Gifty Power uncovers that her ex, Mr. 2Kay is Impotent

BBN's world star, Gifty Powers has discharged a shot at Mr 2kay amid an inquiry and answer session with her fans.

Gifty Power reveals that her ex, Mr. 2Kay is Impotent

It would be reviewed that in December 2018, Gifty astonished fans and darlings when she shared a photograph of her girl who turned one. It was later uncovered that the tyke was a result of the connection between Mr 2Kay and herself.

Be that as it may, Gifty later shared an enigmatic message invalidating cases that Mr 2Kay is the dad of her tyke.

She expressed: "Just a mother knows the genuine personality of her kid's dad. Some other clamor endeavoring to remain applicable in the business is babble.

"I am not a child mom please."

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