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Samson thought Delilah was a blessing to him only for him to be destroyed by her. This gives men an indication that not all the fine girls or pretty ladies you meet are there to help you. Some come to suck you, drain you, dry you up or kill you. Yes, she is sweet but don't forget that poison sometimes tastes the same too.

The fact is, when God wants to bless you, He sends someone into your life and its the same way Satan works. As fake as he is, the devil wants to be seen as real, he copies and tries to work in a way similar to how God does things. If Satan wants to destroy you, he also sends someone into your life.

It's up to us as humans to be careful, pray for wisdom and discernment from God to know whether He is the one sending the person into our lives or Satan? Many ladies these days have permitted themselves to be used as a vessel of the devil to destroy the men in their lives. They are used as a ladder to climb up and bring down the men in their lives.

In fact if your enemies want to bring you down, they don't need to use juju or black magic to get this done; they can simply send a pretty woman your way, and make the woman a weapon of mass destruction for a man.

To destroy Samson in the bible, it took only Delilah, not hundreds of soldiers, but only one woman. Women are more powerful than some weapons you know.

The sad truth is, not all the "I love you baby" from ladies are true; some are in because of what you have, your position, your account balance, your properties, your fame, etc.

Jezebel married King Ahab for political reasons and not love him. She needed power to do bad things, power to steal and kill; and the only way to get it was to marry him.

Young single man dating for marriage, have you paused to ask yourself why is this woman with me? Why does she want to marry me? Why is she in love with me? If I don’t have anything, will she still love me? Answers to these questions should get you thinking.

If you have to impress any woman just to get her into marriage, please stop now. If you have to put pressure on any lady to marry you, be warned. If you have impregnated her just to be with her, then you lost it.

Young single lady, if you have to date or marry someone for your personal ambition but not for love then you are wicked. And the bible says in Proverbs 14:11 (NLT) "The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the godly will flourish". Be real and content with the little you have, live godly and God will flourish you.

In conclusion "A foolish way is joy to him who has no wisdom, but a man of understanding walks straight" - Proverbs 15:21 (NLV).

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