Federal University Lafia Job Recruitment

The Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa State, invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for the following under listed positions below:

1.) Assistant Lecturer (Geology)

2.) Assistant Lecturer (Science Laboratory Technology)

3.) Assistant Lecturer (Psychology)

4.) Assistant Lecturer (Mass Communication)

5.) Assistant Lecturer (Geography)

6.) Assistant Lecturer (Epidemiology and Community Medicine)

7.) Assistant Lecturer (Human Anatomy)

8.) Assistant Lecturer (Medical Laboratory Science)

9.) Assistant Lecturer (Human Physiology)

10.) Assistant Lecturer (Medical Biochemistry)

11.) Assistant Lecturer (Christian Religious Studies)

12.) Assistant Lecturer (Islamic Studies)

13.) Assistant Lecturer (Modern Languages)

14.) Assistant Lecturer (Philosophy)

15.) Assistant Lecturer (Business Education)

16.) Assistant Lecturer (Science Education)

17.) Assistant Lecturer (Special Education)

18.) Assistant Lecturer (Library and Information Science)

19.) Assistant Lecturer (Computer Science)

Assistant Lecturer (Statistics)

21.) Lecturer II (Business Education)

22.) Lecturer II (Science Education)

23.) Lecturer II (Special Education)

24.) Lecturer II (Library and Information Science)

25.) Lecturer II (Modern Languages)

26.) Lecturer II (Philosophy)

27.) Lecturer II (Islamic Studies)

28.) Lecturer II (Christian Religious Studies)

29.) Lecturer II (Nigerian Languages)

30.) Assistant Lecturer (Nigerian Languages)

31.) Lecturer II (Geology)

32.) Lecturer II (Computer Science)

33.) Lecturer II (Geography)

34.) Lecturer II (Mass Communication)

35.) Lecturer II (Psychology)

36.) Lecturer II (Human Physiology)

37.) Lecturer II (Medical Laboratory Science)

38.) Lecturer II (Human Anatomy)

Lecturer II (Epidemiology and Community Medicine)

40.) Lecturer II (Medical Biochemistry)

41.) Lecturer I (Medical Laboratory Science)

42.) Lecturer I (Computer Science)

Lecturer I (Geology)

44.) Lecturer I (Science Laboratory Technology)

45.) Lecturer I (Statistics)

46.) Lecturer I (Geography)

47.) Lecturer I (Psychology)

48.) Lecturer I (Mass Communication)

49.) Lecturer II (Statistics)

50.) Lecturer II (Science Laboratory Science)

Application Closing Date
16th May, 2018.

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