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Man Cries Out: My Beautiful Wife’s Says She Wants To Have S*x With Another Man

A man revealed that his Wife’s Says She Wants To Have Se_x With Another Man.
Read the full story below;
My wife has been texting and face booking with a coworker, when confronted she lied and said that it was business related. When I continued to question her about it she finally admitted the she had received and sent some inappropriate messages.
I explained that I was hurt and did not approve. She promised to stop. I caught her sending more messages back and forth, I asked a friend for advice, she said too make sure was presence was known but not to push her into his arms, that this was a phase and all phases come to an end. So that is what I did, paid even more attention to her, sent her chocolates at work, send her texts saying how much I miss her and love her. I thought it was making a difference, until a week goes by and I catch her red handed. She and him messaging back forth about how they would like to film themselves having se_x, and get high together and so forth.
I confront her once again but tell her I am not going to play the fool, I am done with this sh*t from her. She has a melt down tells me that I am the only one for her. The next day she tells me that he told to his face it is over, and hey can no longer text. I believed her, I truly do. She left open one of her conversations she has with her friend. Basically she is bored with our se_x life, and that this other guy made her feel a way she hasn’t felt in a real long time. Me and my wife are high school sweethearts we have only been with each other. And says to her friend that she would really like it if I could give her a free pass just for one night.
I confront her about this, she has a another melt down, says that she was talking nonsense with her friend that she really didn’t mean it. That I m the only one or her, and that she doesn’t want me to go.
I’m not sure what to do, I love my wife, but to me it doesn’t seem she has the same feelings for me, or am I over reacting to basically some messaging?


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