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The best time to know if the one you are dating is the right person is how they react when you have issues in the relationship or when either of you go wrong. Their actions in such times tell if your relationship has a future or not. Are they the type that avoids you? Or don't want to talk about the issue? Or ask for a break?

No human being is perfect and no two human beings are the same. The marriage relationship is always between two opposite people. It takes the opposite to attract. Being married to someone who is opposite you, who is completely different from you is not a joke.

It takes lots of learning to be able to understand them and relate to them well. Conflicts are common symptoms that such relationships need work. If everything is well, there won't be conflict. The fight in the relationship is for a reason.

You can love someone so much, but when you fail to understand them, you can't live with them. Such a relationship will eventually come to an end. And if you want to be with them, you take every conflict as a test for your relationship. Passing such tests advance your relationship, makes it stronger, grows the love.

A wrong partner is the one who never learns anything from a relationship and thinks he or she is always right. They even proceed to make their partner feel bad, pushing all the blame on them. Such a person is a warehouse of hurt. Such people are losers of relationships. No matter how much you try, it won't work. If you are with such a person and they are singing marriage to you, kindly run. Your worst mistake will be to join in the chorus.

A wrong partner is the one who doesn't want to tackle issues or resolve conflict in a relationship. They feel uncomfortable when you mention the topic or bring it up. They distant themselves, pretend the conflict never happened, and wait for time to elapse so you can forget. Such a relationship comes to an end prematurely. You should not travel on a marital journey with such a partner. One day, you will get tired of them.

A wrong partner expresses their anger instead of explaining it. They rather make the worst speech; insulting their partner, shouting on them, making them feel how he or she is feeling. This act opens a door to argument; the two partners eventually get hurt in a bid to prove to each other who is right.

Winning the argument is more important to them than the relationship. So they choose to sacrifice their relationship for ego. In a great relationship, winning an argument is not important, for spouses understand they are human with shortfalls, short eyesight and weakness. They rather explain their anger; tell their partners what they did to anger them without arguing. They provide a path to the solution.

As humans, we fall short in lots of things, we are shaped with deficiencies, that is why the Grace of God is always working on us. That is why the mercy of God picks us up when we fall. God never leaves us. That is why He loves us unconditionally. He loves us with our deficits.

We all have short eyesight, we can see the speck in our partner's eyes but we can't see the log in our own eyes. That's why you need someone who will love you unconditionally, who won't leave you but be your working partner and help bring out the best in you. Don't tie the knot with someone who looks for faults in you as if he or she is getting a reward for doing that.

In conclusion "You're blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight. That's when you discover who you really are, and your place in God's family" - Matthew 5:9 (MSG).

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