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Could This Be True Love (episode 5)

Hearing the name "Nnekah" from my secretary's lips sent chilled reaction all over my body and finally ended with a feeling of rage waiting to be unleashed.

"Did you enquire her reason for wanting to see me?" I asked my secretary, "I did but she said it's personal" she replied. "Let her in" I said already heating with full rage of anger.

A minute later, my greatest nightmare walked into my office with a faint smile on her face. "I presume we have met before, my name is Nnekah" she said looking straight into my eyes. "Yes I know you and of what reason do you owe me this visit?" I asked looking straight into her eyes too.

"Can I sit" she asked, "If you want to or you can as well stand" I replied. She looked at me with an evil smile on her face and said "I will sit" and sat down. Just as I was about to utter another word, she raised her hands up to flip her hair and I saw a beautiful ring on her finger.

That sight took me 6ft and brought me back to life in a flash as I was dead confused, trying to figure out why Nnekah had a ring on her engagement finger.

She did that on purpose and when she noticed I had gotten the memo, she gave an evil smirk and said "I don't want to know what you have going on with my man Charles, but all I have come to your office to tell you today is that I'm engaged to be married to him soon and need you to back off" she said looking at me straight in the eyes.

Wait a minute! I must be dreaming and she is joking right? I said to myself. I burst out laughing because everything she said sounded like a big joke and prank. How can my Charles be engaged, we have dated for over 3 years. His family and friends know he's with me, so what is this so called Nnekah saying?.

"Can you please leave my office" I commanded with a slight harsh tone. "I will leave of course but before I do, I would leave you with a shocker revelation" she said arising from her seat.

"Charles told me you were his cousin the first day I saw your missed call on his phone and confronted him. I later found out he was cheating on me with you and was at the verge of breaking the relationship when he took me on a trip to Paris to make it up to me. I saw you again the other day at the restaurant and that's when I knew he was still keeping ties with you. I did my little investigation to get your office address so I can come here and tell you to leave my man alone", she said confidently.

"This lady must have the wrong Charles" I said to myself as I sat there shocked to the brim. I couldn't say a word as she said "Bye" and walked away. I burst out laughing again and again and again. I couldn't put all she just said together in my mind.

I picked my phone immediately to call Charles. It rang the first time and no one picked, I called the second time boiling with anger and he finally picked.

"Hello babe" he said, "Charles what's going on" I said in full rage. "I don't understand what you're talking about, are you ok" he asked, "Nnekah just left my office and I'm just finding out that my boyfriend of 3 years is engaged, wow!" I said laughing with tears falling off my eyes.

"Nnekkkkkaaaaah?" He asked in a shocked tone. "See babe don't believe anything that lady tells you, she is a big liar. She probably put a fake ring on her finger, she's so desperate, she is lying babe you better believe me!" he said in a shocked and convincing tone.

"Charles can you just shut up for once, just shut your damn mouth up!" I said crying. "Look at how much pain and shame you have brought to me just because I gave you my heart, you are so not worth another headache, I'm tired and done" I said crying even more.

Just as he was about to say another word, I cut the call and burst into tears. I called my secretary and told her to hold all my meetings and reschedule them cause I wasn't feeling too well and would be going home soon.

I left the office to a far away beach to cool my head because I was losing my mind. I switched off my phones and sat at the shore of the beach and was lost in deep thoughts. I cried occasionally and laughed too.

As evening drew near and I was about heading home, a dark handsome looking man walked to where I was sitting and asked if everything was alright. I couldn't talk even if I wanted to because I was numb.

"Are you sure you are ok cause I have been watching you for a while now" he said. I still said nothing and then he sat with me on the floor too and said "I will sit here with you till you are ready to talk".

I managed to say "don't worry I'm fine, I just need space to think". What are you thinking about? He asked, "It's all good and I'm just about to leave" I said. "I'm on my way home too so let me drop you off" he requested, "No I'm fine" I replied. "I insist please, let me drop you off" he said, and after much persuasion I agreed.

As we walked into the parking lot, he brought out his key and pressed the unlock button and a Jaguar SUV beeped. He opened my door for me to enter then turned to open his. "This guy must be well to do" I thought to myself.

The drive home was a silent one as I was still thinking about all that happened earlier today. I held myself so strong from crying in front of the "Hot" looking stranger. He asked if I wanted to eat anything and I said I'm fine.

We finally arrived at my house and he got down to help me open my door. As I stepped down from the car to say "Thank you" to him, a car coming in from the gate flashed it's light on us and I turned to see who was driving in. It was Charles!

End of episode 5 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see the drama that unfolded next.

Story by Sonia Okehie


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