Women have many more opportunities to cheat than men - Lady claims

A series of tweets about cheating in a relationship shared by a woman identified simply as Toni. 

The lady claimed that women are more susceptible to cheat in a relationship than men. 

The young lady who is based in the United Kingdom stated that women are more liable to cheat due to the fact that women are regularly approached by the opposite gender. She further stated that men don't receive as much attention as women. 

Toni expressed that every man should know that every time he is approached his wife or girlfriend has been approached more times than that. 

However, she also explained that her opinion doesn't mean that she supports women that cheat. 

She stated that she wants men who cheat because of temptation to acknowledge that women fight more temptation than they do. 

Toni also advised that anyone who begins a relationship shouldn't take facing temptation as an ardous task. 

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