Actress Ireti Doyle Tells Producers: ‘Stop Pricing Talents Like Crayfish’

‘Stop Pricing Talents Like Crayfish’ - Actress Ireti Doyle Tells Producers

Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle, World Health Organization is presently on a movie set has same that middle-men ought to stop pricing abilities like commodities in the open market.

The accomplished writer, actor, producer and presenter complained of being asked to do things not enclosed in the contract.
In her words, “its 4.10am…I have explicit  unconditionally that i will be able to not be shooting late into the night; it’s even captured in the contract”.

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“However there are times in a production where they start to run out of things – time, money, or, like in this instance, there are conditions attached to employing a certain location.
So you bend, accommodate, sacrifice and dig deep into reserves you don’t even know you have got and continue to provides a stellar performance take when take while still maintaining a positive angle.

“Dear Sir/Madam Producer, once in negotiations and we begin to cost talent like crayfish in the promote it is nights like these we want to bear in mind,” she suggested.

Ireti Doyle’s career has spanned two decades within the Nigerian show biz across stage, television and film. She presently stars as Sheila Ade-Williams within the MNET television series Tinsel.

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