Tony Nwulu: Do not vote for politicians against 'too young to run’ bill

Tony Nwulu (PDP-Oshodi/Isolo Lagos) on Friday urged youths to vote out politicians that were not in support of the bill come 2019. 

Nwulu made the call while addressing newsmen on the level of passage of the bills by states organised by the Not -Too -Young -To -Run movement in Abuja.

He said that politicians had always used the youths to win elections, adding that now that they are supposed to pay the youths back by passing the bill the politicians were not doing so.

“It baffles me that a state assembly, which is Taraba, could vote against such a bill. “The truth is that the bill is not about a party neither is it about an individual politician. “It is about our nation building, it is about giving the young people the voice that they have not heard in our politics, it is also about mainstreaming the youths in today’s politics. “What grieves me is the fact that every other older politician out there goes out to lobby and ask for the support of young Nigerians during elections. “So if they are good enough to vote for you, why won’t they be good enough to be given an opportunity to also be voted for?,” said the lawmaker. 

Nwulu, who initiated the Not-Too-Young to Run Bill, said that looking forward to 2019, whichever party or candidate that did not support youths should not be voted into office. 

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