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Mourinho On Pogba Row: No Player Is Bigger Than Man Utd by Ukpono Etuk

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has insisted that "no player is bigger than the club" while addressing a reported bust-up with Paul Pogba.
The 55-year-old was speaking ahead of United's trip to the London Stadium on Saturday to face West Ham United in the Premier League after a turbulent week for the club.
Widespread reports in the media on Wednesday suggested that Mourinho had engaged in a row with Pogba regarding his negative comments about the team after last Saturday's disappointing 1-1 draw with Wolves.
The 25-year-old playmaker lost his role as vice-captain as a result and was left out of the Red Devils' stunning penalty shootout Carabao Cup defeat against Derby County.
Mourinho revealed his stance on the issue in Friday's pre-match press conference, as he told reporters: "No player is bigger than the club and if I'm happy with his work, he plays. If I'm not happy, he doesn't play.
"Manchester United is bigger than anyone and I have to defend that."
The United boss then went on to clarify exactly why he dropped Pogba as the team's backup captain, stating that the decision was made purely for tactical reasons.
“I explain in a very detailed way to the people that have to know in detail, which is the squad and especially Paul, so Paul and the other players in the squad know in detail the reason why myself and my coaching staff, we decided to do that,” Mourinho added.
“I always analyse a player as a player. When a player is captain, I analyse the player by the player and captain perspective, and after weeks of analysing and changing opinions with my coaching staff, we made the decision Paul is just a player and not a captain.
“Decision made. I informed the player and the players. When I was asked after the match on Tuesday, I confirmed my decision and now I'm confirming it again. It’s the end of the story."
The enigmatic tactician continued by pre-empting the next bout of questions from his audience, shedding more light on his relationship with the France international by saying: "I can anticipate more questions by saying the relationship of player and manager is good.
"It's not anymore a relationship of a captain, or one of the captains, and a manager. It's just a player-manager relationship. Some players trained as well as him but not better than him, and he'll play tomorrow, so end of story."
Nevertheless, Mourinho refused to reveal what he said to provoke Pogba's reaction.
"No, I cannot tell you," he added. "The training session was open, you had some cameras with potential to get some of the words.
"Maybe you have to change that potential if you want to know everything, because I'm not going to comment."
It was put to Mourinho the whole episode had caused disruption in the lead-up to a potentially tricky match at West Ham, though he insisted disagreements are part of the job, before telling the assembled media to forget the possibility of ever having access to full training sessions.
"Disruptive? I think for you it was amazing, because you made a story, an incredible story out of 15 minutes of open training session," he added.
"Maybe it is your fault [United's press officer] … what happened the other day happens many days, conversations with players I have many, many, many times.
"It was not the case, but loud criticism, loud instructions happen every day. Coaching is about that, but you make a story about it.
"So, I'm happy the rules are only 15 minutes once a month and situations like that are not going to change, there is no chance you will watch a [full] session."

Beautiful Art Works In The World by Ukpono Etuk


Osinbajo Meets With Lagos APC Governorship Aspirant, Sanwo-Olu by Ukpono Etuk

The meeting held on Saturday in the Ikoyi area of the state.

The Vice President also met with some party faithful during his visit to the nation’s commercial capital.
Sanwo-Olu will challenge incumbent Governor Akinwunmi Ambode at the APC governorship primary elections for the party’s ticket.


Landlord Or Tenants: Who Is To Fix Damaged Water Pump Machine? By Ukpono Etuk

On Sunday, 1 April 2018. A meeting was organized by the landlord of the house where I live. He mandated us (each tenants) to contribute 2,500 Naira for the repairs of the damaged machine. I'm hell-bent on not contributing a dime because it's the responsibility of the landlord to fix anything that concerns the house. I stand to be corrected and will change my mind if I am wrong hence, the reason for seeking opinions here. NOTE: this is not the first time we would be contributing money to fix one thing or the other, pumping machine today, tomorrow it would be transformer issue..And I PAY MONTHLY FOR OUR BOREHOLE WATER oo

See Reasons Why APC Will Win In Akwa Ibom State by Ukpono Etuk


Minimum wage: Labor begins nationwide strike today by Ukpono Etuk

The nation wide strike announced by the Nigeria Labour Congress on Tuesdy September 25th, begins today, Thursday September 27th. 

The president of the labor union, Ayuba Wabba, announced the resolve for all labour unions to go on a natinwide strike after a deadlock meeting with the Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, in Abuja on Wednesday. The meeting was about implementing the new minimum wage for publi servants.
''In compliance with this mandate, all workers and private sector at all levels across the country have been directed to comply. All public and private institutions, offices, banks, schools, public and private business premises, including filling station, are to remain shut till further notice,” Wabba said at a news conference in Abuja on Wednesday.

The workers are demanding a new minimum wage of about N50,000 from the current national minimum wage of N18,000.

37-year-old man sent to prison for allegedly defiling two daughters by Ukpono Etuk

An Igbosere Magistrates’ Court has remanded a 37-year-old man, Suleman Usman for allegedly defiling two of his daughters.
The Prosecutor, Sgt. Friday Mameh, told the court that Usman defiled his 8 and 5-year-old daughters at his No. 2, Balle St., Apapa, Lagos residence.
According to the prosecutor, the accused on several occasions had sexual intercourse with the two girls.
He said Usman’s wife caught him and reported the case at the Igbosere police station, which led to his arrest.
The prosecutor said the offence contravened Sections 261 and 263 (1) (2) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.
The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.
After listening to the prosecutor, the Magistrate, Mrs M. F. Onamusi, ordered that the accused be remanded in prison.
She also ordered that the case file be duplicated and forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.

Here are Five Dishes You Can Make With Plantain by Ukpono Etuk

Everything you need to live well

Known in Nigeria as dodo and cooking bananas in some parts of the West, this major source of carbohydrates can also be used as a side dish or main dish. Not only does it have a sweet taste, it has a wide variety of options of what they can be turned into:
Here are a few:

Go regular
This regular consists of roasted plantain (boli) or fried plantain. This is a good option for your Sunday rice, beans or breakfast with custard or a quick lunch with groundnuts. They are simple and super-fast to make.

Go for a sandwich
Yes, you can make sandwiches out of plantains, all you have to do is, fry your plantain slices, flatten them till you have a thick amount for both ends and fill with any filling of your choice such as egg, cheese, vegetables, and even hot dog.

Go with meat
This is a combination of Gizzard and Dodo which is termed as Gizdodo. To make this, cut your plantain and Gizzard in small bits and fry with seasonings of your choice.

Have a plantain pizza
This is delicacy is definitely making a lot of waves and all you need is your plantain with lots of egg. You could either fry or bake your sliced plantain, put them into a whisked bowl of egg filled with seasoning, meat or chicken, and some veggies then fry or bake for 10-15 minutes.

Go local
Something good comes from overripe plantain rather than throwing them away. Just the way you make your beans moi moi, you could also make plantain moi moi and enjoy it.


Couple reveal herbs that treat staphylococcus, syphilis, gonorrhea and related infections by Ukpono Etuk

 I and my husband suffered and battled with staphylococcus infection for so many years; it affected my marriage and really ate into our finances. We were unable to sustain tangible savings due to frequent purchase of medicines and regular hospital visits. The infection affected our health so much that we suffered painful symptoms including infertility, even though the doctor told us that staphylococcus, sometimes doesn’t really cause infertility especially if it has not been residing in the body for long. I suffered from severe itching and discharges while my husband suffered from unpleasant discharges and worm-like movements in some parts of his body. I also had painful and odd coloured periods. 

My doctor recommended a very powerful antibiotic and also placed both of us on some injections. But despite all this recommendations and close monitoring, we did not get desired results. All our invested efforts, money and time yielded no result, instead the infection was going back and forth. There were times we thought it was all over only for the symptoms to resurface after a few months and at a point we almost lost all hopes, especially after I read online that staphylococcus aureus and ecoli are two of the most common infections affecting couples in Nigeria with high resistance to antibiotics. 

We kept visiting hospitals and doctors until I met a health expert, Mr Charles Ogbonna, who recommended a herbal treatment that has helped some men and women treat infections like staphylococcus, urinary tract, gonorrhea, syphilis and other infections. The herbal remedy is formulated to treat it from the root cause of the problem and put an end to the infection in the body system. I pleaded with my husband to let us give it a trial because he was already tired of the “no desired result” situation we had experienced in the past, the pains and the financial implications. 


Billionaire Businessman, Femi Otedola Spotted With FIFA President In London (Photo) by Ukpono Etuk

Mr Femi Otedola, a Nigerian billionaire businessman, was among the dignitaries who attended FIFA 'The Best Awards' recently.
The highly anticipated award ceremony held in London yesterday saw the emergence of Real Madrid star, Luka Modric, as the new wold best footballer.
While in London, Femi Otedola met with the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, and took time to pose for a snapshot with the man.
Otedola then shared the photo with his fans. He posted it on his Instagram account.
He captioned the photo thus: "An honour to be a special guest of the most powerful man in football. Gianni Infantino, FIFA President... F.Ote"

Uncertainty clouds Facebook’s future over Instagram founders’ exit by Ukpono Etuk

Founders of Instagram, the photo-and-video app that Facebook agreed to buy shortly before its 2012 IPO, are leaving the company. It was reported that the founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, grew frustrated as Facebook impinged on their autonomy, raising concerns over the future of Facebook platform.
Shares fell as much as 2.6 percent at the open and are hovering around the lowest level since April, when the stock was rocked by a data breach scandal. Meanwhile, investors in peer Snap Inc. are taking advantage of Facebook’s woes, sending shares up as much as 5.3 percent.
JPMorgan, tech analyst Douglas Anmuth, says the departures come as a surprise given Instagram’s success and its importance to Facebook; notes Instagram has played a key role in retaining younger users within Facebook platforms and in competing with Snap Anmuth expects shares to see “meaningful pressure” in the near term; speculates the departures could be related to Facebook management “pushing Instagram hard for both user growth and monetization”
Having the Instagram founders walk out the door — shortly after the WhatsApp founders grew frustrated and did the same — does not project the image of a Facebook on sure footing.
The company also seems to have been initially caught off guard by the news of the Instagram founders’ departure, first reported by the New York Times on Monday night. It took the company a little while to issue a bare-bones public statement. Again, the time lag does not project, “We got this.”But the blow to Facebook is far more than optics. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, made a claim recently that Instagram grew far faster under Facebook’s corporate umbrella than it could have if Instagram had stayed an independent company.
Bloomberg Intelligence, Jitendra Waral and Sean Handrahan note that Instagram is “key for offsetting Facebook’s growth concerns” amid rising regulatory risks, so the resignations of the platform’s co-founders raise uncertainty on the monetization timeline and execution.The departures may also drag on Facebook’s near-term revenue-growth expectation, as they added that there might be possible margin compression at Facebook in the second half of the year as spending picks up on efforts to improve data quality and support its WhatsApp and Messenger platforms.


Too Tragic! Lady's Leg Crushed By Truck On Her Way To Work In Enugu (Photos) by Ukpono Etuk

A young lady is currently battling for her life at the hospital after her leg was crushed by a truck yesterday as she was on her way to work.

According to multiple online reports, the lady took a bike to get to work in the morning, but she never made it there. 

On the way, a truck rammed into the motorcycle, crushing the lady's leg in Enugu state.

A Facebook user and eyewitness identified as Patrick Austin, who shared the story on social media, did not reveal the condition of the bike rider. 

He added that the wounded lady was rushed to a hospital.

Five Steps To Achieving A Flat Tummy by Ukpono Etuk

Everything you need to live well
Sometimes, we find that, despite the work out routine, number of times we go to the gym, we end up battling with belly fat and wondering why it doesn’t all just go away. It is never really just about doing a high number of sit-ups, what you take in affects the outlook of your belly.
Here is a list of foods you should be wary of:

Avoid soda water and soft drinks

This is a common mistake that we all make. We like to take a chill soda when the weather is hot. Being soda-free would definitely go a long way to see that your tummy turns out the way it should.

Salt and salty foods

The more sodium we consume, the more fluid we retain which gives rise to the bloating. But the truth is, Nigerian dishes have a considerable amount of salt in them, look for suitable alternatives or cook with less salt.

Junk food

Irrespective of the fact that they always there, and sometimes only when on the go, endeavour to eat more proper meals. As junk food is highly unhealthy and made of flour and sugar.

Say no to fufu and pounded yams

We tend to eat these traditional meals in excess which is not advisable for those who desire a flat tummy. This is because they are high in carbohydrate and contain excess calories.


This helps with ease of bowel movements and help shrink belly fat. They could also serve as a good alternative to salty foods.

Sweet potatoes and Plantains

As you enjoy the variety that can come out of this dish, you also get to see a reduction in your tummy.

Cucumber and Watermelon

Fruits are always reliable. From these two, you could enjoy their high water content that aids your digestion and relatively low sugar that is good for you.

Snoop Dogg welcomes his first granddaughter at 46 by Ukpono Etuk

Rapper Snoop Dogg has welcomed his first granddaughter at the age of 46.

The American rap legend posted a cute video clip of his first granddaughter on Monday. 

The rapper already has a grandson name Zion Kalvin, and now his son Corde Broadus is a father for the second time, but this time he gets a baby girl giving Snoop his first granddaughter.

He shared the happy news with the caption: “My 1st granddaughter lovely day be blessed Y’all,”
And in the video, The second-time grandpa can be heard saying, “Look at this beautiful little baby right here…Mama, daddy, y’all did an amazing job. Hey baby.”

Udom : Winning with workers by Ukpono Etuk

BESIDES massive construction and rehabilitation of roads, as well as  rehabilitation of hospitals, one other area that has distinguished Governor Udom Emmanuel among most incumbent state governors across the country is his ability to pay regular salaries and monthly pensions despite paucity of funds occasioned by the recession.

This explains the cordial relationship between government andworkers  in the state unlike several other states where workers continue to threaten work-to-rule due to non- payment of backlog of salaries, and even pensions.
Indeed, many are of the view that the governor’s ability to pay  off  10 years unpaid gratuity within one year of his inauguration was a landmark. Indeed, his predecessor  failed to address the issue for eight years.
Little wonder therefore during a recent media chat, the Head of Civil Service, Mrs. Ekereobong Akpan was confident that workers and indeed, Akwa Ibom people, will return this good deed by a massive  vote for Emmanuel in 2019
She said: “There are so many instances to count. If a leader assumes office and then notices that some people were left out for over 10 years without being paid their gratuities and without prompting, clears the entire outstanding, I think that leader has the interest of the workers at heart. And if that same leader within the period of recession, instead of downsizing, he continues to employ, I think he has the interest of the people and the workers at heart.
“If a leader with or without federal allocation, pays salaries between the 25th and 27th of every month to workers and one week after, pays retirees; he has the interest of the workers at heart. In Akwa Ibom State, even when you are not promoted, you are not denied your  yearly increment.
“In Akwa Ibom State, we have rules. Every January, if you have not reached the bar of your grade level, you are given your increment. If you are promoted, your next grade level should not be less than your annual increment. In this state, if in January you are given your increment and then you are promoted in that same year, your placement will be determined by the increment you enjoyed one or two months earlier.”
She was quick to admit, however, that the state government is only owing gratuities from where it had stopped, even though it is not peculiar to the state, noting that many states of the federation are faced with similar challenges of payment of workers or gratuities to retirees.
“For a state like ours that has not joined the contributory pension scheme, it’s still a problem. For those that have joined, they have backlogs of those  who retired before now,” she said.
“Government does not owe any person in perpetuity. Salaries are paid including SUBEB – primary school teachers  and local government staff. If a worker comes out to say he/she is owed salary, I would ask the worker just as I asked the young man I referred to earlier. There must be something wrong if a worker is not paid. He has probably not been cleared. Until we clear you, we can’t pay you.
“I remember when I came on board,  arrears of people to be promoted included 2012, 2013 and 2014 and such persons were duly promoted.
“When this administration came on board, they were over 10,000 of them, they were promoted, and I have record to show that we have been paying these people that we promoted.”
She revealed that the state was at an advanced stage of ensuring workers own  houses, adding that a circular to that effect would be out soon with different ministries being alloted specific numbers they should receive applications from.
According to the HOS, the current administration was determined to ensure civil servants own houses which they would be expected to be paying monthly for the  next 15 or 20 years as the case may be.
Akpan stressed:“This is a state where workers and retirees are taken care of. We are working with the salary consultants. If you  retire today, by 12 midnight, your name will be inactive in the integrated payroll and become active in the pension payroll.
The HOS disagreed that workers in the state do not receive entitlements even as she stressed that workers are given their entitlements.
Akpan who said she had been in the know of workers challenges since the creation of the state in 1987 was quick to say that workers would prefer Governor Emmanuel in 2019 given his track record.
Things  have been done to improve this  system over time and we are moving on in all areas – education, agriculture, health, administration and all others.
“This administration has tried within its power to do a lot of things. We have had over 20,000 persons promoted within this period. This is beside junior staff in all our MDAs. This is beside promotions in the judiciary and the extra-ministerial departments and tertiary institutions. You know what that will mean if we were to add all of these together. They all have been promoted. I can give you the details of the arrears that have been paid including people that were employed into the service in 2014 and 2015 and were not paid. All of them have been paid. The last batch is coming up in October payment. This is a state that is still paying leave grants.
“The arrears we are talking about for the newly employed people we had, 2,249 of them, have now been paid close to N1 billion. Most of them have not informed their people that they have received their salaries. If they are  owed one year, they are paid all in one day including the current month. I speak from records that we have,” she  stated.
*Mr. Ekpeneru, a public affairs commentator, wrote from Lagos.

2019: PDP Clears Governor Ishaku As Party’s Candidate by Ukpono Etuk

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has nominated Darius Ishaku as its candidate ahead of the Taraba State governorship election in 2019.
He was nominated after a screening exercise, which took place in Bauchi State on Saturday, after which he was issued a certificate of eligibility to contest for the election.
Ishaku, who is currently governor of the state, thanked the people for the confidence reposed on him.
He became governor in 2015 after defeating the then candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Aisha Alhassan.
He, therefore, promised to do more for the state if re-elected for a second tenure.

See Bedroom Photos Of BBNaija Star, Cee-C And Handsome Man Surface Online by Ukpono Etuk

The ex-Big Brother Naija reality show star recently released some romantic pictures on her instagram page to promote a particular hair company.
Cynthia Nwadiora aka Cee-C teamed up with a model named Royalkennessy Cornelius Michaell for the promotional photoshoot.
Some fans who didn't pay attention to details thought the pictures were her pre-wedding photos.
The controversial young lawyer who is known for her toughness and hard stance, looked elated and full of life during the photoshoot. Commercial brands have been eyeing Cee-C due to her social media popularity. She boasts of over 961,000 followers on Instagram.

2019: What Atiku said about Buhari, APC in Benue by Ukpono Etuk

Former Vice President Abubakar Atikum, on Saturday lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) over restructuring of the country.
He said if elected President in 2019, declaring that his stance on the matter was not a political gimmick.
“I am truly committed to restructuring Nigeria because I believe that its future depends on leaders’ ability to confront the concerns of the people,” he said.
Atiku, who is seeking the PDP ticket to contest the 2019 presidential polls, spoke in Makurdi, when he met with the party’s delegates to the National Convention slated to hold October 6.
“Most segments of the country keep talking about restructuring. We cannot run away from that. We must confront it and tackle it,” he said.
According to him, section 7 (2) of the APC constitution provides for restructuring, fiscal federalism and the rest.
“But, the APC have refused to talk about it because President Buhari doesn’t believe in it. But it is there in their constitution,” he claimed.
Atiku, who decried major concerns like insecurity, poverty and hunger, said that he had gone round the country and had found that there was “total dissatisfaction” with the current government.
“There is nothing to cheer about the economy. Our unity is precarious and our security is deplorable.
“Everybody in the country, the farmers, businessmen and students, appear dissatisfied with the current government.
“That is why those of us who have gone round and have felt the pulse of the people are calling for a change in 2019,” the Wazirin Adamawa said.

Osun State Election : Police confirm arrest of 3 suspects for vote buying by Ukpono Etuk

Osun State Election – The Nigeria Police Force said it has arrested three suspects for vote buying during the Osun governorship election.

The suspects are : Muriat Olalekan, 61,Hamzat Muniru,65 and Adeagbo Wasiu.
A statement by the force spokesman, acting DCP Jimoh Moshood on Saturday in Abuja, said that the suspects were allegedly arrested in the act of vote buying.
Moshood said the arrest followed the deployment of operatives of IGP Monitoring Unit and the Intelligence Response Team of the Force.
The spokesman said that the sum of N720, 000 was recovered from the suspects.
He said investigation into the cases was ongoing and the suspects would be arraigned on completion of investigation.
Alhaji Fatai Akinbade, the governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in the Osun State election, says voting-buying has negatively affected the exercise.
Akinbade spoke to newsmen in Ogbagba after the accreditation and voting exercise.
“ Vote-buying has cast shadows on the governorship election. Vote-buying had taken the shine off the election,’’he said/
However, he commended voters for ensuring a peaceful electoral process.
The former Secretary to the State Government, who voted at his Oba’s Compound, Ward 3, Polling Unit 1 at 10.35am, also said that the nation’s democracy was improving on all fronts.
“By and large, we are inching gradually to a convenient point in our polity.
“ Everybody involved in this election should be commended; the INEC officials, security agents, electorate, politicians and others.
“At least, reported cases of electoral violence are limited, apart from the incidence of vote buying that dotted everywhere while the exercise lasted.
“ We just hope something will be done to it in organised electoral engagements in the future, ” Akinbade said.
The ADC standard bearer appealed to the people of the state to remain peaceful and not promote violence after the release of the result.
However two Civil Society Organisations monitoring the Osun governorship election on Saturday said the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC’s) secret balloting had so far made it impossible for people to openly buy and sell votes.
The Executive Director of YIAGA Africa, Mr Samson Itodo, said that the group was monitoring the election in 250 polling units.
Itodo said that so far,it was obvious that INEC took deliberate steps to ensure that the secrecy of balloting was not compromised .
“There were two things INEC assured the stakeholders of, first was the reconsideration of the polling units, the ballot box and the cubicle would be placed closer to each other.
.“The polling officials were carrying out voter education in the morning, especially on how to roll their ballot papers according to the election guidelines provided by INEC guidelines.
“So, INEC kept to its promise of secret balloting,.however ,there were still some instances where voters intentionally exposed their ballot, in fact one actually happened before me.’’
Itodo encouraged voters to stop doing that, because it would undermine the integrity of the entire electoral process .
He said that at the moment ,the group had not observed any vote buying or selling activity though it was still very premature to state anything .
The National Coordinator, Election Monitor, Mr Abiodun Ajijola, said that he had so far not witnessed nor heard of vote buying during the election .
Ajijola said that things were moving as planned except for one or two issues on card readers where it was not authenticating properly.
He said that a request was made and something was being done about it.
The groups, therefore, commended INEC for the conduct of the exercise, so far.
3,010 Polling Units and 755 Polling Points spread across the three senatorial districts and 30 local governments areas of the state.
NAN also reports that although 48 parties are participating in the election, the frontline candidates are Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC); Ademola Adeleke of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Iyiola Omisore of the Social Democratic (SDP). (NAN)

OsunDecides2018: Journalist escapes death by Ukpono Etuk

Mr Abayomi Akinlolu, a correspondence withGlobal Excellence, Saturday miraculously escaped death in an accident that happened around Steel Rolling Mills area along Osogbo-Ikirun Road.

Osun election – There was high turn out on Saturday as residents of Osun headed to their polling units to vote in the governorship election
Reports have it that the accident was caused by a van belonging to the National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency which swerved off its path.
Akinlolu  who regained consciousness after the accident opined, “I was on my way to Ikirun and I was behind a Hilux van belonging to the National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency.
“Somebody who, they picked, I think a prison official, wanted to alight and the driver of the NDLEA suddenly swerved to my path. In an attempt to avoid colliding with the van, I swerved and the car climbed the median and came down twice.
“I hit my head against the windscreen, the shaft pulled out and the bumper and the vender were badly damaged. My escape was miraculous.
“Two persons that first came asked me where was the driver, I told them that I was the one but they couldn’t believe. I am just lucky to be alive.”

How to identify fake Facebook account by Ukpono Etuk

Facebook is one of the far-reaching networks of the internet and it is used by different kinds of people all over the world. These include good and dubious characters that send you friend requests. However, it is important you know when a suspicious friend request comes  as that might be a scam which may be targeting you. Below are the tips:
*Profile Picture
The first thing you will notice with any suspicious account is the profile picture, if you have any doubt on any  profile picture, just do  reverse search of the image.  For this, save the image on your computer, then go to and click on the camera option (search by image) and then select your image and then Google will check for the image on the web and if you find that image at any other sites like 18+ then you will get to know that the account is fake.

The other major thing to notice is the timeline of the suspect. You will notice, one common thing about all the fake accounts is that they are mostly females but not all female accounts are fake.
The profile picture will be limited from two to three, with only random celebrity image. Therefore, if the person did not update her status and no comments from his/her friend on the status, then probably the account is not genuine. Again, if the about page of the timeline does not give you the desired info, then the account is probably fake, they will only update Spam link on their timeline.
*Profiles with the girls’ faces
Generally, the fake accounts are created with the profile pictures of beautiful girls’ faces, which attract other users to confirm their request and then chat with them. You must beware of such accounts and if you find such, then you must surely back-trace the image with the method given in the first method.
*Birthday on 1st Jan
There are reports that most of the fake accounts that have been detected were having birth date as 1st January which is very common and easy to set for the person creating the fake accounts. So you must beware of such accounts and take proper action if you find such accounts on your friends list.
*Look up user activities
Have a look at the suspect’s activities, if the person is just going to add new friends and had no page liked or any joined group, then it must be a fake account. As the user wants to add as many friends as possible to promote something later.
 *Contact number in girl’s profile
Most of the  girl’s fake profile will have its contact number in the info section of the profile and you know girls hardly give out their numbers in the public easily.

FIFA ranking: Super Eagles improve [See top 10] by Ukpono Etuk

FIFA on Thursday released Nigeria’s latest ranking in global football.
The Super Eagles have now moved one place from 49th position to 48th in the new FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking as Belgium and France share the top spot for the first time in the table’s 25-year history.
According to the rankings posted by FIFA on its official website, the Super Eagles has 1415 points to finish 48th in the month of September.
Belgium had a couple of wins, including victory over Iceland in the inaugural Nations League competition which leveled them with the World Cup champions, Frence, the team that defeated them in the World Cup semi-finals.
Brazil remain in third position ahead of World Cup finalists Croatia, while the only other nation in the top 10 whose position has changed was Denmark, who dropped one place from ninth.
See top 10 below…
1=. Belgium (+1) 1,729 pts
1=. France 1,729
3. Brazil 1,663
4. Croatia 1,634
5. Uruguay 1,632
6. England 1,612
7. Portugal 1,606
8. Switzerland 1,598
9. Spain 1,597
10. Denmark (-1) 1,581

Al-Makura begins probe of ex-Nasarawa govs after 88 months in office by Ukpono Etuk

Governor Umaru Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has set up a 10-man committee to investigate the circumstances that led to the abandonment of the N5.4 billion Farin-Ruwa Independent Power Plant project in the state.
Al-Makura is commencing the probe after seven years and four months in office.
The Farin-Ruwa hydro-electricity power project was awarded in May 2004, by former Nasarawa governor Abdullahi Adamu, while there was an upward review of the cost by Adamu’s successor, Aliyu Doma.
Mohammed Abdullahi, Secretary to the State Government, in a statement on Wednesday in Lafia, said that the committee would be chaired by Mr. Ayuba Ayenajeh, the Commissioner of Finance and Economic Planning.
According to him, the committee will also review the Zimbabwean farmers’ project in Panda, Karu Local Government.
Abdullahi said that the committee would as well review the concession agreement in respect of all state-owned hotels.
He listed the affected hotels to include the New Keffi Hotel, NIPDC Conference Hotel, Lafia, and the Keffi Club.
“The committee is also expected to investigate the role of key government officials in the agreements and ascertain where the state was short-changed.
“More particularly, the committee must fish out government officials who aided, colluded and abetted the defrauding of Nasarawa State and recommend appropriate sanctions.
“It should also recommend ways to prosecute those involved and recover government funds from such actors,’’ the statement said.

Davido's 1st Baby Mama, Sophia Momodu, Shares Alluring Pictures by Ukpono Etuk

Sophia Momodu, the beautiful mother of Davido's first child, Imade, took to her Instagram page to share these photos showing off her really sexy figure as she rocked these decent clothes.
The 32 year old has been rebuilding her Instagram page after reportedly taking down the first one following trolls by social media users during the heat of Davido's romance with Chioma.
Rumours have it that her topnotch lifestyle is being financed by the ace singer as she isn't into anything forthcoming for now.


Ghanaian Actress, Juliet Ibrahim Flaunts Enchanting Curves In New Photos by Ukpono Etuk

Juliet Ibrahim flaunted her lovely stature in her new set of photos.
Juliet Ibrahim's glowing skin remains a plus in her beauty as she never fails to make a good impression when she steps out.

She recently gave her followers a very controversial advice about dating.
"Ladies, if your man cheating on you; dump him and date his father. Make that nigga your step son." she said.

There are rumours that she has parted ways with her hearthrob, Iceberg Slim as the duo haven't been seen together in months.
Juliet Ibrahim is a Ghanaian actress, film producer, singer and humanitarian of Lebanese, Ghanaian and Liberian descent. She won the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards for her role in 4 Play. She is 32.

Lagos Now Among Dirtiest Cities In The World - PSP Operators by Ukpono Etuk

The Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria, popularly known as Public Private Participation, says Lagos State has now become one of the dirtiest cities in the world.
The Vice-Chairman of AWAM, Mr David Oriyomi, who made the assertion on Tuesday in Lagos while speaking with newsmen, said the city had become dirty due to deliberate attempts to relieve the waste managers of their job.
Oriyomi, said that Governor Akinwumi Ambode introduction of the Cleaner Lagos Initiative in 2016, with the intention of a single foreign company known as “Visionscape” to take over the residential waste collection from 350 PSP, led to improper waste management.
According to him, this came as a rude shock to the AWAM as there was no consultation.
“The most disturbing is that if implemented, it would have resulted in massive business closure and majority of our over 25,000 employees would have lost their jobs.
“We made frantic efforts to see and appeal to the governor, but to no avail.
“After various false start dates, the initiative was launched by placing bins indiscriminately across the state with very little provision to evacuate the heaps of waste.
“This was responsible for the increase in the volume of waste on the highways and medians.
“Our city was returned to pre-1999 era and the once celebrated clean city has now become one of the dirtiest cities in the world,” he said.
Oriyomi said that AWAM went to the court to seek redress to protect their investment.
He added that the redress made the foreign company to offer members of AWAM their job back, as a subcontractor with uneconomically and unsustainable terms.
The vice-chairman said that this was outrightly rejected by the waste managers, as they considered it to be economic slavery.
He said that the PSP continued to make desperate appeals to the government, the House of Assembly, Leaders of the APC party and to the National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.
According to him, government has yet to provide waste managers with the bankable agreement that will enable them to make further necessary investment in waste management.
“The government has continued to play lip-service to the issue of dumpsites which remains the major bottleneck to effective waste evacuation.
The environmentalist said that such injustice should not be allowed to continue as the health and well-being of residents of Lagos must be paramount to all.
“It is therefore, with great hope that we welcome the emergence of the new governorship aspirants, particularly of Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu.
“Sanwo-Olu has promised to run a participatory government and resolve the protracted waste crisis facing our beloved state.
“For this reason, we in AWAM have decided to align ourselves with Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu and pledge our full support to him in the forthcoming elections,” he said.
Oriyomi said that the decision was taken in the best interest of the environment.
He said that AWAM remained committed to servicing the great residents of the centre of excellence.
“It is time to clean up our city, we did it before, we are able and willing to actualise the Lagos of our dreams,” the vice-chairman said.

Bank customers’ robber meets waterloo by Ukpono Etuk

Olatunde Adetunji, a 31-year-old member of a notorious armed robbery gang that specializes in robbing bank customers within Ikeja and Isolo areas of Lagos State, has been arrested. He was nabbed by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT).
Also arrested was a 54-year-old woman, Bashirat Akinmushire, a.k.a. ‘Area Mama’, who is a member of a notorious cult group in Isolo. She was also alleged to be a member of the gang.
It was gathered that Adetunji ran into trouble recently when he allegedly led some members of his gang to attack a middle-aged woman on her way to the bank at Opebi area of Ikeja and dispossessed her of her money and mobile phone.
Adetunji was arrested few days later, when the woman, whose identity was not disclosed by detectives, sighted him on Toyin Street Ikeja, while he was planning to rob an unsuspecting passerby. She raised the alarm, which alerted operatives of the IRT who raced to the scene and apprehended Adetunji.
He was said to have confessed during interrogation that members of his gang normally carry out their operation, which includes armed robbery and cult-related killings in Lagos, adding that the guns are normally kept where he resides at Isolo.
Police sources disclosed that in an effort to recover Adetunji’s operational rifle and pistol, he led them to a market in Jakande Low Cost Housing Estate in Isolo, where ‘Area Mama’ was arrested. The said ‘Area Mama’ told operatives during interrogation that the guns were no longer in her possession as she had given them to a senior member of the gang simply known as Junior a.k.a Jungle.
The source added that when ‘Area Mama’ was asked to take the operatives to Jungle’s house, so they could arrest him and recover the guns, she misled them and took them to a wrong location, where she also allegedly attempted to escape.
She was said to have ran into a ditch in the process and sustained injuries, which made the operatives to stop their search for ‘Jungle’. She was eventually taken to the hospital.
When newsmen spoke to Adetunji, he confessed being a member of the gang, explaining that they usually pay ‘Area Mama’ N5,000 whenever she gives the guns to them.
“I am a member of the Eiye confraternity and I joined while I was at the university in Ogun State, but when I dropped out, I came back home to join members of my cult group in Jakande Estate and I discovered that they had already procured an AK-47 rifle and a revolver pistol.
“They told me that they bought the guns from a soldier and they usually kept them at Area Mama’s shop, who is also a member of our cult group. She usually hides the gun at the back of her shop where she sells pepper and tomatoes. She would cover the bag of the guns with basket and sacks.
“We have used guns on several operations and we use to give her N5000 after every operation, but the main job we do with the guns is to fight our opponent who are rival cult members.”
But ‘Area Mama’ in her own statement, noted that Adetunji and ‘Jungle’ forced her to keep the guns for the group because she is a member of their group and she also took oaths to keep their secrets.
“I took an oath when I joined the group but I didn’t know that they will assign the duty of keeping their guns to me. I tried to protest against keeping the gun for them but they threatened to kill me. Because of the oath we took together, I could not tell anyone that I was keeping guns for the group. They use to come for it whenever they have an operation but I don’t know what they use to do with the guns and after each operation they will give me N5,000.
“However, few months ago, Jungle came and collected the guns and he is yet to return it to me. I have tried taking the police to his house but we didn’t find him in the house,” she stated. 

CBN works out more strategies to lift farmers from poverty by Ukpono Etuk

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Monday gave indications that more strategies aimed at uplifting rural farmers from poverty would be designed as part of its corporate social responsibility to the society.
CBN’s Development Finance Officer, (DFO) Ado Ekiti office, Mr Sowunmi Sogunle disclosed at a 5-Day Training on Agricultural Value Chains Upgrade Services for National, Regional and Global Competitiveness, in Ado Ekiti.
The training was organided by the Nigeria Incentive-Based Risk Sharing  System for Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL), an offshoot of CBN.

According to Sogunle, the problems facing the average Nigerian farmer in the remote village is of paramount concern to the bank.
“NIRSAL plays a key role in CBN intervention programmes, including the Anchor Borrowers Programme, which focused at small holder farmers in rural communities.
“This is being done in order to boost their production, create employment and boost the Gross Domestic Product.
“NIRSAL, through us, has done quite a lot for the agricultural Value-Chain in Nigeria by reaching out to the rural communities to create awareness on agricultural practice and opportunities.
“This has helped reduce financial exclusion in their areas,” he said.
Project Monitoring, Reporting and Recommendation Officer of NIRSAL in Ekiti State, Mr Ayo Ashade, also observed that the principal factors destroying farmers’ fortunes in the country was poor attitude of consumers to locally grown foods especially rice.
He enjoined farmers to cultivate the habit of forming themselves into groups or cooperatives so as to benefit more from government programmes and policies initiated for thier upliftment.
According to him, the goal of NIRSAL is to trigger an agrucultural industrialisation process through increased production and processing of greater part of what is produced on the farm to boost economic earnings.


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