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Selfie Quadcopter Conquers—Takes Nigeria by Storm...


Did you know a new Nigeria selfie trend has taken off worldwide?
Phone selfies are a thing of the past. The truth is, people are bored of taking phone selfies...
At first you had your standard phone selfie, after that the 'selfie stick', and now selfies have evolved to a whole new level!
Before anyone knew what was happening, thousands of people in Nigeria started uploading jaw dropping selfies from every angle. These selfies went viral over social media and soon everyone wanted in! 
It did not take long before this new type of selfie went viral worldwide! 

What is it?

It’s the brand new Drone X Pro, a breakthrough in drone technology that's made so that anyone can fly it with ease. It's makes taking breathtaking selfies fun and easy! 

Two German engineers found that drones were heavy and hard to travel with.
So, they put their heads together and designed an ultra-compact, lightweight drone, with all the benefits of a top HD model.
The Drone X Pro is born—it’s easy to control, stable and it can live-stream and record to your phone.
People starting using it to take 'the ultimate selfies' - the results are astonishing...

How does Drone X Pro work?

We were surprised by how fast and easy it was to get up and running! Start by installing an app (just scan the QR code in the manual). It’s take just minutes.
After that, just install the battery in your drone and launch the app. You’re now ready to fly your Drone X Pro!
Here's the best part: flying is extremely easy. Flying the drone is smooth and natural as riding a bike. Our friend's son came over the office, and he figured how to fly the drone in just minutes. It’s remarkable how stable and smooth the controls are!

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