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After watching the full video of Moesha’s interview with CNN, one thing I realized was that many young ladies believe what it takes to keep a man in marriage is wild sex. A woman who is crazy in bed will keep a man in love with them. But if that is truth, prostitutes would have gotten married, there won't be anything like mistresses for they would have replaced the wives.

If being crazy in bed is what it takes to keep marriage or a man, Moesha won't be a loyal mistress to a man who has multiple mistresses. It means at home the man needs someone who is normal not one who is crazy in bed. She would have become his wife with no mistresses.

If you equal marriage to sex, and all you do is to be at home, exercise and wait for your man to come and have sex with you, looking forward to wild and crazy sex adventures then I am sorry to inform you, your marriage won't go beyond six months.

Sex is part of marriage, it is one of the important ingredients of a marriage but that is not what makes the marriage. There are reasons why a husband will keep his wife at home, keep her with that status of a wife but come for you as a mistress.

He has a huge respect for his wife and cannot trade that for any other woman. It also means you don't have what it takes to be his wife. And no matter your sexual encounters and adventures, he goes back home to the wife to eat his humble pie.

He goes back to the wife to tell her lies just to cover up for the dirt he plays with you. He is afraid of his wife finding out because he somehow cares about her and does not want to hurt her. He also does not want her to leave.

Even if the wife finds out, he is ready and willing to apologize. No matter how bad she is in bed, how ugly she looks at home, a husband who is keeping you as a mistress will choose the wife over you his mistress.

It also means the respect he has for the wife is more than what he has for you. Things that the wife will do which he will forgive or over look, when you do half of that, you risk losing your status as a mistress or you get replaced whilst the wife does not get a replacement.

Again because he is not in love with you, he comes to use you. There are dirty things he does with you, which he can't afford to do with the wife. And because of that, he doesn't see a wife in you, he sees a bad and dirty girl, porn star and sex worker. Someone he comes to have fun with when he is bored.

A husband trusts the wife but does not trust the mistress no matter how loyal she claims or portrays to be. It is easy to doubt the mistress but hard to doubt the wife. The wife is trusted that is why she lives in his home; you are not trusted so you are housed in hotels, guest house or rented apartment for the sake of convenience.

In conclusion "Did you use to make ends meet by stealing? Well, no more! Get an honest job so that you can help others who can’t work" - Ephesians 4:28 (MSG).

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