How to choose the right coach

In his very last book, “ Born to Win,” Zig Ziglar shared these seven characteristics of a good coach:

1. They have good character

2. They have a track record of success

3. They are good listeners

4. They are good decision makers

5. They tell the truth (even when it hurts)

6. They have good personal relationships

7. They celebrate the success of others

All of us need support. We need resources, information, and skill sets that we don’t have.

We all need encouragement when the going gets tough. We need that coach in our corner that gives us the courage to get back in the ring and fight.

We need the courage to face some of the big issues that come up in business. We need encouragement to give us hope for the future.

And, we all need accountability to help us build the character we need to have to become the person we want to become.

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