Uche Maduagwu: Popular Actresses Now Use Colleagues’ Pants For Rituals

Actresses Now Use Colleagues’ Pants For Rituals –Uche Maduagwu

As per Nollywood performer, Uche Maduagwu, on-screen characters, particularly the mainstream ones, are presently utilizing a portion of their associates' jeans for ceremonial purposes.

"It is extremely obvious that on-screen characters take their partners' jeans for ceremonial purposes. I am still in stun at the present time. I thought about this pattern when I was some place with certain on-screen characters and they were discussing it sharply. I thought they were kidding till different performers, who later gone along with us, additionally begun discussing it and I discovered that it started to happen as of late. I was shocked.

"The general population I addressed disclosed to me that it was only another thing that begun occurring and that most performing artists were not discussing it so it would not show up as though they were endeavoring to refuse the business, however this thing is currently getting to be wild.

"They further revealed to me that it was forthcoming performing artists that were doing this as well as enjoyed this demonstration. The majority of these well known on-screen characters are dating all these huge 'yippee young men's and they give the jeans to their accomplices. When I heard this, I was stunned, particularly as nobody is discussing it," he said.

Revealing more insight into how the performers have purportedly been going about it, the on-screen character stated, "The manner in which they do it is that when a forthcoming on-screen character meets a well known on-screen character, unquestionably she would be glad and cheerful. At the point when the well known performers see the fervor according to these forthcoming ones, they encourage them, in all probability as an individual partner or 'more youthful sister'.

"From that point, the forthcoming on-screen character would begin investing evenings in the place of the prevalent performing artist and before she comprehends what's going on, their jeans get stolen. I discovered this is the new strategy of the 'yahoo young men's and that is the reason some of them incline toward dating mainstream on-screen characters since they would move with forthcoming performers.

"It is an issue. It isn't confined to mainstream on-screen characters alone, even the forthcoming performing artists do this since everybody needs to 'blow' (have moment riches). I discovered that they take the jeans to some place in Ibadan (in Oyo State) and not long after, the well known performing artist would 'blow' since they would get more cash after the ceremonies."

He further disclosed to Saturday Beats that some baldfaced on-screen characters would utilize the jeans themselves or just give the 'yahoo young men's out of the ones they had stolen.

"In any case, it is a two-way thing; the audacious performing artists could take three jeans and give two of them to their 'yahoo beaus', while the lily-livered ones would give every one of the jeans to their sweethearts. I was stunned to find out about this however I was recounted that the story is just inside the hover of performing artists in Nollywood and it is truly going on now," he said.

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