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THE AGONY OF THE DROWNING NDDC MD... Another letter to Ogom (My Inlaw) Nsima Ekere

I have written series of open letters to Ogom(My Inlaw) Nsima Ekere advising him to focus on his appointment as MD of NDDC and forget this his tall dream ambition of succeeding Gov Udom Emmanuel come 2019.

By today, I think he should read the hand writing on the wall and heed to my many advice.

Just within the week, Thomas Thomas, a hard-core supporter of the APC in Akwa Ibom State took to the social media to explain why he and many party men will never Support the aspiration of Nsima Ekere as the APC Gubernatorial  flag bearer come 2019. Thomas Thomas stated amongst other reasons the fact that if they support Nsima for any reason and he wins, it will give Eket Senatorial District 12years and that will thwart the zoning policy of the state as Uyo Senatorial District is already waiting to take over Government come 2023.

But it pains me that Ogom(My Inlaw) Obong Nsima Ekere instead of focusing on his appointment prefers to be sponsoring series of blackmail on the person of Gov Udom Emmanuel which he does through a few desperate failed politicians who have become Facebook journalists because of lack of what to do. Some of these men can't win any elective office in their families not to mention unit.

Secondly, my Inlaw prefers to be wasting the NDDC resources on procuring awards and degrees as if that will give him votes from Akwa Ibom State. And then you will see a few hungry looking sycophantic parasites in the name of supporters coming to congratulate him on social media and national dailies.

Once again Ogom (My Inlaw), let me tell you this, they say "Fly wey no get Adviser dey follow coffin enter grave". You see the way Nigerians are so angry with your party at the Federal level, they will vote your party out come 2019, and when PDP takes over again, all this money you are spending, Hmmmmm, you will account for it o. Don't listen to those hungry parasitic sycophants who keeps coming to lie that you are on ground because you are not o, you are not even on air, not to talk of ground.

Akwa Ibom People are not fools, they know the difference between reality and drama, so forget all those drama. The know the difference light and darkness. By the time you resign like this eh, na dat time you go know the difference between "Finished and Completely Finished".

Akwa Ibom is PDP, and to worsen the matter, Gov Udom Emmanuel is working aggressively to ensure that Akwa Ibom takes the lead in the country like Godswill Akpabio did.

Thank you for your time. I remain your very caring Ogo (inlaw) Emma Solution. As you are reading this article eh, I just did a stop over in Atlanta, I'm actually going to charge my phone.

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