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Big Narstie says he might have ended up in jail if he hadn't found God

Big Narstie has told how his faith helped keep him on the right path

The grime artist has said he "struggled to afford bread" as a youngster and could have complete up as "just another statistic".

Rapper big Narstie has said he might have ended up in jail if he hadn't found God.

The 33-year-old, from Brixton, South London, said he failed to suppose he would become a famous rapper and will have been "another statistic".

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Discussing how he found his religion, he told Radio Times magazine: "I would say it was God blessing my life, and giving me the chance to do everything I'm doing.

"At eighteen, I might have not been here.

"I might have been another datum.

Narstie, World Health Organization is currently an established grime star, same there was a time when he struggled to afford bread and thought of giving up music several occasions.

He said: "When it just wasn't operating, my mum pushed me and drove me,.

"There were times when I couldn't even purchase a loaf of bread."

The star is also acknowledged for the big Narstie Show, that he said was a touch different to what he was accustomed when he got started.

He added: "My first drawback about doing the massive Narstie Show was just adjusting to TV rules.

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