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4 Easy Ways To Wrap A Gift

It’s the season of Christmas, joy and gifts. Wrapping a gift brings the element of intrigue and an indicator of a thoughtfulness to the receiver of the gift.

Imagine how you feel when you received a wrapped parcel. Not everyone has gift wrapping skills.

Below are helpful tips to help you wrap the perfect gift for your loved one:

Put the gift in a box

It is easier to wrap a well-structured gift. The shape of a box makes it easy for even a beginner to achieve the wrapped gift look.

Measure the gift wrapper

Try to measure the wrapper against the gift box before you begin cutting the gift wrapper. After measuring the wrapper, cut the gift wrapper to the desired size of the gift.

Wrap the gift

Spread the gift wrapper on the table and put the gift in an upside down position on the paper. Wrap the wrapper around the gift and use tape to hold it at the hem.

Make a ribbon

Create a bow by using a cloth material. Loop the bow material around the already wrapped gift and tie both ends at the centre of the gift. Retie the two ends to form a bow.

You can always buy an already made bow from a store and pin it to the wrapped gift.


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