Toke Makinwa responds to viral video of lady openly lauding her better half

Toke Makinwa reacts to viral video of woman publicly eulogizing her husband

Media identity, Toke Makinwa has responded to a drifting video of a Nigerian lady lauding her better half at a birthday party he sorted out for her.

The video had numerous web-based life clients deriding women's activists by saying they will be profoundly distraught at the lady's open showcase of admiration for her better half.

Responding to the video and the counter women's activist remarks, Toke Makinwa expressed that it is just a lady who has been honored by her better half that would do what the woman did.

”All the people saying feminist will be mad at the video of the woman on her knees appreciating her king is silly. A woman is an incubator, you get back what you put in. If you love her right she’ll sing your praise anywhere.
When you love a woman right she becomes 100 times more, treat her like a queen and she’ll give you heaven on earth. Give her hell….., well, go figure

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