, and with all due respect to some of my friends who represents our dear Governor, I think a whole lot of the so-called projects are staged managed. Especially the industries, so-called. I'm an Intelligent Nigerian and Akwa Ibomite, I run a small business and pay salaries monthly. If you say there are industries in the state I'd like to see papers and agreements. Not just an arranged infrastructure for the pictures and the media.

I have not seen the pencil, syringe or paint or tomatoes as claimed. If they are there, then they should compete in the market. We should see them available.

How many of these 'industries' have Akwa Ibomites employed?

At best the so-called 'industry' is still in ideation stage, and the government is not directly involved in their business processes.

In March this year, I served as a consultant for a certain man who wanted to begin a big farm. He sent us to Osun, Ogun and Lagos to do some research in other farms. When we returned with our findings, he invested close to N50 million in tomatoes and will be investing a whole lot more in other cash crops. Just last month he had his 100% returns after the first 3 months of planting. The tomatoes are there and I can take anyone to see what is going on and to see the number of employment that farm has given. We are talking about hundreds. So how about the tomatoes project our Akwa Ibom State began?

Here's the challenge. Prove to me that the projects of Udom are not stage managed. Don't just show me pictures, I want to see for myself and ask questions.

In the last 3 weeks since the defection of Akpabio, more money has been released to the street than has ever been since Mr. Udom took over as Governor. Yet there was a continuous claim that there was no money. In 2019, apolitical individuals like me will have to be political and say things because whatever affects the people affects us business runners.

Pastor stops wedding party over bridesmaid’s twerking by Ukpono Etuk

A Zimbabwean pastor has been seen in a viral video stopping a wedding party after one of the bridesmaids twerked while they were dancing.
The pastor stopped the wedding party of the couple only identified as Emmerson and Yvonne after the bridal team did some dances, he perceived as seductive.
The first pair did their part and it was well received by the crowd, shortly after, the disc jockey was asked to stop the music by an unidentified man believed to be a pastor, reports iHarare.
According to iHarare, he said:
“Right, DJ excuse, listen to what is being said from the mic, we are celebrating here but we want to notify each other that what is important is to celebrate” said the man.
“These people (bridal train) will dance and return to their parents’ homes but the wedding was organised by Emmerson and Yvonne who at the end of the day we want blessed.”
Taking a dig at parents and church elders, the man questions the dances by the bridal train. He said;
“The dances that are happening here, parents and elders, you are all watching and when they finish twerking they want to be intimate, they are not brides.
Don’t entertain these things, saying it is today’s generation, you are promoting immorality in church, we may rejoice but when they leave they want to be intimate, this is nonsense. At the end of the day, you are going to have pregnancies that’s why we implore elders to monitor rehearsals to see if moral behaviour is taking place.”

19-year-old Girl drugs ‘Okada’ rider, snatches motorcycle by Ukpono Etuk

The Police Command in Katsina State has announced the arrest of a 19-year-old girl, Zinatu Abubakar, who allegedly drugged a commercial motorcycle operator and attempted to snatch his motorcycle.
A statement signed by the command’s Public Relations Officer, Gambo Isa, made available to newsmen on Thursday in Katsina, said the suspect belonged to a syndicate operating in the state.
Isa said the suspect drugged a motorcyclist, Gide Wada, who was conveying her from Kofar-Kaura to Sokoto Rima Quarters in Katsina metropolis.
The police spokesman said Wada had to park his motorcycle when he started becoming drowsy after he ate a piece of chocolate the suspect gave to him as they were moving to her destination.
According to him, it was after the victim parked the motorcycle that he became unconscious and the suspects’ accomplices, one Abubakar and Chairman, now at large, attempted to snatch the motorcycle.
He explained that the accomplices ran into the bush when the condition of the motorcyclist attracted the attention of people nearby, who apprehended Zinatu and handed her over to the police.
Isa claimed that the suspect had confessed to have been committing such offence in Kaduna and Kano states, adding that the police were on the trail of her accomplices.
He advised Okada riders and commercial drivers not to take food from people they know nothing about, so as not to become victims of robbery.


Chimamanda Adichie reveals why she wears made in Nigeria designers by Ukpono Etuk

Renowned Nigerian writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has revealed why she wears made in Nigeria designers to major outings.
The eminent Nigerian author and feminist, Adichie revealed the reason behind her choice of fashion in an interview with i-D’s Candice Carty-Williams.
“I decided to use fashion as a kind of political statement,” Chimamanda reveals, “which is to say that I made the choice to wear mostly Nigerian designers to public events, because obviously I want to support an industry that’s full of talent, but also to make a case for how fashion can tell a story. Fashion and culture are intertwined in very interesting ways.”
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has continued to use her Instagram page to showcase her love for Nigerian fashion brands. She makes sure she tags each post with “#MadeInNigeria”
She last month received a honorary degree from Duke University.


Meet Emmy Kasbit, Nigerian Designer Of Theresa May’s Ankara Jacket And Other Celebrities by Ukpono Etuk

UK PM, Theresa May is so excited to meet Emmy Kasbit, the Nigerian Designer of her Ankara jacket. She took to her Instagram page to post a picture she took with him.
She captioned it;
“I was delighted to meet @emmykasbit who designed the jacket I wore in #Nigeria #UKAfrica#MadeInNigeria”
Emmy Kasbit, owned by Okoro Emmanuel, was launched in 2014. It was born out of a passion to dress unconventional men and women. The brand’s aesthetic is defined by clean and architectural cuts, and since winning the Fashion Focus Prize at Lagos Fashion Week in 2017, Emmy Kasbit’s recent collections have placed an emphasis on reinterpreting and reinventing vintage looks in a contemporary way.
In addition to the accolade, the Emmy Kasbit brand won a $13,900 cash grant, and business mentoring from Ijeoma Ogbechie, an expert in finance who is currently a vice president at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and founder of Avivere, a fashion e-commerce startup.
Taking inspiration from his family and his Nigerian heritage—particularly his father and the looks he wore in the 70s in Nigeria—Emmanuel’s aesthetic is largely guided by his roots. As the brand continues to grow, Emmy Kasbit remains a pillar of the Nigerian fashion scene.

The making of Diana pledge 1 by Francis Bassey

The making of Diana pledge 1 l Movies 2018 l Latest Nollywood Movies l Family Movies l YouTube Movies.

Written and Produced by Francis Bassey

PDP Sets Agenda For May On Visit To Nigeria by Ukpono

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) urges the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, to use her state visit to Nigeria to uncover the dismal state of our nation by resisting a choreographed plan by the Buhari Presidency to hoodwink her for an endorsement stunt.

The party also calls on the British leader not to allow the Buhari Presidency to confine her to the palours of the Presidential Villa, but to insist on visiting other parts of the nation to enable her directly appreciate the level of lies and false performance indices the Federal Government has been dishing out to the world.

This is particularly as we have been made aware of plans by the Federal Government to use the visit to dish out more lies to the international community in an effort to cover its failures in governance in the last three years, for which Nigerians are clamouring for a new president under the PDP.

The PDP further charges the British Prime Minister, as a parliamentarian, to take the Buhari Presidency to task on its unabated interferences and violent attacks on the institution of the National Assembly, including threats to forcefully remove the elected presiding officers of the Senate, as well as the recent invasion and blockade of the National Assembly by Presidency-controlled security forces.

The PDP also wants the British leader to task President Buhari on his widely condemned stand against the supremacy of the rule of law in addition to records of violation of human rights in Nigeria, including government’s disobedience to court orders, reported extra-judicial killings, torture, unlawful political arrests and detention, restriction of free speech and media freedom and lack of government’s accountability as detailed in report by various international bodies, including Transparency International (TI), Amnesty International (AI) and US Department of States.

The British leader should also elicit discussions with the President on the recent report by Price Waterhouse Cooper showing humongous corruption in his administration, including the circumstances surrounding the N4 trillion unremitted oil money in agencies under his direct supervision as minister.

Finally, the PDP urges Prime Minister May, to engage President Buhari on the violent rigging of elections under his watch, and extract commitment from him on his administration’s preparedness for a free, fair and credible general elections in 2019, especially as there are apprehensions across Nigeria, that his actions, utterances and body language suggest otherwise.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary

FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON HOTEL: How can franchise agreement be excuse for failure? By John Ekperikpe

I had the misfortune this morning of wading through a long epistle to the world by Akwa Ibom State commissioner for information on why the Udom Emmanuel administration has left the 4-star Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Ikot Ekpene to rot, three-and-a-half years after the current government in the state came into office. The hotel belongs to the state, and was built by the Godswill Akpabio administration.

Charles Udoh, information commissioner, argued with aplomb and vibrated with the excitement of a researcher that has just found a cure for the sickle anemia, that the reason for abandoning the hotel that was commissioned for use by the last government is that there was no franchise agreement with the owner of the Sheraton brand. No argument or decision can be more ludicrous. This is the lowest low for a most inept government ever. It’s time we had adults in the room!
Let’s stay with the argument, without conceding, that there was no agreement with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, owners of the Sheraton brand, before the hotel was commissioned, would that be a justifiable ground for abandoning the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Ikot Ekpene? Definitely no! A routine administrative matter involving a little paperwork and minor financial expense in payment for the use of the target brand name can never be acceptable reason for a government that came into office on the promise of continuity to abandon a multibillion naira investment that was designed to further strengthen the economic fabric of the state. See how unthinking this government is! Here is a platitude-mouthing government sounding big on obsession with the industrialization of the state but  paradoxically turning its back on support infrastructure for an industrialized state. This is the most disarticulated, aimless, directionless pathway to development by a boardroom guru and a business school veteran of a governor.

A little background to the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel which uninformed critics have purloined as investment that was not well thoughtout. The hotel was designed as part of a cluster of infrastructure that was to be used to open up the state for investment and economic development. The design included the Uyo-Ikot Ekpene Road, which was intended to end in Agbor Hill in Aba, Abia State and the International Terminal Building of the State Airport, as well as its cargo hall and the MRO. The idea was that the constellation of these facilities would open up the state for international and big-ticket local businesses that would require the services of a top-flight hospitality industry.

Therefore a government that came into office promising to continue and complete ongoing projects was expected to get on with the job and not fish for excuse to abandon its responsibility and walk away from its election promises. The Udom Emmanuel administration’s attitude to the hotel is simply typical and all too familiar.

It is the same attitude that the governor has sadly displayed with regard to other projects in the state, be it the Uyo-Ikot Ekpene Road; ongoing projects at the state airport, such as the international terminal building, the MRO, the taxiway and the failure to ensure that the cargo wing of the airport sees light of the day; the Tropicana Entertainment Centre and other projects. After all, previous governments in the state had met ongoing projects and completed them. The state airport that Udom Emmanuel is enjoying today is one of such projects.
Rather than bandying lame excuses about, Commissioner Udoh should simply accept what is obvious, namely, that Udom Emmanuel simply does not care. Ibom Hotel, which was built by former Governor Victor Attah, has gone into a disgusting state of disrepair. Is that because the hotel has a franchise agreement dispute or it was not completed? Ibom Hotel is in disrepair today because Udom Emmanuel doesn’t care.

What about the case with the state Specialist Hospital in Uyo? Why has Udom Emmanuel abandoned the hospital? The reason is simple: This deacon of Qua Iboe Church returned from Lagos to execute a most unpatriotic and criminal agenda of under-developing the state which other heroes of our past toiled day and night to build.

It is clear, given this laughable, hair-splitting argument over franchise agreement that Udom Emmanuel has run out of excuses for his historic failure. The point is that Governor Emmanuel has set a global record in lack of capacity to execute amid superabundance of resources. Rather than inflict further insults at Akwa Ibom people about his chronic governance failures, this man should tell us what he has done with over N1 trillion that has accrued to the state since he was rail-loaded into the Hilltop Mansion.

Udom Emmanuel has failed and no amount of excuse-spouting press statements can save his government from being routed and sent into a well-deserved place in Akwa Ibom Hall of Infamy.

Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham settle their fight at Bobrisky’s pre-birthday dinner by Ukpono Etuk

Nollywood actresses, Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Abraham who were recently at loggerheads have now ironed out their indifference.
The two rivaled actresses were spotted over the weekend at the pre-birthday dinner of Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky.
The ladies took selfies and sat together to prove to fans that their dispute was indeed over.
You will recall that their fight drew the attention of many after a public Instagram fight between them.
Upon the Instagram war, Toyin claimed that it was a publicity stunt but after a while, the altercation brought about a split in some actors taking sides (Yomi Fabiyi and Kemi Afolabi) which finally led to the two ladies unfollowing each other.
Anyway, all is fine between them now.

Funke Felix-Adejumo playing with sudden death over Dollar seeds – MKO Tibetan by Ukpono Etuk

In an extra-ordinary state of the nation encounter with Asabe Afrika TV, renowned Prophet of the Almighty God and leader of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Worldwide) Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan added his voice to the cream of critics who frowned at the way, manner and culture of a Nigerian female minister of the gospel, Reverend (Mrs.) Funke Felix-Adejumo who keep asking Christians across Nigeria and overseas, to donate money for either her own cause or the causes of Pastors who invites her for their Christian events.

Described as a fundraiser-evangelist or fund-raiser minister, Adejumo is in the habit of telling her congregants or her host worshipers that it is the Holy Spirit that ministered it to her heart and not the host pastor, that the congregants should come out and donate certain amount of monies which range from a million Naira to $1000 (One Thousand Dollars) which in most cases is her standard price tag, asking them to drop such monies for a miracle of fortune, wealth or good luck to come their way.

Her manners are often rude and if not insolent as she barks or calls at the vulnerable congregants to ‘come out fast, fast, fast’ and in some instances, she will add ‘I don’t beg people to give o’. She either attach such unusual money taking exercise from the congregants to ‘raising of altars for your children’ or ‘money for next level’ and other nice to hear breakthroughs. And in many cases, she admonishes her ‘new converts’ to drop their account numbers with the host ministry or command them to take the ministry’s account number and pay; or better still asks for POS machines for instant money transfer. Her style is always pragmatic and without giving a chance to her ‘victims’ for thinking before acting.

She has become a victim of criticism from various section of the Christian community home and abroad including few respected men of God like Reverend Yomi Kasali. In this new video, Prophet MKO Tibetan, a gifted prophet and one of the few voices that is against church imperialism in Nigeria said Funke Adejumo is not being led by the Holy Spirit but by ‘aiding and abetting’. The Prophet who just returned from a trip to Canada, France, London and Dublin was quite angry with Reverend Adejumo’s act that he decided to consult the Holy Bible and reeled out some Bible verses to knock out her obnoxious money grabbing antics from vulnerable Christians.
Some of the Bible Quotations Prophet Tibetan used in knocking off Reverend (Mrs.) Funke Felix-Adejumo’s money grabbing tendencies are 2nd Corinthians 8:12-14, 2nd Corinthians 12:14-18 and Mark 8:1-10 among other Biblical references to educate and liberate vulnerable believers from the antics of prayer/faith selling agents. You will find the video interesting and educating.

Lasisi Elenu: Nobody is allowed to own a property for life because after 100 years, the government would take it from you by Ukpono Etuk

Popular comedian, Lasisi Elenu, speaks to JOY MARCUS about his unforgettable trip to the United Arab Emirates
How often do you travel?
I like travelling but I never get to travel frequently because I tend to procrastinate a lot.
Where did you visit recently?
I visited UAE, a country in the Middle East in February this year.
What are some of the things you can remember about UAE?
I can remember everything because it was memorable. The country is quite unique because there are skyscrapers everywhere. Seeing the number of skyscrapers is everything because the beauty of a place is just what makes the country unique. I also learnt a few things about the country. I went to Abu Dhabi and Deirabut and I spent a lot of time in Dubai. The tour guide took us round and told us historic things about the country and how it came about its wealth.
I got to know that tourism is one of the biggest sources of income in Dubai while in Abu Dhabi, it is crude oil. There was a beach we went to that we were  told is artificial because it was once a deserted island.   It was exciting for me to see so many beautiful things in the UAE. I was shocked to see a barber’s on a skyscraper because in Nigeria, they are usually located on the  ground floor. They also have very strict rules in the country like you should not litter the road and visitors cannot become citizens of the country. Also, nobody is allowed to own a property for life because after 100 years, the government would take it from you; foreigners cannot live in the country if they are above 65 years old. Education is free at all levels except for foreigners.
Would you like to go back there?
Yes. With all the beautiful memories and fun that I had, who wouldn’t want to go back? What really impressed me about the country is that it took  just a few years to become what it is now.
Did you enjoy their food?
For the first few days, I suffered because I had not discovered where African food was being sold. I tried some of their food but I didn’t like them because I am very selective when it comes to food. Even with our Nigerian foods, I just have a few favourite dishes so imagine me having to eat their food. It was a terrible experience. Some of their food smell funny and I don’t know what they put in it. A friend of mine who had visited the country before then told me where I could get African food.
Did you visit any interesting place while on your trip?
Yes, I went to a place called Gravity, and some places that I can’t remember their names. I also went on an outing with a couple of friends who live there and those who came to visit. I had to stay back for a friend who was coming down to the country. He felt that it would be less interesting if I was not there so I extended my stay so he could meet me there.
How did you change your naira to their currency?
I changed some money there but I finished everything I had and I was stranded. UAE is a country where you will always spend and buy things but I told a friend who was coming to the country to bring me some dollars. When he arrived, the money he brought also got finished. So, we looked for how to change money and someone told us that there were people who change money. So,it was easy because all I had to do was change money from my naira account and they give me dollars or dirham. It was preferable to collect the money in dirham so that we won’t have to change from dollars to dirham. All I had to do was to transfer from my local account into their Nigerian account and they give me the equivalent sum.
Did you have any regrets?
The only regret was that when I came back my account was in a sorry state. I had to face reality when I returned to Nigeria. For some of the things I purchased in Dubai, my account was debited two weeks after I returned to Nigeria.
How was your inflight experience?
The flight took about seven hours because it was a big plane. The passengers that were next to me left and right were Asians but I couldn’t tell where they were from. I didn’t like the food I was served because it had a very funny smell. While I was getting disgusted that I didn’t get my normal Nigerian meal, they were taking the food and enjoying themselves but they were so cool. They were super excited and I think they were friends because they had a lot of things to talk about and it sounded interesting though I didn’t understand a thing, I just looked at them.
Do they like Nigerians?
Yes of course. When I go out, I chat with cab drivers and they express their love for Nigerians. The population of Nigerians there is huge. Whenever I tell them that I am a Nigerian, they chat with me about the happenings in the country.
Where would you visit next?
I think France and Spain. I like those two countries.
What is your best travel advice?
When you travel, enjoy yourself. Don’t do what will cause you to be imprisoned. However, I heard that their jail is good because while one is there,you get paid. I don’t know if they pay foreigners as well.

Couple of the Month

Couple of the Month
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Big Brother Naija 2019 - Dance Time

Big Brother Naija 2019 - Game Time

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