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Laura Ikeji Flaunts Her Mercedes Benz, Says She Wants Google To Be Filled With Positive News About Her Achievements

Style business visionary, Laura Ikeji has shared the image of a pristine Mercedes Benz she obtained for herself with an inscription that talks about the sort of news she needs to find out about herself on Google.

As per Laura Ikeji, constructive news that have to do with her accomplishment are what she needs Google to be loaded up with, not updates on her problem with other individuals.

She shared:

"All I wanna see when I google my name is SHE OWNS THIS BUSINESS not she has meat with this individual or did this. I've generally been in yo face on IG, that is the means by which I acquire a living, being significant on here is hard however we pushing. I've loosened up somewhat just to check whether that works as well however dang! Nothing beats being in ya face. On the off chance that u wanna profit on IG u can't resist the urge to panic. Nah"

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