The Lady, tier Lover, and Her Lord

Almost all people enjoy music in one form or another. We listen to and
enjoy the chirping o{ birds and the humming of crickets. We turn on
the radio and listen, and the music seems to distract us from the weary
road we travel.

Music brings a certain sense of well-being to us. Music
consists of individual notes that are constructed for the purpose of
producing harmonious pitch. If the notes are discordant, they sound
like noise. It is when they are orchestrated into harmony that our souls
rest in the tranquillity of gentle sounds. Life is very much like music.
The art of living is to orchestrate and organize one's life in such a way
that all of the various events and demands can be produced without
their colliding into one another and creating noise.

That is what we all
want to achieve. But no orchestra can have harmony amid the diversity of its instrumentation if there is not a conductor to maintain
timing and structure. The Lord is the conductor who orchestrates the
affairs that tend to create the noise of stress in all of us. Without Him,
life sounds like a junior high school band warming up for the march!

The Lord brings calmness and order to a chaotic world. The
tranquillity of contentment is the apex of existence. It does not matter
whether you are wealthy or surrounded with the ragged furnishings of
poverty, if you can attain contentment and inner harmony, you are as
fulfilled as and perhaps more at peace than the richest person in the
world. So take a moment to inhale a deep breath of air and exhale
every stress you have ingested, and let's talk about turning the noise of
your life into the music that you want to hear.
There are three areas that we want to bring into the perfect pitch of
inner harmony. The woman has three relationships that must be
balanced in order to achieve some semblance of fulfillment. The first is
her relationship with herself, for a strong relationship with oneself is a
necessary precursor to every other relationship in life. If a woman
doesn't have a solid relationship with herself, she will recklessly
pursue external relationships in the hopes of achieving internal peace.
She will try to love others in a desperate need to find in them what she
must find within herself. This pursuit will be futile and is the cancer
that kills most marriages. She will do right things for wrong reasons
and grapple with the disappointment that comes.

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