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Man causes stir online by golf stroke up his testicles and kidney for sell

Man causes stir online by putting up his testicles and kidney for sell

A 27-year-old former aspirant for Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat, has place up one of his testicles purchasable for Sh500,000.

Ian-Harriel Kowiti, World Health Organization hails from Uriri body in Migori County, says he’s tired of living in dirtiness and poverty, and has opted to lift cash by merchandising one of his testicles.

Kowiti, World Health Organization tried his hands in politics within the last general election as Associate in Nursing independent candidate, is additionally willing to part with one among his kidneys for Sh1.5 million for ‘a local consumer,’ and three times that quantity for ‘client’ based outside the country.

“What is the would like of having 2 of them (testicles) suspension between my legs if I can still do the work perfectly with simply one?” Kowiti posed in an interview with The Nairobian.

“Imagine that there is somebody out there World Health Organization can’t have a toddler for one reason or another. I just wish to share what i have, for a touch profit of course! I’m tired of being stone-broke, yet I don’t would like 2 testicles!” Kowiti said.

Kowiti says that he’s selling his testicles to raised his life. However, he explains that money isn't the motivation for selling his excretory organ.

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“A doctor friend confirmed to me that you just can lead a healthy and fulfilling life with only 1 kidney. It pains Pine Tree State that there is somebody out there World Health Organization is suffering thanks to kidney failure and needs to spend such a lot cash on dialysis. i've got 2 functioning kidneys, and i contemplate it the right factor to do to administer out one,” he explained.

Kowiti added that, “I wouldn’t mind donating my excretory organ, it’s only that i'm now financially strained and wouldn’t mind some cash in exchange for the organ. If I were to donate my excretory organ, the interested party would have to cater for the price of surgery and my travel expenses, that is if the operation needs to take place outside the country.”

Though a man will still lead a healthy sex life with one testicle, medics have laid-off the idea of harvest testicles.

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