I was on Set with actor, Sam Adjeteyfio (TT) of Taxi Driver fame to talk about Divorce last week.

Divorce is best defined as a heart disease, when the heart has defects The stage at which the heart becomes sick and not loving again.

Couples or spouses start singing divorce songs when the heart is no more caring, when the heart is no more listening, when the heart becomes cold, when the heart becomes unkind, when the heart becomes unforgiving, when the heart becomes heartless.

A sickness that cannot be cured by Medical Doctors, Institutions or any man but God.

God created human beings, he manufactured the heart, and when the heart becomes sick, He is the only authorized dealer you should look to.

The court, family are unauthorized dealers when it comes to that. If you are married but singing divorce or that is the new favourite song of your spouse, I urge you to seek help today.

Call/WhatsApp 0206774279.

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