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Chude Jideonwo: 'I am raising N10 million to build a centre for young people dealing with depression and trauma. Let me tell you why'

Chude Jideonwo:

I am very effusive person. Those who know me closely know that, even though that’s not the image that filters into the public.

I just sent a mail to one of my team members saying, “My heart burst with warmth at your mail” and he responded, “Awwwwwnnn...Chude! ”. Because that’s how I choose to live my life these days – with emotion, with feeling, with delightful goofiness, and with the fullness of myself. I shared that with you, because it really just makes me smile.

I walk around the office with bare feet because what does it matter; I scream, “Osas!” at the top of my lungs whenever I visit RED where I used to be CEO because our receptionist, who is also one of our administrative associates is one of my favourite people in the world; I hug people every time I can; I gush over my partner every chance I get; I take random photos with my mother anytime she visits; I tell people they hurt me even if they think I am more powerful than them. I say a lot of please, thank you and I am sorry, because it makes me feel connected to others more fulsomely. I laugh, cry, and love, very fully.


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