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Buhari: ‘Christians Supported Me More Than Muslims In My Time Of Need’

Why I Shunned 2019 Presidential Debate - APC's Buhari
Some Nigerians who defend their acts of injustice with ethnicity and religion have been condemned by President Muhammadu Buhari.
Buhari made this known when he hosted the staff who worked with him during his tenure as military head of state between 1984 and 1985.
Buhari described the act as “ just corruption, pure and simple”.
He said those who supported and defended him at the courts in 2003, 2007, and 2011 election tribunals were Christians from the south and those who were against him were Muslims from the north.
“I was recently forced to talk to somebody I respect a lot about Nigeria. I said in 2003, when I started out, complaints about presidential election used to start from the Court of Appeal.
“The president of the court then was my classmate in secondary school for six years. Himself, myself and Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, were classmates,” the statement read.
My lawyer, Mike Ahamba, was Roman Catholic and an Ibo man. My first witness was in the box. Ahamba said he needed the register of voters in certain constituencies and states to prove that votes were just allocated, and not true reflection of what existed in the constituencies. He asked them to record his request and sign. They did so.
“When they came to give judgment later, the matter was not mentioned at all. In the panel was another Roman Catholic and Ibo, who raised his hand and said, this is what Buhari’s lawyer had said. Did we write to those constituencies and states to submit the register? If so, why is it not in the judgment? They just shut him up. He had to write a minority judgment. Of course, he’s now our Ambassador in United States of America.
“I petitioned the Supreme Court. Who was the Chief Justice? A Muslim, probably a Fulani, from Zaria. After 27 months, we went. Ahamba addressed the court for 2 hours and 45 minutes. They went in, came out after about 45 minutes, and said they were proceeding on vacation the next day. They were away for three months, making it 30 months in all. When they came back, they dismissed the case within 45 minutes.
In 2007, they repeated the same thing. Who was the Chief Justice? A northerner and Muslim. After 18 months, they dismissed the case.
“The third time, who was CJ? A Muslim, Fulani man from Jigawa. After 8 months, he dismissed the case. This bloody nonsense about Nigeria on ethnicity and religion is just corruption, pure and simple. Wherever we find ourselves, let’s pray to God that we maintain our faith. That’s all we have.
“I try to do my best, and pray to God to help me. May God Almighty give us the ways and means to continue to do our best for the country. Whatever religion we follow, let’s do it seriously, as finally, we would appear before God. Whether we believe it or not, it will happen. So, we better continue to behave ourselves.”

INEC Denies Postponing Elections In Some Parts Of The Country

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared that elections will not be postponed because of parties yet to resolve candidacy issues.
The electoral body added and confirmed as earlier reported by Humbsblog  that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will not participate in elections in Rivers State.
INEC Commissioner, Festus Okoye, who made this known today said the commission is acting based on a court ruling.
The Independent National Electoral Commission acts on the basis of existing facts. “The facts on the ground as of today is that the Federal High Court Porthacourt Judicial division, delivered two judgements and said that the APC will not participate in the elections and that the logo of the APC or any of the candidates of the APC will not appear on the ballot papers on election day and INEC has fully complied with this particular directive,” he said during an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics.
Okoye also stated that in cases where there are disputes, the commission has abided with court rulings and will only change its position if there is a contrary ruling from a higher court.
Furthermore, he stated that it has no plans to postpone elections in any part of the country, contrary to claims in some quarters.
If anything arises as we proceed towards the 2019 elections, we will deal with that particular eventuality. “But as at today, the reality is that the APC will not participate in the elections, the elections will go on and it won’t be postponed.


Melaye Released From Custody, Sues The Police

Embattled Kogi senator, Dino Melaye has been released from police custody and has immediately filed a suit against the Nigerian Police.
The granted bail to the lawmaker was on health grounds.
In his ruling, Yusuf Halilu, the judge, said Melaye should be allowed to attend to his health as he could not be arraigned on a stretcher or on his hospital bed.
Halilu ordered the senator to present three sureties who reside and have properties in Abuja, emphasizing that one of the sureties must be the clerk of the national assembly who would write provide a letter attesting that Melaye will always be available for trial.

ASUU: President Buhari Orders Ngige To End Strike

Why I Shunned 2019 Presidential Debate - APC's Buhari
Why I Shunned 2019 Presidential Debate - APC's Buhari President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the Minister of of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, to do all in his power to end the ongoing industrial action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).  Ngige made the order of the president known during the resumption of negotiation with the leadership of ASUU on Monday.  Mr. Rhoda Illiya, the Assistant Director, Press at the ministry, said that President Buhari has mandated the minister to put to an end the three month strike.  “Mr President has directed me to pass the night here until all issues that have kept our children away from school are resolved and the strike called off.  “The president has also directed me to impress upon you, the imperative of little sacrifice from all sides, knowing fully well that the revenue of the Federation has dwindled from what it was before the present administration assumed office,” Ngige said.  He said Buhari was concerned by the prevailing crisis in the university system, reason for his steady commitment to a “holistic approach to tackling the rot through adequate funding, notwithstanding the dwindling accruals.

Nigerian Man Escapes Death: GOD DELIVERED ME TODAY

Nigerian man escapes death yesterday on his way back home. He is identified as"New Trinity". Here what he says

" I was driving at top speed about 110km when my two back tires pulled out, I lost control of the steer and the car started squirling along the highway till it landed me in a thickbush just opposite the electric poll."

"No single scratch on the car nor myself. This I'm sure it's God and just God alone."

See his post below;


Let's start with our dr President😀😀 This is really change😂😂 The God I'm serving is really wonderful😂😂😂 #10yearschallenge - Nigerian Man Says

Nigerian man identified as Rhay Conn has got himself trending on social media, showing 10yearschallenge of Nigerian President, President Buhari: from 2008 - 2018.

Serena Williams knocks out world’s number 1, Simona Halep, to reach her 12th Australian Open quarterfinal

Serena Williams knocks out world's number 1, Simona Halep, to reach her 12th Australian Open quarterfinal

Serena Williams has beat world’s number 1 Simona Halep to reach the quarter-finals of the 2019 Australian Open. Serena Williams, 37, sat out last year’s Australian Open after giving birth to her daughter months earlier and suffering health complications. Since returning to the tour, Williams has reached the past two Grand Slam finals, losing both.

On Monday, the mother-of-one outlasted Simona Halep at Melbourne Park and won the fourth round match with a 6-1 4-6 6-4 victory.
Speaking on court, Williams said:
It was a really intense match, some incredible points. I love playing tennis, I love this court and it’s really cool to be back out here playing.
I really needed to elevate my game and there’s a reason why. She’s a great player. I had to just play a little bit like I knew I could and I did, and I think hopefully that was the difference.
I’m such a fighter, I never give up. There’s definitely something that’s innate.
Serena will now make her way through to the quarter-final where she will meet Czech Karolina Pliskova.

Many students thought I was strict, too serious –Sule, first-class graduate of JABU

Image result for Miss Tolulope Sule
Miss Tolulope Sule graduated from the Department of Accounting, Joseph Ayo Babalola University in Osun State with a first-class degree and a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.61 in the 2017/2018 academic session. She tells LEKE BAIYEWU about her educational journey
How would you describe your background?
I grew up with my disciplinarian parents in Lagos State. I am the first child and I have two sisters. I am a native of Ekiti State and I’m a Christian.
Have you always wanted to study Accounting?
No! I never wanted to study Accounting; I wanted to study Electrical Engineering. However, I lost my dad in July 2014 while I was still seeking admission into Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State or polytechnics. When he died, I felt my chance of going to a tertiary institution was slim because he had spent so much on his health and there was obviously no inheritance. I got baptised in my church on November 16, 2014, and it is a date I will never forget. On that day, I met Mr Remi Oyekola in the church and after a short discussion about my good (O level) results, he asked me to choose one out of three private universities: Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State; Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State; and Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State. He said I had to read either Medicine or Accounting, being an Accountant himself. He said I should make a decision before the following Sunday and also come along with my mother.
During the week, I couldn’t keep calm because of the big offer. Fortunately, JABU was the only school where new students had not matriculated, so I could still get admitted. During that week, I also concluded that I could not study Accounting because I was doing sciences and I didn’t have foundational knowledge of social sciences. On the other hand, I didn’t like Medicine because of blood and biological experiments. So, I didn’t make any decision. When I saw him again, I shared my feelings with him and he suggested that I should study Accounting. Whichever course, my poor mother couldn’t control her excitement. We were so overwhelmed and she wanted me to go to a university, irrespective of the course offered because my younger sister had gained admission into the University of Lagos to study CiviI Engineering. I am very grateful  to God and to Mr Oyekola and his family because he practically gave me a future. I do not regret choosing Accounting.
Would you attribute your attainment of a first-class degree to providence or did you set out to achieve the goal?
I did not plan to have a first-class degree. In fact, I never had a plan for my life but I’m very sure that God promised me a first-class degree. I got this promise on a particular night but I doubted it deep down in my heart. It did not seem feasible because I was having a tough time understanding the course, considering the fact that I resumed so late. However, God gave me a good start: the first day I attended class, we took a mathematics test. I was new but I did it and scored 6 out of 10; I had the highest score. So, the lecturer looked for me and in the course of doing that, some of my course mates realised I was new. They asked me to explain an assignment in Accounting to them. I didn’t know it but I didn’t tell them that, so I asked them to come the following weekend because I was still busy with registration. During the week, I studied the textbook and I began to love the course. It was very easy and practical because I love calculations. By that weekend, I was prepared but no one came to me. Till now, they have yet to come.
I began to yearn for the course, I began to read about it and I understood every single concept. My first GPA was 4.43 and I wanted more! So, that was how God motivated me to do well. I have now discovered that everyone loves success but needs a little motivation and assurance.
As an undergraduate, how many hours did you actually spend reading in a day?
As an undergraduate with a goal in mind, I spent just eight hours reading daily. To me, it was never enough because I always had bulky materials to read. Even if the course was a brief one, I would make it bulky by gathering other materials. An average student in the school thought I was strict, too serious and unfriendly.
The eight-hour study would not be done at a stretch. I read for three hours in the night and I took it very seriously. It was a ‘policy’ for me to study between 12am and 3am; I must be awake to study ahead. Night was for studying ahead, using the course scheme as a guide and during the day, I would revise what we had been taught in class between 5pm and 7pm. It took me two hours to read up all we’d been taught in a day because I had used the previous night to tackle the course. So, the lecturer just makes me understand better and every class feels like a rehearsal. I also read in the morning between 7am and 8am. This makes a total of eight hours daily, which is usually extended during weekends.
Did you read like that when you were in primary and secondary schools?
No, I did not have any excellent performance before I got to the university. I always had an average of 65 per cent academic performance. However I can boldly say that if I was diligent, I would have done better in my previous schools. One major incident I remember happened when I was leaving secondary school. I did not receive any prize for academic excellence. I was disappointed that after a six-year journey, all I could take home was a prize for being the Chapel Prefect. So, during the ceremony, tears rolled down my eyes as I saw a father jubilating because his son was the best student. My mum sat beside my sick dad, watching the whole drama. I’m sure my dad wasn’t happy.
Deep in my childish heart, I made a decision to do excellently well in the university, even to the extent of being rewarded with awards. However, I had forgotten about the decision because my father’s death and the situations around it had saturated my reasoning. I needed to be brought back on track and God reminded me in the form of a promise. But yes, if I hadn’t worked hard too, I wouldn’t have made a first-class degree.
 How often did you use the library in school?
Throughout my undergraduate days, I visited the library five times, maybe to get a very important textbook that was not in PDF format (soft copy). I’m not a library freak. I had particular hideouts where I studied because I didn’t like to flaunt my effort; I preferred to show off my results, then people would ask me how I did it.
What was your reading style?
I had a unique reading style. I can’t read effectively without having snacks, sweets, etc. I also read with a permanent jotter and pen in order to reproduce what I had learnt. I love to understand everything I read before I memorise it. One of  the things that helped me was understanding the basic concept of everything so that even if I forgot the definition, I could still put down something in my own words. And I also observed that when I put it in my own words, my answer scripts were usually more bulky, so I scored higher marks. I wouldn’t be able to give a proper grammatical construction in my own words if I had not been reading other related materials. One of my reading styles was to consult other books. It enhances mastery!
What was your typical day like while in the university?
My typical day was like a routine. I did almost the same things every day. I woke up by 5am to have a bath, pack my bag and say my prayers. Then by 6am-6.30am, there would be general devotion in the school. By 7am, I would be in the classroom to read for one hour before class would start by 8am. Classes might go on till 4pm, latest by 5pm. From there, I went to a hideout to read up what I just learnt. I would conclude by 7pm or thereabout because by then, boyfriends and girlfriends would have started to converge. I would have my dinner and by 8.30pm, I was fast asleep most times. Remember that I had to wake by 12am. Sometimes, I might reschedule my reading appointments because of chapel meetings and other extracurricular activities. You might be wondering if I had friends. Yes I did, but I kept a really small circle of friends. I made friends with older people, like young lecturers or people that had the same goal with me.
What was your schedule like towards and during examinations?
I had a very funny schedule during examinations. Our timetables were usually released about two weeks before the examinations, on weekends. So, once the timetable was released, I would go into my wardrobe and take out all the formal clothes I needed during the examinations. I would do a decent hairstyle that weekend and buy the beverages and snacks I would need as ‘support system’ when I read. I would also get new stationery and all the necessary documents. Also, I would have been done with all my bulky notes and summarised the whole course into abbreviations and short paragraphs.
When the examinations commenced, I would not wake up by 5am, but by 6am. I didn’t usually have a bath in the morning because it was usually cold during examination periods. So, I would clean up after my papers when it was already sunny. I hardly attended any meetings except mandatory ones. I wouldn’t joke around, I would just deactivate cell phones to read, read and read.
You said your colleagues taunted you for being too serious.
Definitely, I got taunted jokingly and seriously, especially during my first two years. I remember during one of my examinations when I was in Year 2, someone almost picked a fight with me because I refused to give them answers in the examination hall. It was a policy for me: I never talked during examinations and I sat at the front row always. A lot of people misunderstood me but by my third year, I had made an impression, so they accepted me for who I was.

The Lagos APC Gubernatorial candidate, Babajide Sanwo Olu has been spotted with international acclaimed Prophet TB Joshua inside the Synagogue Church of All Nations The lawmaker reportedly visited the cleric on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu spotted at Prophet TB Joshua in Synagogue

The Lagos APC Gubernatorial candidate, Babajide Sanwo Olu has been spotted with international acclaimed Prophet TB Joshua inside the Synagogue Church of All Nations The lawmaker reportedly visited the cleric on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019.
Though the purpose of the visit is currently unknown, there are speculations that the visit might be in connection with prayers and help concerning the forthcoming election.
This is coming after Lagosians turned their backs against Sanwo-Olu and Agbaje and sang praises of ADP candidate, Babatunde Gbadamosi after an inspiring debate on the platform with other Guber candidates.
According to many Social media users, Gbadamosi deserves to be not just the governor of Lagos state but the president of Nigeria given his sane and precise ideas for Lagos.


Prophet beaten to death after being caught eating bread and feces in Ekiti

Prophet beaten to death after being caught eating bread and feces in Ekiti

An acclaimed Cherubim and Seraphim pastor was, today, beaten to death after allegedly being caught eating a combination of soft bread and feces in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.
The Prophet who is the head cleric at Cherubim and Seraphim Church at Apata Isegun located on Mathew street, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, was reportedly caught eating a combination of soft bread and feces.
He was first stripped naked by the angry mob which gathered, paraded round the neighbourhood and then beaten to death in front of his church.This is coming few days after a man was nearly lynched by a mob, after he was allegedly caught at a refuse dump collecting faeces and putting it into a polythene bag in same Ekiti State.


ASUU strike: Lecturers give fresh conditions

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has said the only condition to suspend the ongoing nationwide strike is for the Federal Government to pay, at least, N50 billion Revitalisation Fund; out of one tranche of N220 billion.
ASUU national Chairman, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi spoke to newsmen in Ibadan, Oyo State on Sunday, ahead of the union’s scheduled meeting with the federal government on Monday.

ASUU said that the federal government must also present concrete evidence of implementation of the promised N20 billion Earned Academic Allowances (EAA) and how the balance of N85 billion would be paid; with timelines.
He pointed out that the union and government since the strike started, “have had seven meetings. We have been having promises. We have demanded that some of their promises, which we took back to our members, some items on their list, have been rejected.
“And, there have been demands for the review. We want them to pay, immediately, N50 billion as a sign of commitment this quarter and, for the next three quarters, the government can pay N50 billion each quarter.
“So, our members have rejected the N20 billion they proposed that will be spread over two quarters in 2019. Our members have insisted on the release of at least N50 billion.
“In relation to EAA, which they have an outstanding N105 billion, our members are saying even if you (government) are releasing N20 billion, let it be stated clearly that it is only for ASUU members and the balance which you promised to pay in four instalments, attach timelines to the balance and figures.
“In 2017, this government promised to mainstream the EAA into the budget so that we won’t be coming to talk about arrears. If government had put that into the 2018 budget, we would not be talking about arrears now.
“Our members are saying government should take steps, mainstream it into the 2019 budget and that is note late because they (National Assembly) are still working on the budget.”
He added, “We have gone beyond these promises. In fact, the first meeting we had, we were told that before the end of the week, the matter would be resolved. But, that was government speaking. After that first meeting, we have had some other six meetings, yet, we are still relating to promises.
“We don’t really take government’s promises seriously again because we have heard promises upon promises.
“What our members told us when we were starting this meeting, was, ‘come back with concrete evidence of implementation.’
“And, we have told them (government) in clear terms. By the way, let me also tell you that today, we are meeting again, and we are still hoping that concrete evidence on implementation will be put on the table.
“So, that is what our members have been talking about. The National Executive Council of ASUU is our principal, and, each time we engage government, we keep reminding them that our members said or our NEC said ‘don’t come back to us unless you have concrete evidence of implementation.’ So, on that, we stand.”

NANS decries incessant strike at Federal Poly Bida

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has expressed concern over incessant cases of internal strikes at the Federal Polytechnic, Bida.

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has expressed concern over incessant cases of internal strikes at the Federal Polytechnic, Bida.

A press statement issued by Comrade Abubakar Mohammed, Senate President, NANS said, “Our attention have been drawn to the current crisis rocking the Federal Polytechnic Bida between the Rector and Some Faction of the Academic Staff Union of the Institution on the reappointment of the Rector in person of Dr Abubakar Dzukogi.”
NANS observed, “That ASUP-Federal Polytechnic Bida constant internal strikes have been born out of greed and personal interests, not the interest of their members nor that of the students thereby setting the academic activities backwards and slow.
“That the Current ASUP Chairman of the polytechnic, Dr Umar Sanganuwan is interested in the position of the Rectorship and therefore using his office to always condemn the work of the incumbent Rector.

“That the Rector after a recent visit to the polytechnic has done well especially in the area of infrastructural development within the institution.”
NANS noted that the powers to appoint the Rector of a Federal Polytechnic by virtue of the Federal Polytechnic Act lies with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the recommendation of the Polytechnic Council and not a factional Chairman of ASUP.
“We therefore warned, Dr. Saganuwan not to usurp the constitutional power of the President and the Polytechnic Council,” the statement explained.
NANS observed that “Dr Umar Sanhanuwan desist from playing politics with the future of our students by leading some of his co staff to unnecessary strike actions.
“That he (Umar Sanganuwan) join hands with the Rector to build a more developed learning environment for the Nigerian students
“That the Rector, Dr Abubakar Dzukogi has done efficiently well and hence deserves another chance.
“We hope that the Rector finds a more flexible means of settling this personal issues with the aggrieved ASUP members so he can focus on continuing with laudable projects and programmes he has for the polytechnic to move forward.”


Odunlade Adekola’s Protege, Eniola Alao, And Her Twin Sister Mark Birthday With Stunning Photos

Odunlade Adekola’s Protege, Eniola Alao, And Her Twin Sister Mark Birthday With Stunning Photos

Popular Yoruba actress and protege of movie producer, Odunlade Adekola, Eniola Ajao is a year older today and she released beautiful birthday photos.

The actress who is a twin shared photos of her twin and as well and wrote:
‘As we go through each year, We remember to count our blessings, not our age. We count our Amazing Experiences not our mistakes. We are looking up to the Future, and not our past. We are very Optimistic about God’s plans for our lives.
I thank God for choosing my twin sister and I to be born on this beautiful day. We are very GREATFUL to God ALMIGHTY for all he has done for us. The love and Favour of God has be Present in our lives always. Thank you God the giver of life and the sustainer of the universe for all.
Happy birthday to my twin sister and I❤

‘Any p***y without a little bit odour, is not original’ – Nigerian lady, says

A Nigerian lady identified as Might Adaugo Green‎ has got herself trending on social media after she claimed that an original p****y must have an odour.

According to the young lady, every p***sy must have an odour oozing out if it’s the original.
See her post below;
“Any p***y without a little bit odour,is not original p***y🙅

First lady tells Local Government chairman to kneel down in public

Local Government Chairman identified as Francis Ayagah, was spotted kneeling down as an alleged punishment after shouting APC at a PDP rally. Francis who is said to be the Chairman of Gwer West Local Government council was elected chairman on the platform of the APC but defected in the new political realignment in Benue to the PDP.
It was learned that the Local Government Chairman who was spotted kneeling down, goofed at a rally organized by Governor Samuel Orton's wife, Eunice, for the reelection of her husband in the local government area. He reportedly shouted Aaaaaa Peeeee Ceeeee (APC) two times after he mounted the podium, but he got no response from the PDP supporters who felt embarrassed.

NUC speaks on ranking Nigerian universities

The Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Prof. Abubakar Rashid, has urged members of the public to disregard any university ranking purportedly published by the commission.

Abubakar, who gave an address on Saturday at the 3rd Combined Convocation of the Bingham University, Karu in Nasarawa State, described the claims as “simply fake.”
He said the commission had not carried out ranking of Nigerian universities in the past 14 years.
“The purported ranking published in the conventional and social media is false, fake and not from the NUC. It is meant to deceive members of the public and should be disregarded,’’ he said.
He mentioned that the NUC would soon carry out the ranking of the universities.
Abubakar commended the proprietor of the institution, ECWA Church, for landslide achievement in sustaining.
The convocation saw 33 out of the 676 graduates bag a first class.

Liverpool fans! Klopp's title tilt will be a rollercoaster ride

Image result for Hold on tight, Liverpool fans! Klopp's title tilt will be a rollercoaster ride

The Reds' remarkable 4-3 win over Crystal Palace on Saturday afternoon was a topsy-turvy tale of enjoyment and endurance for the Anfield faithful.

You never thought it would be straightforward, did you?
Liverpool are seven points clear at the top of the Premier League, but boy did they suffer to get there!
Anfield had forgotten what a Jurgen Klopp rollercoaster felt like, but they got a thrilling, terrifying reminder here. This was a throwback to days gone by, heavy metal football, organised chaos and all that. Crystal Palace, 14th in the table, gave the league leaders the fright of their lives.

JAMB registers over 300,000 candidates

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says it has registered over 300,000 candidates for its 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination in one week.

The Board’s Head, Media and Information, Dr Fabian Benjamin, made this known to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Lagos.
Benjamin said that this was coming a week after the commencement of the registration exercise.
According to him, the registration so far has been seamless, and the board is happy with the development.
“We are happy with the way the process is going; we hope it will continue this way.
“So far, we have registered over 300,000 candidates as at Thursday.
“We are happy there have not been issues because so far, there is just a tiny gap between the number of candidates that have acquired the e-pin and that of those that have registered,” he said.
Meanwhile JAMB had insisted that all candidates with issues of biometrics must go over to Abuja for it to be rectified.
“I want to reiterate the fact that only the Registrar of the board has the sole right to attend to such issues.
“Any candidate who may have issues with the capturing of his or her finger prints at their respective points of registration will need to come down to our office in Abuja.
“This will require the Chief Executive to do it himself for the purpose of security,” Benjamin said.
This, however, was contrary to calls by some stakeholders urging the board to set up special centres in every state of the country to tackle issues.

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