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National assembly Mace goes missing,they cry and wail from the high and low in the society

"We are expecting the service chiefs who have been recommended for sack by NASS to Immediately arrest the hoodlums and the Mastermind of this Dastardly ACT. The IGP is expected to relocate to NASS until tension is curbed." - Pascal

"We are disappointed in y'all.You have disgraced and embarrassed us as a country and God will surely see to it that you answer for your sins. This is the height of your incompetence and unworthiness of whatever Nigerians have given you to enjoy. SHAME ON Y'ALL." Joshua Thaddeus Kantiyok

"@bukolasaraki @NGRSenate @OvieOmoAgege , who una don help? keep suspending people who are against your plots everytime. Dino Melaye has been embarrasing the whole senate for a while yet you keep giving him you shoulders to lean on." - Adebowale Michael Oluwaseun

"This is a block buster....out in cinemas...18/04/2018." - Otuya Shedrack

"Area!!!! Lol....Ovie Omo-Agege don cut chain follow Senate oh...

My guy don discharge with Senate Mace...." - UFO

"This is smelling and nauseating news. If this mace is so sacred, how is it so easy to steal? And you have the guts to announce it. Shameless much?" - Rotimi Dada

"So the senate that is calling on the president for insecurity in the nation is not secured. How come the hoodlums invaded the senate overpowered its security and took away the maze. @bukolasaraki watch your most of them are now against you." - Bioku

"Nothing dey happen, this is the result of injustice. @bukolasaraki a PDP senator in disguise with his cabals are behaving like double senators. Saraki and supporters are untouchable and keep suspending anyone that has a different view from his and subduing other senators." - Asiwaju Olasunbo


"This is the height of gross Incompetence of the entire security personnel where also was the sergeant at alms? Finally we have have nose dive to a primitive jungle. I expect these hoodlums will open up negotiations before the mace is returned! This is sooo repulsive to me" - Nengi Nwuche

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