NYAETOK2019: Sad Reality Of Vote-Buying

Today I had extreme feelings - a feeling very good and a feeling very bad. I felt very good in the sense that, against all, our desire to put SOCIAL GOVERNANCE on the ballot was realized.
It was a journey filled with countless issues that should make a topic for, and  be told on another day. It was therefore an amazing feeling when I cast my one vote for SOCIAL GOVERNANCE and RESPONSIBILITY TRANSFER TO THE YOUTHS. This was the first half of a journey that promises to be long, tasking and demanding in our commitment to give Nigeria meaningful governance, and erase our present shame of being the poverty capital of the world.

This excitement was short-lived when I came in contact with the reality of our political tragedy.

I come from a little sleepy village that I choose to call "Nsiak Town". Being the light that God has placed, I decided to contribute my bit to the development of the area in several ways.

One of the projects I handled was constructing a reasonably-sized block of classrooms. Putting this project in perspective, the government had constructed a block of classroom at about N15million. I took on the project which was bigger than the government-constructed block of classrooms. Using parameters of government, it should have been valued at N20million, but being an architect and beating the 'inflated contact' index of government projects, I constructed the block of classrooms for a fraction of the price. All said, it was an expensive project.

When I was therefore on the ballot, I naturally expected that my village, in the least, would return, at the very least, 70% of a total voting strength of a little over a thousand votes.
So as not to take anything for granted, I had paid a visit to the village yesterday to consult then again so that today would be a formality.
To my shock and surprise, as I arrived today, I was informed that between the two major parties, while one was paying N1000 per vote.

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