These days lots of people find themselves in fake relationships, sharing fake love and making fake promises. How someone you met in a day promised you marriage, professed very deep love for you, yet they didn't know you. Fake people will tell you they love you, they want to marry you when they don't even know you. Out of foolishness and desperation you believe them.

People don't know this; they hurry into such a relationship and term it as true love. Sooner or later issues of trust pop up.  The one who claimed to love you so much and wanted to marry you doesn't trust you.

And because of lack of trust or a deficiency of trust in such relationships, some will never end up in marriage. Even if they do, it doesn't last. Some of these relationships will end on a bitter note. Some are so complicated; the partners want the relationship but can't keep it.

There are only two reasons why your partner will question you about trust. It’s either they don't know you or they know you that much. You need to know someone better before you start professing how you feel about them. When you don't do that, you are only a lair, you are not honest with your feelings, how do you expect trust in such relationship? How do you expect your partner to trust you? But sadly people are promising love and marriage when they hardly know you, yet out of desperation you are not wise enough to say NO!

They even go ahead to beg the partner who has trust issues to trust them, without asking why they don't trust them. If he or she doesn't know you, which is causing the issue of trust, it means you are not showing them the real you and so they can't hold on to you or keep the relationship.

But if you have shown them the real you but they still don't trust you, EXIT is the best gate for them. For trust forms the foundation of every relationship. You don't have a relationship if trust is missing.

Again, if they don't know you, it means they are not learning about you. The one who wants to know you better spend time and effort to learn about you, get to know you and the people around you. It also means they are deviating from the purpose of dating, which is to study you. Some people come for fun and not to learn. It is easy for everyone to have fun with you but it's difficult for everyone to learn about you.

We need to know that trust is not always broken; in some relationships, trust is never found, not to talk of it being broken. It can only be broken when it is found. Let them find trust in you before you fall in love with them.

These days there are lots of fools in relationships, once you accept to date them, they assume they know you and everything around you. Such people are not wise to be married to. A wise person admits he or she never knows all and every day, every event presents them an opportunity to learn from.

Never fall so much for someone you don't know, never care too much for someone you barely know, never sacrifice so much for someone you are yet to know. If you do, you won't be able to stand the hurt when they start avoiding you.

In conclusion "Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly" - Proverbs 14:29 (NIV).

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