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 When it comes to choosing a spouse, one of the requirements people under play is certificate for work. Some today, are following men who are not working, doing everything to marry him, claiming he is doing his masters or just done with his masters but looking for a job. Whilst the same lady will reject a hardworking man because he didn't have a degree or masters.

Too much learning is really making some ladies settle for the wrong partner. The requirement is a man who is working and not a man who has a certificate. If you meet a man with a PHD but has no job, refuses to start something small but holds on to the business of writing applications, he is not a candidate for marriage.

There is nothing which is permanent in life, one can easily lose their dream job at any time.  What you are able to do, without a certificate speak volumes than just holding on to a certificate without a job.

As a lady you need a man who is able to take care of himself and his household. This man you want to marry should demonstrate that, if he can't take care of himself or provide for you when he marries you then it is okay you don't rush into marriage with him. Put such a marriage on hold for a while for him to do the right thing.

When you meet a hardworking man who is earning and able to take care of himself and even add value to you but has no certificate or has an educational background far lower than yours, he is still a marriage material. You don't write him off because of certificates.

A good man is a man with a good heart and not a man with a certificate. You need a good heart to keep your marriage and not a good certificate. Further study is good, but it is not only formal education that makes a man a better person.

Many times, ladies look down on men who have a good heart but with a lower educational background, and go for men who are heartless but have a high certificate or educational level. What sometimes you call class is just only a mistake.

No man is well rounded and has it all but when you meet a man who is determined and has a future, believed in him, give him your support and pray with him for no one knows tomorrow.

Every man is a potential business owner but not all certificate holders are employable. Sometimes you don't need a certificate to discover a problem and provide the solution for it. Entrepreneurship goes beyond certificate.

The fact that he has attended a higher institution doesn't mean he will automatically understand you and treat you right or better. You need someone who is humble and kind enough to make time and learn about you. You need someone who fears God and lives in His presence.

In conclusion "Hard working farmers have more than enough food; daydreamers are nothing more than stupid fools" - Proverbs 12:11 (CEV).

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