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Wildlife ranger helps disabled girl achieve her dream of seeing a waterfall

One thing people overlook far too much is the simple yet effective act of kindness by men in uniform. 

In this cold world overtaken by selfishness and greed is a desperate need for those little acts of care by such men. 

That cannot have been captured better than a Kenya Wildlife Service ranger who was seen taking the Utumishi kwa Wote mantra in pride and stride. 

In a Facebook post by Anyama wa Anyama, the ranger shows compassion to a disabled secondary school student, and he turned her day completely around. 

Philip Wesa offered to carry Deborah Nyaboke on his back to the top of Aberdare ranges in order for her to view Chania Falls. He said: "KWS Ranger Philip Wesa is one service man among many. 

He sacrificed to carry a disabled Deborah Nyaboke on his back in a hilly Aberdare National park in effort to make her view the Chania Falls." Deborah, with her fellow students and teachers from Joyland special school in Kisumu were on a tour of the ranges, when she was left in the school van because she could not climb the hill on her own. "Nyaboke had been left in the vehicle by her teachers and attendants as they ascended the Aberdare since she couldn't climb on her own and only left to receive the information from her colleagues," Anyama added. 

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