Pastor Advices Husband To Pay Salaries To Their Wives

Church of Pentecost minister in Ghana, Apostle Ekow Badu Wood, has pointed out that it is about time spouses begun paying their wives month to month compensation for home-keeping.

As per Apostle Wood, spouses merit a regularly scheduled installment on account of their important commitment to running the home adequately.

The Christian head's contention depends on a women's activist and ladies' strengthening rule that home-keeping ought to be considered a monetary movement. All things considered, the work must be finished by someone at an expense. The Pentecost minister recounted an account of when his significant other voyaged and left their youngsters with him.

For him, the battle to cook for the children in his significant other's nonattendance implied that he plainly had not been raised with the fundamental aptitudes to embrace such tasks.

Witness Wood trusts it is out of line that so much house tasks ladies do are underestimated.

Witness Wood, a previous general secretary of the Church of Pentecost joked: "A reasonable method for appearing for sacrificial support of the family is for the spouses to pay a month to month compensation to their wives. This installment is as a type of inspiration to urge them to accomplish more."

He included that the harmony, quiet and dependability delighted in numerous homes radiates from the acts of kindness of spouses who go the additional mile to destroy every one of the strings to guarantee rational soundness in the home.

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