Nigerian rapper, Eldee, impacts Olu Maintain for playing out his melody "Enormous kid"

Nigerian rapper, Eldee, blasts Olu Maintain for performing his song “Big boy”

Nigerian rapper, Eldee has hauled Olu Maintain for playing out his hit tune 'Huge Boy' in front of an audience while in New York. Olu Maintain had a show in New York where he performed before his joining fans and proceeded to hop on eLDee's hit melody 'Enormous Boy'.

It didn't take some time before eLDee took to his remark segment to shoot him for playing out his tune.

"This indecent nigga out on stages playing out my tunes like he made it. Despite everything I recollect how he attempted to take the record after I put him on it, compelling me to put it out rashly.

Nigga kept running off with the unmastered draft and went to print CDs with himself as the lead craftsman, even his refrain was composed by me #Appropriation #getyourownshit Lesson to youthful craftsman Don't ever do feel sorry for highlights," he composed.

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