Monalisa Chinda addresses tax avoidance embarrassment

Monalisa Chinda

A High Court in Lagos, purportedly requested that Monalisa Chinda, ought to be captured for neglecting to make good on pay regulatory expense over a 6-year time span.

It was affirmed that the on-screen character had neglected to comply with a demand requesting that her appear in court.

Therefore, Justice Adedayo Akintoye, demanded that she should be caught in a request purportedly given on Monday, January 21, 2019.
Monalisa Chinda
The performer says everything is great as she has demonstrated the court confirmations of installment of charges paid for her business situated in Lekki on Lagos Island.

Despite the fact that the issue has been settled, internet based life clients are as yet trolling the on-screen character over avoidance of assessment which has incited the performing artist to state she will obstruct the uninformed ones on her page.

She further wrote,

Monalisa Chinda

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