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Lord Of Ajasa: How Some Artistes I Helped To Achieve Stardom Abandoned Me When I Needed Help

Few weeks ago, standard afrobeat musician, Alariwo of Africa, took to his Instagram page to appeal his fellow artistes and others, to point out support , financially and otherwise, for the pioneer of Yoruba rap music, Lord of Ajasa, as he had been diagnosed of getting peptic ulcer and required to undergo immediate surgery.

Alariwo’s timely post did not solely achieve its meant objective, which was to drum up fast financial support for Ajasa; however it also ensured that the under the weather artiste, went through the preliminary surgery and survived the important stage of the illness.

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The rapper has been discharged from the hospital and he is recuperating, awaiting his subsequent  surgeries to remove some stones in his gall bladder.

Ajasa was excited that some of his friends and colleagues had given funds for his treatment. “I am very happy that they did this on behalf of me. In fact, i am still afraid at their quick response to my condition. I pray that God will bear in mind them in their time of need,” he said.

He also complained bitterly that some triple-crown artistes he had helped to achieve high status abandoned him in his hour of need.

Refusing to mention the names of the artistes, he said, “I am stunned that they changed their attitudes toward me. I don’t need to say names now. They understand themselves. some of them are well-known to members of the public. though i have done lots for these people, after I needed facilitate from them, they were nowhere to be found. some of them even avoided contact with me. i am very foiled in them. All I can say is that in this music business, some people are ingrates.”

The rapper waved aside the insinuation that he had shunned the entertainment scene these past years and withdrawn into his shell. “That isn't true.  I did not withdraw into my shell. i have been busy working on a new album and attending shows. Before I fell ill, i used to be spending lots of time within the studio working. i've got a new album ongoing. i was going to shoot the video when this ill health came.”


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